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I'll Make Men Out of You

Regal Bryant

'Teach them how to be manly?' Regal thought. He looked at his "students" and sighed heavily. "This isn't gonna be easy," he mumbled. Raine had suggested that Regal teach Zelos and Genis how to be manly. That was easier said than done. 'They're just so...unmanly. Beyond reason. I mean come on, Genis was beyond hope. That boy was fruitier that the scary lady on the banana stickers and that was putting it lightly. If that wasn't you first clue then you could definitely tell by the way he looked at Lloyd with those big anime eyes.'

'And Zelos, tch! He was even more obvious. The way he flinched slightly every time one of his fan girls got too close or tried to touch him. He was worse than Genis. On many occasions he had seen Zelos winking and flirting with the sailors in Palma Costa.' At that thought, Regal's hands balled into fists and he gritted his teeth.

He walked over to where the two stood and paced in front of them for a few seconds, looking them over. Genis was staring off to the left and when Regal followed his gaze, he knew exactly why. Lloyd had sweat running down his face and was sharpening his swordsRegal rolled his eyes. 'Figures,' he thought. Turning and looking at Zelos he saw the redhead was staring at him with his big grey-blue eyes. Regal's own eyes went wide and he tensed. "Ahem!" he cleared his throat causing Zelos to snap out of his current state and Genis to look quickly away from where Lloyd was, blushing as he looked up at Regal.

"I suppose you two know why you are here, correct?" Regal looked at the confused looks on the two members of the group and sighed. "You are here so that you can become men." They looked at each other, then back to the blue haired man in front of them. "What are you talking about?" Zelos questioned. "I am manly." Regal and Genis just stared at him for a moment, then burst into laughter. "Riiiiiight," Genis giggled. Zelos glared at the small wizard. "I don't know why you're laughing. You're worse that I am." Genis stopped laughing at blushed. "I-I'm manly..." It was Zelos' turn to laugh. Genis pouted as the two continued to laugh at his lack of manliness.

Rainechose then to walk by and, upon seeing the pouting Genis and laughing Zelos, gave Regal the death glare. Regal straighed up and coughed. "Alright that's enough of that. Time to be serious." Zelos stopped laughing and stood up straight. Genis let his crossed arms drop to his sides and looked ahead. "Now," Regal said and did the most unexpected thing the two in front of him could think of. He sang.

Let's get down to business - we're not baking buns

Genis and Zelos stood there with their jaws on the floor, staring at the man in front of them as he continued to sing.

I'd be better off with Presea, you two don't act like sons

"Hey!" the two protested at the same time, offended by the comment made about them."That's not a very nice thing to say," Zelos said looking hurt. Beside him Genis nodded, agreeing (for once) with the red haired chosen. Regal just shrugged and kept on singing.

You're the saddest two I ever met

But you can bet before we're through

Missus, I'll make a man out of you

Zelos smiled at the 'missus' part when Regal sang it and batted his eyes. Regal looked at him, his heart beating a little faster, but shrugged it off and continued to sing. Genis noticed Zelos' reaction and clutched his stomach feeling sick all of a sudden.

You're scared of Gaoracchia Forest

The two nodded simultaneously, confirming their fear of the dark forest. They clung to each other for comfort. "That's hot!" Everyone looked over tho find Forcystus snapping off pictures of the two hugging. Genis blushed widly and Zelos posed, enjoying the attention. "Forcystus!" The teal haired man spun around to find a very angry looking Yggdrasil. He stood there with his hands on his hips, tapping his fuzzy slipper clad foot angrily. "What are you doing?" Forcystus looked around nervously and stuttered, trying to come up with an excuse. "I-I-I...w-well..." Yggdrasil glared at him and commanded him to go home now. He looked at the members of the Chosen's group and smiled. "Sorry about that. I told him about doing that but he never listens. I have to be off now." He waved bye to the shocked people that stood before him and teleported away.

After Yggdrasil left, the three looked at one another questioningly. They all shrugged, having no answer for the odd behavior of the Cruxis and Desian. For a moment they stood, looking around, not knowing what to do. Regal remembered his task and began to sing again, starting with where he left off before their...interruption.

But there's a fire within

Once you find your center... he looked at the two ...somewhere

You are sure to win 'I doubt that,' Regal thought to himself.

