The Empty Grave
Part 1:- A New Journey
Introduction and Chapter 1

Welcome to episode one of three in this series of crossovers.. This promises to be an interesting one to write and for you to read. Each "episode" will be found in the relevant section as we have three different crossovers to get through. Because I don't want to give away any surprises I'm not saying any more just yet.

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Chapter 1

The only real light in the grand hall came from in front of him. As he approached he could tell it was a hologram of his beloved. A soft blue echo of the person entombed within permeated the darkness but it could not reach far. The rooms sole occupant kept to the shadows, the dim light failed to cast anything but a vague impression of what was standing there.

On the surface this dark, cold, mausoleum was a mask of darkness and fearful rage but inside was a good man who fought a war against his very self. It had taken years of searching to find this place. Strangely it had taken the destruction of his master's second most powerful weapon to lead him here. Lost in hyperspace after the destruction of the Death Star blind chance and fate lead him to this, all but empty, room. In this time of dark peace the people who fought to protect justice were hidden and forgotten. Including this one.

The last true casualty of the Clone War. Now reduced to a dusty monument with a fading hologram valiantly trying to preserve the image of the woman inside. All the power he now had, all he would ever have, was for nought as she was now, and forever, lost to him.

He was never one for self reflection, looking back at the mistakes in his life he knew he could not change them but in this lonely and oppressive tomb he looked inward and over the life he once had. So many sins, each one damning him for eternity. This, before him, was his greatest sin, the death of her by his own hand. Her innocence was only matched by her perfection and this crude flickering light was pathetic compared to the nova she was in life. He could feel the anger rising up within him and welcomed it. So much of himself was gone with her that all he had left of life was that which destroyed them both, his black rage.

Pouring his power into the hologram, he forced it brighter until it illuminated the whole room.

With a snap-hiss a red lightsaber ignited, corrupting the pure blue radiance. His voice-caster burst forth, unable to convey the pain of loss and the joy of anger as his blade fell through the memorial. His power shattered the holo-statue and in a burst of pure rage he vaporised the floor around him.

Such was his power and grief that it echoed through dimensions, unopposed by boundaries or gods until it found a mirroring power. Seeped in the Dark Side this power had no equal, where it came from. But here there was an equal, for a fleeting moment the two met and nothing could stop either of them.

He was unprepared for it, and as it ripped those boundaries apart the Sith Lord felt himself falling through the hole and in the fleeting moment he felt the claws of death and he welcomed them.

In an abandoned junk yard what little was left of a half built tower creaked in the hollow wind. Almost a year ago this was the site of an epic battle between good and evil. Now it was a forgotten monument, long deserted. Thirty feet above the ground hovered a crack in the universe, a splinter from the trans-dimensional crossroads a few miles below the surface. Almost without warning it was ripped asunder yet again, dark power flared through and for a moment reality bent to pure rage born of an equally pure pain. A tall, black, shape roared as it fell through the hole. He fell, knocked unconscious from the trip as much as the fall. The rift closed as soon as it opened and the fall was short and fast, all but invisible to everyone but those involved in the supernatural.

Those who could have seen this were too busy and non of them would have understood it. So he lay at the foot of the tower, the sun gleaming of his armour.

The sun had gone down long ago. Slowly the Dark Lord awoke and got to his feet. Reaching out with his feelings he tried to understand what had happened. He felt the power of the Dark Side as it seemed to drench the very rocks of the ground. Every Force user knew of places where the Dark Side gathered in pools of energy but never had a place so dark or so deep been even imagined. Looking up he tried to recognise a single constellation, none of them were familiar. Burying his confusion he left the junkyard in search for information.

He had been walking for some time before he found them. Two humans wearing strange colourful things. They were trying to follow him silently but the Force was strange in them and they were easy to pick out. 'What are you?' he asked.

'Could say the same Darth. What's the matter lost your Death Star.'

