"People make mistakes, Lorelai. No one gets it right every time. Why don't you review the exam and I'll give you chance to take over next week?" Matthew comforted.

Lorelai sighed. "I guess you're right." She smiled. "Thanks Matthew."


Lorelai walked out of her business class with the folded paper in her hand. She was embarrassed to take it home and show Rory, and something about that just seemed a tad backwards. She knew she hadn't studied as much as she should have, but Lorelai never dreamed of failing her exam. Which Matthew had agreed to give her makeup test... He had always been so nice about things like that. From the first day, he said "Please, call me Matthew. Mr. McCoy is far too formal." He had been there for Lorelai from day one, and not once left her side.

Lorelai slowly walked into the house, hoping Rory wasn't back from the library yet.

"Hi, Mom." Rory greeted as she came out of her room.

Lorelai jumped, "Oh! Hey." Lorelai grinned.

"How was your class today?"

"Oh... Fine... Fine.."

"Did you get your test score back?" Rory asked excitedly.

"Um..." Lorelai bit her lip. "Yeah..."

"What did you get?" Rory continued.

Lorelai stood silent, not looking Rory in the eyes.

"Come on... you're killing me here." Rory smiled. Then noticing her mother's face, she allowed her smile to fade. She walked over to Lorelai and hugged her. "Don't worry, it's just one test, you'll do better next time."

What a sweet and kind thing to say. God, this kid was amazing. Lorelai felt immense pride run through her body. "Thanks babe."

(Later that day)

"Hey, Luke."

"Hey, Rory."

"Can I ask you for a favor?"

Luke looked up from his order book. "Sure." he replied solemnly.

"Mom's kind of had a bad day... She's meeting me here in a few minutes, and she could really use a picker upper."

"What did you have in mind?" Luke asked.

"Well, I know it's 6:00 in the evening, but could you make some chocolate chip pancakes?" Rory asked sweetly. "Their her favorite food and they always make her feel better."

Luke smiled. "Sure. I'll whip some up."

"Thanks Luke. You're the best." Rory gleamed with happiness.

"You're welcome."

A few minutes later, Lorelai walked in. You could tell by her body language she was depressed over something. She lacked the usual quirkiness that made her famous.

"Hey sweetie." Lorelai greeted as she sat down at the table across from Rory. "Have you ordered yet?"

"Um. Yeah." Rory smiled. "I hope you don't mind."

"Oh, no... that's fine." Lorelai replied as she took a sip of the coffee that was already awaiting her.

"So, Saturday, there's going to be a movie marathon." Rory randomly stated, hoping to erase some of Lorelai's gloom.


"Yeah, it's going to be a really good one too, all the number one movies from the 1940's." Rory smiled. "And you know we have so many favorites from that decade."

Lorelai smiled. "Yes, we do."

Luke looked at the chocolate chip pancakes sitting on the plate. They needed something extra, something else to help cheer Lorelai up. He reached over and pulled out a can of whip cream from the shelf. He neatly drew a smiley face on the top pancake.

"There we go." he said softly. "That should help out." he smiled. He walked over and placed the plate of fresh pancakes in front of Lorelai and handed Rory a cheese burger. "Hope you feel better." Luke smiled and walked back to the counter.

Lorelai let a deep breath exhale from her body followed by a gigantic smile. She immediately looked over at Rory who was smiling as well. "You did this." she laughed. "Thank you so much sweetie."

"You're welcome." Rory replied as she took a bite of her cheeseburger.

After the two finished eating, they gathered their belongings and began the walk home.

"Matthew said I could retake the test." Lorelai stated.

"He did?" Rory asked brightly. "That's great."

"Yeah... it is." Lorelai agreed. "He's not allowed to give make up exams."

"Well, then there must be something special about you." Rory smiled.

"What are getting at?"

"Maybe, he likes you." Rory offered.

"What?" Lorelai half laughed. "He's my teacher."

"Yeah, but it's not like you're in high school. You guys are close to the same age."

"Rory... he's my teacher."

"And you call him Matthew."

"He told me to." Lorelai defended.

"See." Rory replied. "He likes you."

"I don't know Rory, it seems a little unprofessional."

"Mom... It's just a business class. You're only taking it for 6 more weeks. Then he won't be you're teacher anymore."

"Well, we don't know for sure if he likes me." Lorelai added.

"But if he ever asks you out..."

"I'll think about it."

Rory smiled. "Okay."

The two continued to walk down the street until they reached their house.