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Author's Note: Inspired by a challenge to write a drabble containing the sentence I really wish he wouldn't do that.


"I really wish he wouldn't do that."

Hasunuma fully agreed but said nothing. Instead, he focused on Mitsuo in the distance. When the boy's posture shifted, he knew Mitsuo had agreed to allow the ghost to possess him in order to complete some unfinished earthly business.

Beside him, Ichi sighed. "Someday, a ghost isn't going to give Mitsuo his body back."

"I won't let that happen." Hasunuma glared at him. "No one's going to possess Mitsuo's body forever except me."

Ichi returned the glare then looked away. Hasunuma's warning was unmistakable. What Ichi couldn't decide was whether to challenge it.