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Ratings: PG-13

Genre: Angst/Romance

Warnings: Odd pairing...and stream of conscienceness

Main Characters: Sohma Ritsu

Additional Notes: Crap…I think this is turning into a Ritsuru (TohruXRitsu)…dammit!

The Price Of A Life

What is the price of a worthless life? Perhaps, the price is in the ending of it. I wish I had the courage to do that. Mine, I know, is worthless…but I can't. I'm too much the coward to do that. I want to…but every time I try, I see her face. That sweet face, so loving and all smiles and bright light. And I can't—but for that face, I can't.

Her light brown eyes…I don't know if I could ever make them cry. It would kill me. I would kill me. Her sweet smile… Gods, I think I love her… But I'm not worthy—not worthy at all! I see her and wish I could tell her but I hold my tongue as she smiles at me.

I remember… I remember what happened to Hatori-niisan and Kana-oneesan…and I can't find the strength to tell her for fear it might happen again. After all, history is known to repeat itself. But I do offer her one gift, the only one I can give her—a smile, a true smile. I try to be strong for her, not break down and tell her how much I love her…I do.

I've written countless letters to her—none of them ever sent, all crumbled on the floor of my dormitory room. In the letters I tell her, in the stories in my head, she knows. I love her. I love Tohru, but there's no way to let her know, except through my smiles and my cowardice—I will not kill myself and so she will not cry over me.

What is the price of a worthless life? If that life has a love, then the price is in the keeping of it—for the sake of wishing to eat takoyaki on a warm summer's day with her at my side.


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