Pretty short chapter but the others should be a little longer. This is just kind of a mix of romance, angst, humor and drama. Hope you like :)

Chaper 1: Starting off...

I shuddered as I felt her breathy moan caress my ear. Her body heat was slowly rising beneath me with every passing second that I ravished her with my hands and lips. Oh how I wanted this; how I wanted to hear my name pass her lips as her voice dripped with desperation, never wanting me to stop. And I gladly obliged, feeling my own body heat rise as well while she tried in her pure rapture to return the pleasurable favors I was giving her.

It was completely dark, everything around us. Not even the moonlight which shined upon this ancient Japanese house and through the sliding doors could outline our bare bodies, covered only by a thin linen sheet. It was difficult to see her and I knew she was in the same situation, but we recognized each other easily. Though I've never heard her soft moans, intimate gasps and sighs before, I could distinguish her voice as I always loved the feelings it gave me even if it would simply be in her normal tone. I also recognized the feel of her hair; the softest I've ever felt and the most intoxicating of scents, so easily admirable with its shining strands. And her face, her beautiful, flawless face which I had just showered with kisses, almost as if drawing a mental map of its detail, was the same one that I had always adored and had often found myself staring longingly at.

The sensations this girl brought upon me, even just by holding me so tightly with need against her overheating body as I continued to rock against her at a gradually increasing pace, made my mind spin and my heart flutter with undying love. I almost didn't want either of us to reach the end of this moment, at least not so soon; I wanted these emotions passing through the both of us to carry on through eternity. I knew that this would never happen though, especially when I felt this beautiful girl becoming wild with desire as she seemed to feel herself coming closer to this intense bliss, and as did I.

Pressing myself even harder against her, I finally let my lips break from her own (as much as I hated to; the taste of them was so sweet that one would say that they dripped with honey). My lips fell onto her neck, placing soft kisses along its length until I found the spot that made the softest of moans escape her lips as she craned her neck back and held my head against her. Enticed by this response, I focused all my mouth's attention solely on that spot, my excitement growing as her soft moans were replaced with sharp gasps and lustful groans while she squirmed and writhed underneath me.

With a rather loud 'smack' of releasing the suction my lips had on her neck, I slowed the pace of my rocking against her so that I could lift my head back up to try and find any indication of what her face might be expressing. I could feel her warm breath against my lips as she was trying to catch it. But, apparently, her wild desire got the better of her as her breathing suddenly became fast again even though I was moving slowly and suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a fiery, devouring kiss which nearly took my breath away.

This sensation grew into a searing one as she coaxed my lips apart with her own and claimed almost every other part of my mouth. Apart from deciding to return the favor, I added an extra gesture that I knew would drive her crazy; capturing and nibbling her bottom lip between both of my own while running my hands slowly up and down her sides. Her long moan rippling down my throat sent even more ripples down my spine as she flipped positions, making her be the one on top and I pinned on the bottom.

Without a breath's worth of hesitation, I felt her shower my skin with kisses, any skin she could reach. Though I felt like I could melt in this heavenly feeling of passion and soft warmth she was invoking on me, I wasn't one to lose dominance, oh no. After all, she's mine… she's mine forever… and I wouldn't trade it for anything else at all.

With that echoing in my mind, I reversed our positions on her and picked up where we had left off. Soon, we tensed more and more, our hold on each other becoming tighter and tighter, breaths becoming heavier and heaver, moans becoming louder and louder… the only thing that I missed and yearned for was her voice uttering my name, so I pled, "Please say my name…"

She seemed to be trying to respond, but her ragged breathing and constant moans made her words incoherent. I let out a moan that I couldn't suppress; I could feel myself coming closer, the feeling was overwhelming. I wanted to hear her say my name, I needed to hear it.

"Say my name… Please, say it." I could hear my own voice wavering and absolutely drenched with lust. When her voice was louder yet still incoherent by the same amount of need I was feeling if not more, I was afraid I might miss her saying my name before I'd reach the point of being blinded by white light so I made my voice become more urgent as I quickened the pace of our rocking even more than before. "Please!" I cried as I began to feel my limbs weaken from the intense pleasure I was feeling.

A couple more cries of passion broke free from her throat before shrieking as her moment of pure ecstasy hit her in powerfully echoing waves, making her throw her head back while my body was being racked by waves of fire and ice. "Natsuki!"


"Shizuru!" Natsuki abruptly rose from the covers of her futon, her hair plastered to the sides of her face and her breathing difficult to catch. After finally realizing that she was in her bedroom alone, a mad blush covered her face until the color looked easily visible even in the dark. Her hands flew to her face, trying to stop the burning blush as she yelled, "What the hell?"


AN: This is just the start of this multi-chapter fic. The chapters may be relatively short compared to my other two fics, which I'm still writing by the way, this was just a spur-of-inspiration fic. Sorry about the first chapter having to start off with a lemon, since it's kind of a vulgar thing for me, but I just though it would be interesting since Shizuru's normally the one to have the passionate dreams ;P