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Chapter 1


Emma Nelson looked down at the scrap of paper in her hand before looking back up at the house, 215 Heffernan Avenue, this was it.

It was a nice house, big with two stories, a golden retriever running around the front lawn and a basketball hoop hanging on the side of the garage and water sprinklers running.

She pushed open the gate and jogged up the front walk and then up the front steps to the large wraparound porch, tapping lightly on the door.

The door swung open and a middle aged brunette answered, her curly hair pulled back and she was wearing a nice blouse, skirt and high heels.

"You must be Emma." She stated with a warm smile on her lips.

Emma nodded, "Hi."

The woman held the door open for her and let her walk inside; the inside of the house was just as large.

A big fancy foyer with polished oak flooring, a view into the living room that consisted of a large screen television and big plush couch, a big, glass chandelier hung from the ceiling and everything looked picturesque.

"David, we're going to be late!" she called up the stairs in a sing-song voice before turning to Emma and smiling, "I do appreciate you offering to baby sit Danni for us, her older brother would but he…well he had other plans."

Emma shrugged, "It's no problem; I love kids."

"Well thanks again, Emma. I'm sure Danni won't be much of a problem, she's seven so she can kind of take care of herself on some levels."

Emma nodded in understanding, "Well thank you…um…?"

The woman laughed, "Oh, I guess I didn't exactly tell you my name, did I? My husband placed the call so I wasn't sure if he had told you. Well, I'm Julie."

Emma smiled at her before glancing upwards at a blonde male coming down the stairs, "You must be Emma." He stated nicely.

Emma smiled at him, "Hi."

"Well I guess you're right, we are going to be late." He stated, taking his sports coat out of the coat closet and pulling it on, "Where's my tycoon?" he asked in a joking voice.

Just then a little blonde girl came racing out of a room down the corridor close by the stairs, "Daddy!" she squealed.

Emma laughed at the sight as she watched them say their goodbyes, leave emergency phone numbers and leave.

Emma sighed before turning around and glancing at the blonde curiously, "Hi."

The young girl pursed her lips together before giving a small smile, her left front tooth missing, "I'm Danni."

"I'm Emma." She said with a smile.

Danni glanced at her once again, as if she was trying to find a familiar thing about Emma.

"Do you go to Degrassi?" she asked shortly.

Emma nodded, "I'm a grade eleven."

"My brother is a grade twelve…well was…then he got in trouble. But he came back this year; mommy and daddy are making him."

Emma tried to rack her brain for any student that had been missing from school, but her mind pretty much just drew a blank.

"Oh…that's um…interesting." She stated, following the young girl into the living room as she pointed up at a family portrait that hung on the wall.

"That's my brother, Jay." Danni stated.
Emma's eyes widened and she looked up at where Danni's finger pointed, to a boy with short brown hair and vibrant dancing blue-gray eyes; he looked no older than fifteen in the picture.

"Jay Hogart…?" Emma questioned.

Danni grinned, "Yep!"


"See ya Jay." Towerz stated as Jay climbed out of his friend's new Miata (which he had bought to see if he could master up to Jay's Civic).

Jay nodded and lifted his hand in a small wave as he watched Towerz pull away from the curb and speed off down the road.

He gave a small sigh and pulled his hat down lower on his head before beginning to start up his front walk.

He jogged up the porch steps, walked across the porch, and then opened the front door, stepping inside to the foyer.

He threw his jacket onto the coat rack and then noticed something unfamiliar slung across one of the hooks.

It was a tan corduroy hobo bag with a pink button on it that had a hot pink peace sign on it.

He heard his younger sister let out a giggle, and he took that as his cue to follow the sound.

As soon as he entered the living room, he saw his sister sitting on the floor with her Bratz dolls spread around her, a blonde head was sitting next to her, but he couldn't place her.

"Danni…" Jay said in a low purr.

Danni spun around immediately, grinning a half-way toothless grin, "Jay!" she squealed, hurdling towards him and throwing her arms around his waist.

Jay laughed and wrapped his arms around her back before picking her up, she laced her legs around his waist before looking over at Emma, "Jay, this is Emma, she's my new babysitter."

Jay almost dropped Danni.

Emma spun around, and it indeed was Emma Nelson, Green Peace, cause-girl, nature freak, know-it-all, Miss Environmental.

Emma slightly gulped at the sight of him, "Um…hey Jay."

Jay gave her a slight nod of acknowledgement before turning to Danni, "Why don't you go upstairs and read a book or something?"

Danni wrinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out at home, "I don't like reading."

Jay gave her a sad look, "But you'll do it for me, right?"

Danni sighed before nodding and jumping down from his arms, and running upstairs.

Emma stood up and crossed her arms over her chest and sighed.

"So what are you doing here, Nelson?" Jay asked, slowly walking towards her.

Emma placed her hands on her hips, "Babysitting, what do you think?"

Jay rolled his eyes at her, "So you picked my sister?"

"You don't have to be such an ass about it," Emma stated, "I didn't know that she was your sister. But either way, Danni's a sweetie."

Jay nodded, "Yeah, she is. She deserves somebody better suited than you."

Emma's mouth dropped open, "Says the boy who killed a student last year."

Jay shook his head, "I didn't kill Rick, I just-"

"Was behind it all? Don't even try it, Jay."

"Yeah, well, our past experiences together haven't been too great, especially the ones from the ravine."

Emma sighed, "Trust me, I know."

"If you start making my sister go to peace rallies and clean the ravine, I swear to God that you won't have a job anymore."

Emma rolled her eyes, "You seriously think I would take your sister to a peace rally? I don't even go to those."