This time he didn't try for the dark mysterious image, spinning on his heal the Dark Lord glared down at the two things that were no longer human 'What the Sith are you? Answer now or face the consequences.'

'Dude we're vampires and you must be so sad its funny.'

'Snack time Darth.' The two creatures lunged for him, they were fast. Unfortunately for them a lightsaber is faster. He cut one off at the waist and the other one through the neck. Vader tilted his head in interest as the thing he beheaded exploded into dust, whatever dark Force energies fuelling it vanishing. 'Holy shit man! You are Darth Vader!' the one with no legs was gaping at him from the ground

'Yes. You still exist? However if I was to remove your head I suspect that would change. I will trade you your life for information.'

'Sold man, sold. What you want to know?'

Vader used the Force to lift the corpse from the ground, 'Everything.'

It was several hours later and a Dark Lord of the Sith sat on a bench considering exactly what he had learnt from the creature who's remains were now caught by the wind. This was a strange world with strange things on it. Once again he reached out with the Force, pushing past the darkness seeping through the dimensional tear. At first he almost missed it but once he realised that it was separate from the tear he could no longer ignore it. The dark pain he felt in his loved ones tomb, it was here too. Another Force user treading the path of the Dark Side, a powerful ally. Careful not to make his presence felt Vader felt around it, trying to discover its location.

Just as he approached he felt the fledgling Sith start to fade. Before him a strange building was hidden by some sort of Force-based shield. He shattered it with a thought and entered but inside he found nothing but still bodies. Then a fair distance away the Sith faded back into existence.

The only thing that could do that would have been a matter-caster. Something that Republic and then Imperial scientists had tried before decreeing it impossible. This world didn't have that technology. Could the Force truly be behind this he wondered.

In one room he found a large library of old books in a language he did not understand. Was it possible that these Earthers had found aspects of the Force that was beyond even a Sith Lord?

Knowing that almost limitless knowledge was at his fingertips yet denied to him sent Vader into a rage. He set to the building with his lightsaber, hacking and slashing the crude structure to the ground.

Once he had finished he sat on one of he rubble piles, contemplating his next move. If these people spoke in Basic perhaps his soon-to-be-apprentice to be would simply tell him what he needed to know.

Willow reached deep into Giles, sucking the magical energy out of the old man. The power was amazing! She could feel everything in the world, there was nothing, no mortal, hell no god with this much power! Then she felt them, another one like her. They had the same power that she had but their pain was just too much. Whoever they were they had a pain just as deep but older, somehow richer. 'You poor basterd. The suffering has to end.' With that she magically flew out of the magic box to put an end to the worlds pain and whoever else it was that felt as she did.
Vader watched the fireball as it careened across the brightening sky 'Impressive.' he muttered before continuing on his way to the source of the fireball.

Half way there he felt the new Sith as they seamed to fly out of the half destroyed building. 'I will have words with this child, once I find out how they are doing this.' Once again that night he followed his feelings, grinding his teeth at the imprudence of whoever it was.

On his way his mind wandered; it was obvious now that the Force had brought him here to train this person but why had they chosen this path. They were in pain, emotional anguish. It was likely that they lost someone and that pushed them over the edge. The Dark Side used for revenge. Something he knew far too well and look where it got him. He was now this walking monstrosity, not even half human, the one thing in his life that made him special was lying in a shattered mausoleum thanks to him. The man as close as a father to him dead by his own hand. He was feared throughout the galaxy and the only man who was once a friend was now an obstacle. Could he demand someone else to chose the same? Curse them to this life as he did his own?

When he was making those choices the was nothing to chose from. Now he looked back there were other ways. He should have listened better Obi-Wan should have trained him, trusted him more. He should never have met Padme. He should have killed the emperor when he had the chance.

Never mind, with this new knowledge within his grasp he could return and take power for himself. Then he would use that power to reshape the Galaxy into a giant memorial for his love.

