Call me out with your frail little voice
Panicked, stolen, frightened, scared
Didn't you know, darling?
The night air's saturated with your scent

The naked panic in your eyes is so endearing
Stop baring your pretty little neck
Don't you know what your temptation is?
Stolen ecstasy, broken fantasy
It's all in your mind, but the blood's on your hands
Dead white hands, dead white face
Dyed with crimson red

Unfathomable; what's on your mind when death trails your jaw?
Warm dripping blood, your sweet innocent seduction
The pleasure that kills you is your cure
The drug that's keeping you coming
Intoxication running through my veins
Don't run, don't hide
You know that'll just excite me more

Whine, cry, scream, sob
The hunt's just started; I'm not finished
Frozen fingers, pale lips
Stop looking so bloodless, I haven't touched you yet
Entice me further with those wild eyes
Discreet looks, light touches
Wouldn't you rather die blissfully?

The little noises you're making are a bit too much
Are you really as oblivious as you look?
That lithe, fragile body, those delicate limbs
We'll be careful playing with you, love
Shh, don't make another sound
Porcelain dolls should stay quiet and still
Eternal beauty, would you like that, dear?
Lick it all up, your sweet elixir
Euphoric, ecstatic, rapturous bliss
Misbehavior's out of my control tonight.

Author's Note: Chyeah, Koji's finally updated. No, this time Iaragon-sama did not update...but hey, she's updated several times, but I haven't written anything. I wrote this last night. Looking back at the other poetry I've written, I sorta, they sucked a lot. I can't believe you guys praised them before. You should've knocked me over the head and told me to write more carefully! Anyway, this poem...well, I think of it more like a set of lyrics, although there's no song to it- has a darker side. It's a bit suggestive, but don't worry, it's nothing graphic. Just a bit...of a play on words. Reviews are loved, but not expected- I'd be surprised if ANYONE read this. Please give me your thoughts...I'm hoping to look back on this and think that it sucked horribly, because it would mean that I've improved as a writer.