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Chapter 5


"Thanks for the present Emma." Danni giggled as she bounded down the stairs, Jay trudging along behind her.

Emma turned around from where she was seated on the couch and smiled towards the girl, "No problem. I hope you liked it."

Danni nodded, "I did!"

Emma laughed.

Danni then turned to Jay, "You haven't given her your present yet, Jay."

Emma's eyes widened.

He seriously got me something?

Jay shrugged towards me, "Who said I got her anything?"

Emma's eyes lowered towards the ground.

"Jay! Don't be such a meanie! Give her your present!" Danni exclaimed.

Emma turned to Jay and laughed, "Yeah, Jay, don't be such a meanie."

Danni grinned at Emma, "I like the way you think." She said before pointing an angry finger at Jay and retreating upstairs.

"I was kidding, you know." Emma said as she noticed Jay pulling out a small, wrapped box from his pocket, "I really don't need anything."

Jay didn't respond, just simply tossed the box into her hands.

She looked down at the box wrapped up in sparkling silver paper before smiling up at him and slowly unwrapping it.

"You don't have to keep the paper; they sell it at every store." Jay said, noticing how slow she was going.

Emma shot him a questioning look before tearing off the remainder of the paper.

It was a small, black box, the type that jewelry often came in.

She lifted the top and stared down at the item in front of her in surprise.

It was a silver necklace with a green peace sign dangling in the center.

She smiled as she looked down at it before grinning up at Jay, "Green Peace."

Jay nodded, "My small way of being clever."

"Thanks Jay…" she said softly.

"Did you give it to her?" Danni shouted from upstairs.

Jay chuckled, "Yeah, I gave it to her." He called back.

"Did she like it?" she exclaimed.

Emma laughed, "Yes." She hollered back.

Danni squealed.

Emma pulled the necklace the rest of the way out of the box, "Can you um…?"

Jay nodded quickly and took the necklace out of her hand as Emma turned her back towards him.

"Are you going to lift up your hair for me or do I need to do it for you?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

Emma rolled her eyes and lifted her hair, letting him slide the cool silver chain around her neck, fastening the back.

For some reason, the moment Jay's hands touched her neck, chills filled her body and Goosebumps rose on her arms.

Her breath caught in her throat as Jay moved dropped his hands from her neck, she dropped her hair, letting it cascade down her back as she turned to face him.

"Thanks." She said, looking down at the chain that now hung on her neck.

Jay smirked at her as Danni shouted for Jay to come upstairs, "No problem."


"Merry Christmas." A familiar voice cooed at the Dot said later on that night.

Emma smiled and turned to face Zac, "Merry Christmas." She said with a smile.

He sat down in the chair across from her at the table for two and slid a bag across the table at her.

Emma smiled up at him before pulling out the present in the bag.

It was a card.

"I know, it doesn't look like much, but open it up." He said with a grin.

Emma shot him a questioning look before opening up the envelope and opening up the card, a small envelope fell out.

She read the message in the card first:

Babe, I love you tons. This present will just help show you how much. Merry Christmas!

Much love,


Emma opened up the envelope and what she saw was not what she expected.

A fifty dollar bill.

"Fifty bucks?" she asked questioningly.

Zac nodded, "I didn't want to buy you something you hate, so I just decided to give you this, so you can get yourself something nice."


It's the thought that counts, right?

Um, not with what you bought him.

Emma smiled at him, "Thanks."

Zac smiled at her before rubbing his hands together greedily, "So, what'd you get me?"

Emma smiled softly before pulling out a card as well and tossing it towards him.

Zac smiled up at her slowly before opening up the card, not even bothering to read the message, and going straight for the envelope.

Two tickets fell out.

"Panic! At the Disco tickets? You got me Panic tickets?" he asked excitedly.

Emma grinned, "Surprise."

His jaw dropped in surprise, "Thank you so much, babe!" he said, pulling her into a kiss.

Emma smiled, "And don't think you have to invite me, you can take anybody you want."

He shook his head in disbelief, a huge grin on his face, "Man, I have to go call JT!" he said, shooting up from the table, "Thanks babe." He said, kissing her on the cheek, "Merry Christmas." He said before grabbing his jacket from the back of the chair and leaving the restaurant.

Emma sighed, twirling around the stir stick in her hot chocolate, "Merry Christmas." She muttered.


Jay stared at the guy in shock as he got up and left the restaurant.


How could he treat Emma like that?

He had been sitting at a table by himself, getting ready to walk over to Emma Nelson, who was also sitting by herself, when a guy came in and plopped down across from her.

He got her fifty dollars for Christmas.

She got him concert tickets.
And he didn't even ask her to go with him!

He shook his head in disbelief before letting out a sigh.

"Dude, you okay?" Spinner Mason asked, coming up to him.

Jay shrugged, "Yeah, fine. Why?"

"Because you've been staring at the back of Emma Nelson's blonde and overly filled head for the past twenty minutes." He noted factually.

Jay shook his head, "Did you see the way her boyfriend treated her?" he asked in shock.

"Zac Rogers?" Spinner asked in confusion, "The guy's an ass. Seriously, if you thought that we were bad, you have no idea what he's like. I mean, at least we have respect for the girls we date."

Jay shrugged, "Yeah, I better get going." He said, standing up from the table and making his way out of the restaurant.

Spinner sighed and made his way towards Emma, leaning over her, "I think it's time you traded in the boyfriend." He said in a low voice before making his way back towards the kitchen of the restaurant.

Emma watched him leave in shock, "What?"


"Very pretty necklace, Emma. Where did you get it?" Spike asked as the family sat at dinner that night.

Emma ran her hands over the necklace that lay flat against her chest bone, "Oh, Jay got it for me."

"That was nice of him." Snake said in a low voice, still not happy with Jay after what he did to Emma.

Manny smirked at her, "I think he may even have a crush on you." She said.

Emma whipped her head towards her, "What?"

Manny took a bite out of Snake's lasagna and shrugged, "I'm just saying…"

Emma rolled her eyes, "You don't even like Jay, should you really be acting excited about him possibly liking me?"

Manny pointed her fork at Emma, "So you agree that he may like you?"

"I never said that." Emma pointed out.

"But that's what you meant…" Manny said in a sing-song voice.

Emma shook her head, "No it isn't."

"Okay, that's enough you two." Spike said, eying the two girls warningly.

Emma slumped back against her seat, taking a sip out of her glass of water, "I do not like Jay like that and I know he surely doesn't like me like that."

Manny laughed, "Whatever you say, Emma, whatever you say."


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