Koji: This poem is dedicated to Iaragon's story Walking in Circles. I don't own it or YYH, but I love all Iaraon's stories very much.

A White rose

You hand me a rose
A white rose
Lavender tips
Seems unreal
Yet so real
Sniff the delicate aroma
Floating out
Feel the petals
Of the finest silk
Floats through the air
With that sweet, fresh smell
Its beauty belies its species
Its not of this world
Just as you aren't...
Once again
I find myself
Longing for your touch
Hoping to be in your hold
Feel your skin caress mine
Run my fingers through your hair
And smell your scent
Of roses
Yet I can't
Cause once again
I'm left behind
I do not wish
To cause you trouble

I had thought
That you forgot me
I avoided you
Before I lost myself
And broke apart
My loneliness conquering me
So before you left
I left
And I wondered,
Why am I so sad?

But one day
I finally yield
Misunderstandings understood
And I long for your touch again...

And finally
You return
My heart flutters
At the site
For although you're weary
Your eyes still sparkle the light
The light of life
So I run out
And throw myself at you
Smell the scent of roses once again
Feel the touch of your skin on mine
And feel your silky locks brush my skin
Once again you're with me again
Until the next time
For then I shall once again
Stare at the white rose
With tips of purple
That is your sign...
Your calling card

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