Summary: A collection of 100-word Eerie Queerie drabbles.

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Shuri Shiozu, Shinoshokan Publishing Co., Ltd., and Tokyopop Inc.


Ghosts fascinated Hasunuma as a child. He read books about them, talked to priests, and watched documentaries. He crafted talismans to ward off ghosts. (Secretly, he hoped ghosts would be drawn to him in spite of the talismans. He wanted to meet one.)

As a child, Hasunuma thought he knew everything about ghosts. He knows better now. Ghosts are dangerous in an unexpected way.

Ghosts are thieves. They will steal your most valued treasure unless you relentlessly guard it.

Ghosts no longer fascinate Hasunuma. He fears them. He knows one day his guard will fail. Ghosts will steal Mitsuo away.