You're manless, pale, sorry bunch

And you haven't got a clue

Zelos' smile faltered as he realized what Regal had just said and he pouted. Genis rolled his eyes upon seeing how long it Zelos to detect the insult.

Somehow I'll make men out of you

As part of the training, the two had to run...a lot. They were breathing heavy and dragging themselves along. Even at a slow jog Regal had to occasionally stop and wait for his students. Especially Genis. The boy wasn't in the best physical and tired quickly, often having to slow down.

"Wait or I'll never catch my breath," he said to Regal in between deep gasps for air.

"I didn't get to say good-bye to those who knew me," Zelos whined as if he was about to die.

"Boy, were we fools in school for not paying attention in gym," the two said in harmony and leaning against one another for support so as not to fall on the ground with exhaustion.

"Man, he's got 'em scared to death," Lloyd said snickering at the terrified looks on the faces of his comrades as Regal reprimanded them for not listening.

"Hope Lloyd doesn't see right through this shirt," Genis said crossing his arms over his chest trying to hide what was underneath.

"Now I really wish I didn't have to swim," Zelos said as he stared at the cool, clear water below him.

As Genis and Zelos got better at keeping up with Regal, they hadn't noticed that their friends had been watching their progress. As they followed Regal, they looked over to see Raine, Sheena, Colette, Presea and Lloyd. Suddenly, as the three passed by, Raine, Sheena, and Colette stepped forward and sang one line:

(Be a man)

As soon as they sang it, Genis tripped and fell flat on his nose. Zelos was so busy staring at the three girls that he tripped over Genis and fell too. Regal stood over them, and continued to sing.

We must beat the swiftness of the coursing river

(Be a man) the girls continued, acting as backup singers for the blue haired man.

Against the force of a great typhoon

(Be a man)

Zelos you're hair is on fire

Zelos looked at Regal quizzically for a moment before realizing that he had fallen very close to the fire when he tripped over Genis and his hair was, indeed, on fire. "AHHHHHHHHH!" He ran around in circles, squealing for someone to put it out. After a second, Genis shrugged off his shock and, aiming his kendama at Zelos, cast (water spell) on the panicking Chosen. Regal turned to look at the others and smiled.

It's mysterious as the darkside of the moon

Regal turned to see a glaring Zelos, with singed hair. "Uh-oh..." He smiled nervously at Zelos and slowly began to back away. "You didn't even TRY to save me!" Zelos growled. He snatched Genis' kendama from him and threw at Regal who ducked just in time for it to whoosh past him and hit Raine in the back of the head. All they saw was the woman slowly turn and glare at each of them icily before they ran for their lives.

Raine is racing towards us, she'll skin us alive

They looked back and saw the woman gaining on them, like a fox hunting a rabbit. Closing in on them, ready for the kill the instant the opportunity was givien.

Heed my every word to escape and you might survive

The three had found a cave and ducked inside before Raine had gotten the chance to see where they were. They were all gasping for air and leaning against the cave walls for support. Regal looked over to see Zelos wearing nothing but the small black shirt that went under his normal outfit, a pair of shorts that stopped in the middle of his thighs and boots that looked oddly like Sheena's. He turned away from the sight before so as to hide the heat that was rising in his cheeks and continued his song.

The way he is suited, Zelos looks like a whore

So get dressed in real clothes and soon

Zelos looked at Regal with shock on his face, looked down at himself, and then nodded as if agreeing with the man. Genis blushed at hearing the word 'whore', not knowing that someone as respectable as Regal would use such a word. 'Although that does seem to be the only word that best describes the way he's dressed,' the young wizard thought as he looked at Zelos.

How could I make men out of you?

Zelos and Genis drooped their heads a little, sad that they couldn't live up to the expectations of Regal and the others. For a moment they thought might actually be able to pull it off. The two decided that they would give it one more try, if Regal would allow them to. After a few minutes of contemplation Regal agreed to give them one more chance.

(Be a man)

The words drifted over to them from seemingly nowhere.

"You have to swim in that coursing river," Regal said pointing to the clear water moving swiftly overthe smooth rocks beneath.

(Be a man) Genis looked around. "That's really starting to get creepy." The others just shrugged.

"It has the force of a great typhoon," Regal said matter-of-factly, watching Genis and Zelos closely.The two gulped simultaneously, eyes widening as they watched the water rush past before their eyes.

