"Oh, this truly is my lucky day." Luke replied standing eye to eye with Matthew.

Matthew smiled. "I didn't see your horse parked outside... in the shop?" Matthew asked.

"I don't know how you got in here." Luke replied. "But I'm damn sure glad you did."

"Well, if only Rory had given me such a warm welcoming..." Matthew and Luke paced around each other.

"Lorelai, go to Rory." Luke said without taking his eyes off Matthew.

"No, Lorelai... Stay. Don't you want to see how heroic your savior truly is?"

"Go to her." Luke said again. Lorelai swiftly left the room and questioned nothing about it.

"I don't blame you for sending her away." Matthew said lightly. "I'd be embarrassed too."

Matthew grabbed a knife from his pocket. Luke stood still, not flinching.

"Do you need that?" Luke asked. "Something to hide behind?"

"I'm not hiding behind a knife." Matthew spat. "I'm going to use it as a weapon."

"You're using it as a shield." Luke replied.

Matthew breathed deeply. "Alright... Mr. Tough Guy. We'll do it your way." Matthew threw the knife to the other side of the room. He lunged towards Luke, but Luke quickly stepped out of the way and came back with a powerful uppercut.

"I like things my way." Luke responded after knocking Matthew on his back.

Matt quickly jumped to his feat and took yet another swing at Luke. A miss. Another swing and miss. Another and another. Luke punched Matthew several times in the face and then one powerful time in the stomach leaving him hunched over and bloody. Luke chuckled. "You want the knife back?" he asked.

Anger filled Matthew. He hated being teased. "You know, I think I actually have something a little better." Matthew reached into his coat and pulled out a hand gun.

Luke still didn't show any sign of fear. Matthew aimed it directly at Luke's heart. "Want know how it feels to be shot through the heart?" Matthew asked.

"FREEZE!.. NYPD!" An officer shouted.

Matthew quickly turned his head to see who was yelling from behind him, when he did so Luke grabbed the gun and wrestled Matthew to the ground. A shot was fired into the air but hit nothing but the ceiling tile above them. The police swarmed the two men and quickly drug Matthew away.

"Game over, you bastard." Chief cook replied looking at Matthew. "Take him out boys."

Cook walked over to Luke who was relieved, but holding back all his emotions for the time being. "Good work Danes. Ever thought about a job in the police force?"

"No thank you." Luke replied lightly. "I'll stick to my diner."

"Looks like you helped a little more than expected huh?"

"Guess so." Luke handed the gun to Cook and started to walk of but noticed Joe standing beside one of the cops. Instead he changed his destination. "Joe?" He asked surprisingly as he walked towards him. "What are you doing here?"

"Hey, Luke." Joe replied calmly. "Well, this is my job."

"You're a cop?" Luke asked amazed.

"Sure am." Joe smiled.

"You never told me that."

"You never asked." Joe replied.

"Good point." Luke retorted.

"I'll see you back home." Joe said cheerfully. "I won't be much longer here."

"Oh, I'll be staying here with Lorelai and Rory tonight."

"Oh? How are they?"

"They're good." Luke nodded.

"Good. Tomorrow then." Joe ended.

"Tomorrow." Luke repeated.

Luke turned and headed back in the direction of Rory's room.

(Outside the hospital)

"Joe, you back stabbing, two faced...!" Matthew roared from inside the cop car.

"Sorry, little brother." Joe replied as he walked on by the car and down the street.

(Rory's room)

"Luke..." Lorelai ran towards him when he entered the door. He hugged her and kissed her softly. "Please tell me this is all over." she said with her head buried in his chest.

"It's all over." Luke told her.

"Did he hurt you?" she asked standing back to examine him.

"Not at all." Luke smiled. "Like I said, just a bully." Luke looked over at Rory who was fast asleep in her bed. "You didn't wake her?" he asked.

"No." Lorelai replied. "For once, she was finally resting... really resting. I didn't want to ruin it for her." Lorelai said gazing at her pale face.

Luke walked over and pulled the covers up over Rory. "She's an incredibly strong kid."

(Christmas the following year at the Gilmore house)

"God... I love snow." Lorelai said to herself as she stood on her porch. Luke came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waste. "God... I love you." She smirked.

"Come on, we're getting ready to open gifts." Luke smiled as he held out his hand.

"Just a minute." she said as she continued to gaze at the snow. "This moment is perfect."

"Tell me." Rory pleaded. "I can still acted surprised when I open it." She giggled.

"That doesn't work that way." Tristan laughed.

"Who's going to know any better?" Rory asked.

"I will." Tristan replied. "But I'll tell you what, I will give you one gift early."

"Really?" Rory asked excitedly.

"Yes, really." Tristan smiled. "Come here." he guided her into the hallway. "Look up."

"Misseltoe." Rory whispered as she gazed upwards. As soon as her chin made a horizontal line again, Tristan's lips connected with her's.

"Merry Christmas, Rory." Tristan replied.


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