Take the Time to Heal

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"H-hello?" Manta called again, this time louder, walking forwards into the light, which had began to sway. Soon it slowly became clear who was talking to him, calling him forth. He stepped back, tripping over something that squeaked. In a makeshift throne, that blended into the background, was the girl he untied last night. She stared at him with her huge unnatural silver eyes. Manta couldn't look away, his small boy shaking. Narsco stood from the throne of chains, wood, and tapestry, and to Manta's dismay, it was what Narsco was wearing as well. He was looking into the eyes of an insane person. He was too scared to even scream.

Faust's run broke in to a fast walk as he reached his place of desirer; slowly he came to his casual stroll. No sense in worrying, nein? He thought, inhaling and exhaling deeply as her knocked on the side of the wall where the door would have been. Be here. He heard moving in the room, but not towards the doorway. Frowning, Faust walked in himself, seconds later he exited the building with a satisfied, if not rather creepy, smile on his face. In his skinny arms he held a bundle of sorts; the bag had been ripped down the seam, his pocket bulged more than usually. He looked around…no one. The Good Doctor broke into a run, enjoying the fresh air in his lungs.

The girl was now inches from his face, Manta tried to scrabble back from her but found he was unable to. "W-what…?" He asked, starting to cry. Narsco's red lips started to smile, her forehead suddenly touched Manta's. (Still unable to move)

"Yu saved meh, Manta." She said his name with a flourish, making a purring noise.

"D-did you do that outside?" He stammered, feeling his face grow pink. She backed away from him, nodding proudly.

"Yu like?" Narsco asked, moving around him like an oversized bird of pray. Manta opened his mouth; unable to form words he shook his head. She paused looking disappointment.

"I taught yu like meh." She sighed, scuttling away from him. Manta heaved a heavy sigh.

"I didn't mean you." Narsco turned back, grinning widely. Her teeth were unusually sharp, but very white. He chuckled nervously, whishing that he had just left it at that and ran for his life as the deranged girl drew near.

"Nu ovf dem like meh." Narsco said solemnly, her body rocked back and forth. Manta swallowed hard, shaking his head lightly, sweat drops clung to his blonde hair afterward.

He wasn't there when Narsco was brought 'home'. He and Ryu had been wandering the streets, aimlessly really. Ryu called it clearing ones mind, Manta had a funny suspicious that it was a polite way of saying 'Manta you're fat, get some exercise.' When they came back around dinner time, dinner was no where to been seen. Faust was patching up Ren, who looked like he was bleeding badly; the others were gathered in the living room, acting like nothing had happened. Manta hated it when they didn't tell him what was going on…

That night, he found out what had happened…and now he was wishing it never did. Narsco had broken though whatever was used to tie her up, and Ren was rudely awoken…

"Well, they don't trust you yet. You have to give it time to heal." Manta found himself smiling for some reason, maybe fear had driven him mad as well? Narsco smiled back softly, she had heard those words spoken before, by a taller, gruffer man.

"Time I shall give. Ivf yu give me time tu take." She stated simply, pulling a filthy lank of dark blue hair from her eyes.

"Take?" Manta asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Ve could spend a livetime togedder, yu and I. Du yu not agree dat bread and butter are ovf the utmost importance in dis vorld?" Narsco asked, her silver eyes shined with a brilliant light.

"You don't answer a question with another question!" He exploded, having a difficult time enough understanding her as it was.

Narsco made a noise that sounded like a cross between an angry turtle and a constipated lion. Manta gasped, scrabbling back, trying to get away.

"Y-you know, maybe I should get going. Yoh will be wondering- I mean Anna does need the gr-." Manta's stammering was cut short as he was throw up in to the air and caught by the arms of Narsco. His eyes widened, and at that moment the little people in his head flipped the switch which they had been oiling this whole time. Manta's scream of terror was heard though out the small village thing.

Yoh's arms gave out. This had hardly happened anymore, even less with out weights or Anna on his back.

"Manta…" He said; face down on the ground, breathing in the dirt floor.

"They're been gone an awful long time, you better get them back here." The terror known as Anna ordered, her narrowed eyes lied.

"I'll go sav- make sure they bring back the groceries!" Yoh stood up, feeling shaky. Manta was in trouble, Yoh could feel it through the bond that they shared together, but this time was different. Manta wasn't just in danger…something worse…far worse.

Running, running…Manta's scream sprung a trigger in Faust as well. He would never tell anyone how much he enjoyed screams of terror, though, deep down in side, doesn't everyone? This was his reasoning and after awhile, it became a fact to him that he would be ready to defend at the drop of a hat.

Two robed riders were resting in the shade when they heard the scream. One robed rider sitting beside a red horse was beefy looking, his muscles clearly seen underneath the dark fabric. The other one looked female, and her horse was black.

"Did you hear that…?" She asked, her accent didn't affect her speech, but it was visible. It was hard…it sounded Europeans, but harsh…Maybe…it was Chinese?

The man beside her grunted.

Faust was panting lightly, his body covered in a light sweat. Old and out of shape, he thought to himself, such a disgrace. He saw the two sitting, without a care in the world. Inhaling, he approached them as though a wild animal.