A/N: Sorry, I hope this lives up to the rest of the series. Huh like that's hard. But seriously, sorry about the wait and I'm really not to sure about these last stories myself but lately all I've been reading is stories that... Basically, ya know, the world sucks and we're all screwed... Now I like agnst as much as the next person but sometimes you need a happy ending and some humour hope I didn't blow it.


Love does not consist in gazing at each other,

But rather in looking together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"House, it took me a long time to realise that your it, you're 'the one'." Stacey sighed tiredly.

"And of course by being 'the one', I can never actually be the one." House swallowed and it doesn't leave the bad taste at the back of his mouth that it once did.

"Yeah…" One simple word and it basically sums up everything that's between them… Not very much anymore… History, that same painful stretch of memories that's between everyone.

"I can live with that." House breathes.

"'I can live with that!' You actually said that?" Wilson questions as he sips down more scotch.

"I guess." House is out-of-sorts, it's almost an entirely new feeling and already he doesn't like it… at all. He downs another swallow of coke, the sharp acidic wash not really as good as the hot burn of alcohol, but right now he's downed too many pills and is hardly in the mood to try at killing himself.

Quiet falls as Wilson studies House.

"So what happened with Chase?" House looks up at him from glaring at his drink.

"That obvious?" House sighed.

"Cameron was a little more subtle." James offered.

"Though I don't think the other ducklings have noticed." He soothed.

"That's not saying very much, their stupid…" House berated. James leaned his head back and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"So what happened?"

"You mean since I threw him out my apartment… Nothing…" House grumbled.


"What would you do about it?" James had lifted the cup to his lips and coughed as House asked. He spluttered as the hot burn of alcohol hit the back of his throat.

"Greg…" James stuttered, fighting to bite down the tickle still at the back of his throat.

"Chase cried on your shoulder and I told you it was inappropriate. -You ignored that!" James was listing things off his fingers.

"Then, while off your pills you tried to jump him in your office… and I begged you to let it go. Calk it up to withdrawal symptoms I said. You didn't even pretend to listen to that one!" House would move to defend himself, but what would be the point.

"Then ya got pissed at him and if it were anyone else who'd sold you out. You probably would have shrugged it off. But not Chase-who you don't actually have any feelings for! I told you to fire him… But no Gregory House couldn't possibly take friendly advice." He wasn't even half done.

"No, you couldn't possible fire him, not when you wanted to torture him… Shockingly of course that goes straight out the window when he turns up on your doorstep. Dripping wet and please, please tell me you were thinking straight then… Thinking with the head on top of your shoulders because I need a good laugh…" James's cheek were flushed bright red.

"And you called for advice then and I told you, I told you too wake him up, get him dressed and send him on his way. But no, by now I should know that you can't ever do the easy thing." He scoffed.

"So after sleeping with him and ignoring everything, absolutely everything I've told you to do so far, what is it exactly that you would like for me to say!" James scowled, House looked on with vague disinterest.

"Oh, why the hell couldn't you just hook up with Cameron like any normal person." James groaned, downing the rest of his drink.

"Oh, so dating Cameron that wouldn't taking advantage of my position as her boss but with Chase it would!" House frowned.

"Who said anything about that… You and Chase are just a disaster together. Not a little one either… like an earthquake or a ten car pile-up…"

"So what would you do…"

"Run that other way screaming…" James pushed and House glared.

"God, I don't know, shove him up against a wall, seems to working well for ya so far!" Another pointed look.

"Please, now I'd probably get punched in the face!" House frowned.

"Woo him…" James blurted and House's look was insidious.

"Don't glare at me… you're the one who pissed him off." James snapped.

"Woo him? How?"

"I don't know. I've been married three times and not only did they all fail they were all women…" James defended.

"Flowers and chocolate?" House offered.

"I… guess…" He frowned…

"Though you may also wanna try not being… so much like… you!" James smirked. House seemed to take it to heart though. James leaned back in his chair and called for another drink.

"God House why can't it be the ditsy brunette, why does it always have to be the temperamental blonde." He sighed.

