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Special Victims Unit Building.

Approximately 10:00 am

Elliot Stabler was sitting at his desk reading the paper, when suddenly his partner, Olivia Benson, looked up at him. He had no idea why she had just looked at him, but he put the paper down and attempted to start a conversation. "So Liv, how has your morning been?" he asked hoping he didn't sound too happy. Olivia had a tendency to be a little grumpy in the morning, however when she answered "Great El, how about yours.", Elliot was relieved.

"Actually, mine has been pretty good. I dropped the twins off at day care, drove Kathleen to her choir lessons, and I even got to meet some of Kathy's co-workers this morning. But I wish I could say the same for Maureen, she has been awfully quiet these last few days. She wakes up and takes a shower, then she gets her stuff ready for school, by the time I know it she is already gone on her way to school. Kathy told me not to worry, that it's just a teenager thing, but then again, it is Maureen. She is always so polite and well-spoken." Elliot sighed after he spoke.

"Well have you tried talking to her yet? Maybe she just needs someone to talk to." Olivia said getting up from her desk and walking over to the coffee pot. She grabbed two styrofoam cups and a black permanent marker. She wrote "Elliot" on one of the cups and "Olivia" on the other. She poured coffee in both cups and then added cream to Elliot's and sugar to her own cup. While she was coming back to hand Elliot the cup of coffee, Cragen came out of his office.

"Thanks Liv,and to answer your question yes." Elliot said smiling at her.

"No problem El." replied Olivia.

John Munch and Odafin "Fin" Tutuola came walking through the doors. John looked unusually tired and even though he was wearing his sunglasses, Olivia could still sense it. Fin looked like he could use a cup of coffee but everyone in the precint, knew he didn't drink coffee. John took a seat at his desk then put his head down quietly, this was a weird thing, even for Munch to do. But nobody knew what was coming next.

"So John, how long have you been up?" Elliot asked, hoping to push a few buttons.

"I don't know Mr. Smartass, I stopped counting after 36 hourse had gone by." John said while lifting his head up from the desk.

"Hey Liv, can you pass me one of those bottles of Tylonel?" John asked.

"Sure John. I didn't think you were one to take drugs." Olivia said, wanting to make John laugh. She then saw his face and quickly said "just joking."

During this whole process, Cragen had been sitting on an absent member of the squads desk. He was just sitting and watching, he was enjoying watching his detectives get along so well. Then that was when Fin said, "Hey Cap' can I go get a few hours of sleep?"

"Yeah, and don't come back until you do." Cragen said. He winked at Fin and then Fin left the station.

John slowly took the Tylonel and drank some water. He then got up from his desk and walked upstairs to the "crib" as Fin called it. He got a blanket from the closet and then walked into the room with all the bunk beds. He slammed the door very hard, and then everyone was silent. Cragen said, "Benson, Stabler we got a rape in Central Park. The vic is 23 years old and her name is Annie Rossiare. She was beaten up pretty bad, and had to go to the hospital."

To be continuted.

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