(Be a man)

"Seriously!" Genis sounded anxious. "That's REALLY freaking me out." Zelos nodded in agreement. "It is kinda freaky." As they reached land, they all land out, stretching their tired limbs. Regal sniffed the air, smelling something burning and looked over to see the redhead'shair ablaze yet again.

"This is the second time Zelos's hair is on fire, Mysterious as the darkside of the moon"

This time, however, Regal grabbed the squealing Chosen and shoved his head into the river. Zelos came up with a cascade of sparkling droplets and looked at Regal as if he had a strange growth on his face. After several minutes, Regal smiled at Zelos nervously. Zelos turned his head to the side giggling and blushing like a little girl.

(Be a man)

"AAHHH!" Genis squealed, and began to cry. "Don't worry Genis," Lloyd said "I'm sure that's supposed to happen...I hope."Genis rubbed his eyes and looked up at Lloyd. "You think so?" he sniffed.

"Sure. It's probably just a recording or something. Besides, if it was someone waiting to get us you wouldn't have to worry. I'm here to protect you." He smiled a smile that melted away all of Genis' fears, and caused a blush to spread across his pale cheeks and small nose.

You must be swift as the coursing river

Regal picked up Zelos and headed for the campsite with a speed noone expected someone that big with extra weight would be capable of, whispering obviously dirty things into Zelos' judging by the blush and smile on the chosen's face.

"I guess that's what they mean as swift,"Sheena said, a sweatdrop appearing on her head from seemingly nowhere.

(Be a man)

"Eep!" Genis cowered at the creepy voice, leaning on the person behind him.

Lloyd looked down at the small wizard and felt instantly bad for him. Feeling compelled to help his...friend, he put his arms around Genis whispering soothing words into his ear trying to calm him down.

With all the force of a great typhoon

Genis felt as if a typhoon had hit him as he realized that Lloyd had put his arms around him. He felt as if he was about to fly through the stars he was so happy. "Lloyd I...um...Ilikeyou!" He said, blushing furiously.

"What?" Lloyd asked, in pure confusion.

Genis sighed. 'Only Lloyd could be so oblivious. I'm gonna have to talk slower.' Genis took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart. "I-I-I like you Lloyd." His blush grew several shades redder.

"Oh! I like you too Genis." He smiled, not quite getting what his companion meant.

Raine smacked her hand across her forehead, not believing how thick headed Lloyd could be. "Lloyd! He means he LIKES you." She widened her eyes on the word like for emphasis.

"Oh." The dark haired boy thought for a few seconds before realization hit him like a tidal wave. "OH! I like you too Genis."

"Really?" Genis couldn't believe it. Lloyd actually felt the same way? He grinned and threw his arms around Lloyd's neck. "I'm so happy."

Lloyd chuckled and kissed his small wizard. 'That's right, he is mine isn't he?'

(Be a man)

Raine, Sheena, Colette and Presea stood there, watching the two lovebirds. "They really are cute together aren't they?" Sheena piped happy to see her friends so happy.

With all the strength of a raging fire

Within seconds Lloyd and Genis were on the ground kissing and panting like wild animals in heat. Raine gasped as she watched the two.

"All right break it up you two!" she said, yanking Lloyd off of her little brother.

"They hormones have the strength of a raging fire,"Sheena said. Colette looked at the two in confusion.

"Are Genis and Lloyd fighting again?"she asked, too naive to realize what exactly was going on between her two companions.

"It seems they were about to engage in the transfer of bodily fluids." Presea said, making Sheena almost faint.

Colette blinked, even more confusion filling her large blue eyes. "Oh. What does that mean?"

"It simply means that they were going to mumph fmmph phumph"

"Oh don't worry about it Colette!" Sheena smiled nervously, her hand covering Presea's mouth.

Mysterious as the darkside or the moon

"Mysterious indeed."

"Do you think they know we're here?"

"They will if you don't shut your big mouth."

"Kratos! Yuan is being mean again!" the blonde whined, pointing at the teal haired man.

The mercenary sighed. "Yuan, stop making Yggdrasil whine."

"Whatever,"he grumbled angrily.

"Yay!" Yggdrasil glomped Kratos, rubbing his head on the man's chest.

"Uh huh"

And with that the sun set, leaving the eleven people to their chaos.

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