Jay sighed, "Yeah, well you get the point."

Emma shrugged, "Yeah, okay."

Just then Danni's voice broke out.

"I'm reading!" she sang out, "But just for you, Jay!"


"Oh my God, you have to baby sit Jay Hogart's sister!" Manny squealed as she sat on the foot of Emma's bed.

Emma nodded as she fell back on her bed, "Yeah, I know."

"That's crazy." Manny stated.

"Tell me about it, and he said that she deserved somebody better than me."

"Oh my God, are you serious? He practically killed somebody last year, and you're not worthy? He even gave you a social disease!"

Emma nodded, "Yup."

"So do you still have the job or what?" Manny questioned.

"Yeah, I kept it." Emma replied.

A slow grin spread across Manny's face.

"What?" Emma asked confusingly.

"What if a romance ignites from all of this?" she asked with a smirk.

Emma rolled her eyes, "Then you're talking crazy, trust me, no romance will happen between me and Jay Hogart; I already made that mistake once, I am not making it again."

Manny smirked, "Yeah, say that now."

Emma shook her head fervently, "It won't happen, Manny!"

Manny nodded her head before leaning back on the bed, "Sure."


Emma shut her locker door and started down the hallway, with her tan messenger bag slung over one shoulder and her corduroy hobo bag slung over the other, just as she saw Jay walking down the hallway.

Jay gave her a short gaze before staring straight ahead.

Emma sighed and opened up the side glass door of Degrassi that led outside before hurrying down the sidewalk and down the school parking lot just as students drove off in their cars.

She walked down the various blocks and streets til she landed on Heffernan Avenue, just as a familiar Civic appeared in the driveway as well.

Emma looked over at Jay as he got out, "Aren't you supposed to be doing something today?"

"We call you when she needs a sitter, Green Peace. Apparently, she doesn't need one today." Jay stated aggravatingly.

But it was too late, Danni had opened up the door and smiled at Emma, "Emma!" she squealed excitedly.

Emma smiled over at her, "Hey Danni!" she waved.

Danni smiled over at Jay as well before motioning Emma to come inside.

Emma sighed and hurried up the front walk before glancing over at Jay and mouthing 'Ha-ha'.


Danni sat on the counter of the Hogart family kitchen, as she watched Emma hurry around it a week later.

"What are you doing?" she asked confusingly, twirling a strand of her blonde hair around her finger.

"Your parents told me to start dinner tonight…" she stated.

Danni shrugged, "So, start dinner."

Emma sighed, "Not that simple, Danni."

"Why not?"

"It has meat."

Danni laughed, "Yeah, its spaghetti, I'd hope it had meat in it!"

Emma let out a small laugh, "Yeah, I'm a vegetarian."

Danni eyed her confusingly, "What's that?"

"It means she doesn't eat meat." Another voice stated.

Emma spun around and saw Jay walking into the kitchen.

"Jay, you're home early!" Danni exclaimed, her eyes lighting up.

Jay nodded, "Yeah, the shop closed down early."

"Shop?" Emma asked confusingly.

Danni nodded, "Jay works at a car shop."

Emma nodded her head slowly, "Oh…"

Jay nodded, "Yeah, well why don't you just head out and I can start dinner?" Jay questioned.

Emma shook her head, "No, it's okay."

"You don't even eat meat, how are you supposed to make spaghetti?"

Emma shrugged, "I can still help out here or something."

"Why are you so anxious to be hanging around here?" Jay asked suspiciously.

Because you guys are practically the only family I have next to Manny, Emma thought to herself.

It was true, her mom and Snake were always out doing things, they had found another tumor in Snake, showing that his cancer had come back. The couple was always out at hospitals or even just out to eat, but rarely with Emma, usually just Jack, but not Emma.

Emma shrugged, "It's my job to baby sit her."

Jay nodded, "Yeah, but I don't think it works the same if there's somebody else actually in the house."

Emma rolled her eyes, "Well your parents told me to start dinner, and that's what I intend to do." She stated and walked towards the fridge, pulling out a plate of wrapped up hamburger that sat on a plate, she simply stared at it.

"I'm pretty sure you can't magically move it out of the wrapper, Green Peace." Jay stated.

"Green Peace?" Danni asked confusingly.

Jay eyed her, "Don't worry about it." He muttered before turning back to Emma, "Take it out of the wrapper and sit it in the pan."

Emma sat the plate down on the counter and slowly began to unwrap the paper, blood began to seep out of the plastic wrap that the meat was wrapped up in.

"Oh my God!" she squealed, jumping back.

Jay couldn't help but chuckle, neither could Danni.

"My God, you are new at this." He stated, walking towards her and picking up the meet, still in its plastic wrap before sitting it in the pan and then beginning to sprinkle seasoning on it, "Was that too hard for you?"

Emma squinted her eyes at him angrily before watching him cook the meat, "It was bleeding."

"Yeah, meat seems to have blood in it, Nelson."

Emma rolled her eyes, "Can't I just boil the noodles or something?"

Jay shrugged, "You're the one who's supposed to be making the dinner, not me."

Emma sighed and opened up the cabinet that contained the pots and pans before sitting it under the sink and filling it with water before sitting it on the stove.

"There." She stated satisfyingly before turning and walking away, beginning to let it boil.

"I thought you were smarter than this." Jay noted.

Emma turned and stared at him, "Huh?"

"You have to turn on the stove first, Green Peace."

Emma rolled her eyes, "Yeah, I knew that. I was just seeing if you observant enough to notice that I didn't do it."

Jay scoffed as he turned on the stove, "Nice save."


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