Mutral Attraction

Chapter 1

Meredith Grey looked out of the sitting room window, it had been raining for 2 days solid now she hated the rain, her thoughts were intrupted

Izzy- Meredith ... Meredith

Izzy walks into the sitting room looking pretty pissed off now

Izzy- i was calling for ages

Meredith - Sorry i was thinking

Izzy- humm and i bet i can guess who about

Meredith- it's not what you think Izzy,

Izzy- sure whatever ... anyway george is going shopping do you need anything

Meredith - no thanks im good

Izzy smiled and left the room, leaving Meredith to her thoughts again

Later that evening, Christina was around the house and everyone was watching tv, a medical drama actually

Christina- Im hoping to get that valve replacment surgery tomorrow looks like a tricky one

George - NO way i've followed that case all the way through

Christina - Well considering 'Mr Mc Dreamy' is doing the operation my guess is Meredith will be in

Meredith- how many more times it's not like that

Izzy- like heck, when you screw your boss, it's like that

Meredith - He's married it's over we are NO MORE

George - Didn't stop him being here the other night

Meredith collapsed on the couch in pure frustration.