Friend of mine dice-roll challanged me, and the result was LeexNeji for her and InoxChouji for me. Wh00t.

Ahem. Well. Enjoy my sad attempt at sticking two random Naruto characters together without much though, total sap and WAFF, might I add. Take some advil, for you may vomit. Ah - and Naruto doesn't belong to me. Obviously. I mean, come on, people.


He taps his feet against the leg of his desk when he's bored, chubby fingers curling around a stray lock of blonde hair, leaning on the back of his hand quietly while trying to sneak a pocky stick into his mouth with Iruka noticing. He closes his eyes, makes as if he's about to fall asleep - his elbow even begins to slip off the table a little. Ino watches, transfixed, no longer really seeing the boy but now simply wondering how long it would take him to topple over the desk and bring on another tsunami of Iruka's wrath.

He snaps out of his stupor quickly, and Ino seems to snap out of something as well, almost as if a drug has been lifted from her body, or a cold draft has passed over her, making the fine hairs on the back of her neck bristle. And then it dawns on her that what has caught Chouji's attention wasn't a vision of candy or sweet or a sideways glance over at the clock (which, by the way, kindly informed them that there were only eight more minutes left to glass). It was neither of these silly things, to Ino's suprise. It was a bird. A little blue jay.

Without really thinking, she concentrates on the bird, mesmerized just as she had been with Chouji moments before, and Iruka's voice begins to slip away like a badly tuned radio, fading, filling with white static and giving up it's paramount seat in her mind.

The bird tosses it's head, it's feathers ruffled, it's body seemed to expand - because that's what it was, wasn't it? A bird - mostly feathers? Little blue clouds that bristled around it's tiny, fragile head, soft, shiny eyes, a stunning little triangle of yellow that served as it's beak...

Another clump of feathers shifted - wings, she thinks - and then settled sweetly against it's back, soft and smooth. And then, just as quickly as it had come, it was gone. Gone with the flapping of wings and a scream of unbridled joy.

And then Chouji smiles, and as he turned to face Iruka again, he reachs into his pocket and fishes out three sticks of strawberry pocky. He turns to her, seeming to notice her for the first time, and, holding out a single stick to her, says; "Want one?"

Ino blinks.

Everything happened very quickly from that point on. She clearly remembered drawing back, remembered dreading to be seen sharing pocky with Chouji, if all people. But then she settles back into her seat and giggles - Lord, why did she have to giggle! - and Iruka jumps on her like a cat on a rat.

Screaming. For her to get that thing out of her mouth and pay attention.

Ino's jaw drops. The strawberry pocky stick falls to the floor with a plop.

"I'm sorry!" Chouji chirps loudly, drawing the attention away from the blonde girl beside him, "She looked hungry is all."

And then Iruka begins to rant about fairness. Can't eat sweets without sharing with the rest of the class, he says. And then Chouji retorts that he does have enough for the class, really, and he wouldn't mind sharing.

The result was a pop quiz. Henge no Jutsu.

And afterward - oh, the irony of it! - Chouji passed her another pocky stick under the desk. This time, she remembered taking it. She even remembered thanking him.

And when Chouji offered to take her out for some Ichiraku ramen after school, she thanked him for that, too.