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Captain Cragen's Office
1:49 pm

Elliot let a few tears fall onto his cheek, but quickly wiped them away. He was staring at his precious little girl. This shouldn't have happened to her, not Maureen, Elliot thought to himself.

"Hey honey. Are you ready to go to the hospital?" Elliot asked quietly.

"Dad, do I have to go to the hospital? Can't I just tell you or someone else what happened?" Maureen asked.

"No, we have to get you to the hospital, and I think you may need a few stitches. I want to find the bastard who did this to you, baby. I promise you, we will find him." Elliot said, while Maureen got up and hugged him tightly.

"Okay, but can Olivia come too?" Maureen wondered.

"Sure, I think everyone will be coming. Olivia can stay with you while they are doing the exam, okay?" Elliot explained.

"Okay." she said, wiping away some of her tears.

Special Victims Unit Squadroom
1:52 pm

Cragen, Fin, Munch, and Olivia were all sitting down at a big round table, anxiously awaiting the door to open. Cragen was just as shocked as anyone, and he couldn't believe it happened to Maureen. Fin was sitting there with his fists clenched, quietly cursing to himself. Munch was so taken aback by all that had happened, that he was re-thinking all of the events. And Olivia, was just keeping to herself, but couldn't help a few tears come out.

As soon as the door to Cragen's office opened, it got everone's attention. Everyone quickly rushed up to Elliot and Maureen, wanting to know exactly what happened. Elliot wasn't suprised of how everyone was acting, because he knew they had all become like a second family to all of his kids. He was suddenly very glad that he had friends who cared like this. Elliot snapped out of it when Maureen said, "Dad can we go now?"

"Sure. I am taking Maureen to the hospital to get her examined. Olivia, she wants you to come with her." Elliot stated.

"You better believe I will come." she said trying to fake a smile while grabbing her coat from her desk.

"Hey, so are we. We all want to be there for you Maureen." Cragen said, while trying to get Munch and Fin to snap out of it.

"Okay, so we will meet you guys at the hospital then?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah." Munch responed grabbing his keys and running out of the squadroom.