The sun was in the sky now, beating down gloriously through the light clouds. He was a dark shadow in that peaceful moment. A young man was running parallel to him, heading the same way as a great serge of power began to grow. It took Vader a moment to realise the Sith was somehow channelling the Force energy of the planet. Shocked he increased his speed. What could they want with that much power? But more importantly how did one tap that power?

Willow tore her attention from the person approaching, whatever they wanted their pain would end with everyone else's.

Suddenly Xander was there, she must have been too focused on the other guy and Buffy to notice 'Hi black-eyed girl. What you doing?'

'Xander, get out of here.' He was standing in her way, she would have to kill him.

'Oh no. You're not the only one with superpowers you know. You might be a supped up uber-witch but this carpenter can dry wall you into the next century.'

'I'm not joking Xander! Get out of my way. NOW!' She blasted him out of the way, injuring him. She had hurt Xander. Like a animal rattling it's cage some small part of her saw the evil that she was capable of now and rebelled against it. But it didn't matter, he would die soon along with everyone else. The pain had to end.

She watched as he painfully got back to his feet and in the way of the magical energy again. 'You can't stop this' Willow stated, if only she could get him to see that it was better this way. For all the world.

'I get that. It's just, where else am I going to go? You've been my best friend all my life. Worlds going to end, where else would I be?'

'Is this the master plan? You're going to stop me by saying you love me?'

'I was going to walk you of a cliff and hand you an anvil. But it seamed a little cartoony.'

That little corner of her that was left over almost smiled at him. 'Still making jokes…'

'I'm not joking. I know you're in pain, I couldn't imagine the pain you're in and I know your going to do something apocalyptically evil and stupid. But hey I still want to hang. You're Willow.'

'Don't call me that!' She spat, Willow died with the same bullet that hit Tara Whatever was left would die along with everything else. That was why she HAD to do this.

'The first day at kindergarten you cried because you broke the yellow crayon and were too afraid to tell anyone. You've come pretty far, ending the world not a terrific notion but the thing is, yeh, I love you. I love crayon braking Willow and I love scary veiny Willow so if I'm going out its here. If you want to kill the world then start with me. I've earned that.'

'You think I won't?' She would, it was Willow that couldn't. She wasn't that Willow anymore and that niggling voice that was left couldn't stop her. It couldn't.

'Doesn't matter. I still love you.'

The doubting voice in the back of her mind begged her not to, when she shouted it wasn't just a Xander it was at herself. 'Shut up!' To prove that she could hurt him she lashed out across his face with magical talons.

Three great gashes bled from his cheek. 'I love you.'

It wouldn't work, no matter how much it struck deep in what was left of her soul it wouldn't work, she lashed out at his chest with the talons. Oh Goddess he was bleeding badly now, please Xander walk away.

'I love you.' He was coming closer

Willow could taste the salt from her tears. No! She would not weaken! The world must end. 'SHUT UP!' she screeched before sending another blast to knock him out of the way but it wasn't enough.

'I love you Willow'

Something was wrong, the black pit she was drawing her power from, once infinite was withering. Why? He was so close now and now there was nothing left. 'Stop!'

'I love you.' he was right in front of her.

There was nothing left. Her power had simply vanished, she couldn't hold that small part back anymore and like a dam braking it came in a flood of tears. 'Stop.' She commanded it, it would be. Helplessly pounding in Xander chest she tried but the Willow that she was came back faster and faster. 'Stop…'

Willow felt her "self" returning like it was returning from a long journey. What had she done? Oh Goddess Tara was dead. Whatever magic she still had a hold of she released and simply cried in Xander's arms.

Xander felt her tears through his shirt. Whether it was seconds or days he couldn't tell but they knelt there for what seamed like an eternity.

He then felt a shadow fall over him and the loud heavy breathing of someone that shouldn't be there; 'Touching, but if you care that much for her you will give her to me.' Looking up he saw the angular helmet of perhaps the greatest movie villain of all time.

'You have got to be kidding!'

End Chapter 1