"To be fair the last one was a temperamental brunette."

La Vita Nuova

Great minds think alike- and fools seldom differ!


Cameron tapped her foot and listened the incessant beat that trickled through her headphones. She spooned cereal into her mouth, while fighting back yet another long-suffering yawn. God these early shifts were killing her.

The door swung inward and Cameron looked up to greet… Chase or Foreman or House… Pretty much anyone other than a delivery guy in blue uniform. She frowned for a second, watching him deposit a rather hefty bouquet of red roses and crystal vase down near the window. Two more followed it, carried in by another two florists. These though were a soft shade of white.

Cameron removed the speakers.

"Excuse me? This it's a patient's room…" She pointed out. The original intruder seemed to notice her for the first time.

"No, these are suppose to go to break room 422…" He said.

"Well that's here but…"

"They're addressed to a doctor Chase." Cameron's jaw dropped.

"Someone sent these to Chase." She beamed.

"Oh, how sweet." She smiled.

"Actually I do need a signature before I go, can I just grab one from you… It's just to say that we did actually deliver them…" He gestured.

"Oh, sure…"

"Three bouquets, two white one red and the vases…" He explained.

"Right." She scrawled where he pointed.

"You really sent him flowers?" James frowned as he and House shuffled up the fourth floor corridor.

"Roses. Is that tacky?" House mumbled.

"No… it's cute. Just not something I would've thought you'd come up with." James said carefully.

"Well I could have went with two dozen live scorpions- but somehow that just seemed a little too fuzzy to me." House layered. Wilson smirked.

"When are they arriving?" he asked.

"Soon already be here if the companies not a bunch of complete idiots." House grumbled.

"House you really are a hopeless romantic." James sighed.

"Oh bite me."

"Looks like their only complete half-wits." James joked as they rounded a corner and a rose filled break room came into view through glass windows. Something else though was slightly off…

"Where the hell are the ducklings?" Wilson asked as they stopped level with the empty room.

"Hey," They turned to find Cameron standing half out the door of House's empty office.

"Okay…" Wilson said in confusion as they both headed back the way they'd come.

Cameron had disappeared back inside and House opened the door to find Foreman sprawled out in a chair they'd obviously brought in, Cameron standing in the corner and Chase sitting on his desk.

They all looked normal except for poor Chase who, sniffed and sneezed, tissues clutched in front of his face.

His eyes were red and puff, tears streaming down his cheeks. Not to mention that his breathes were short and laboured and every now then he'd cough painfully.

"What's wrong with him?" James questioned.

"Someone filled the breakroom up with roses and he's allergic." She offered.

"That's why we had to move." She explained.

"It's not usually this bad…" Chase sniffed.

"I barely got in the door, the smell..." He coughed.

"Best of all they were addressed to him." Foreman laughed, thumbing toward Chase.

"Well that's what you get for chatting up the radiology nurses during office hours." House bit, more than a little off put.

"House!" Wilson scolded.


Love won't be tampered with, love won't go away.

Push it to one side and it creeps to the other.

Louise Erdrich


Thursday saw the break room freed from roses, the bouquets sent to various patient rooms. None of who were allergic to the blossoms. Hopefully!

House couldn't help but fume a little as he scrawled various tidbits about their latest turn of patients across the whiteboard. Nothing supremely interesting, the most exotic diseases seemed to be vacationing somewhere else at the moment. The patients themselves though still seemed just as whiny as ever.

It wasn't a meeting exactly, mainly because there was not much talking being done. Cameron was in the corner, dutifully filling in a crossword, Foreman was reading some thick red covered tome and Chase… Chase was working at a rubrics-cube. Frowning as he perfected one side, then like a child realised he'd have to wreak it in order to get the others.

One of the day shift nurses knocked quietly at the door.

"Chase this was delivered to the front desk." She said palming a large blue box. She passed it to him as he set aside the puzzle and then disappeared back out into the corridor.

Silver embossing sat on the top of an otherwise plain box. 'The Blue Cat' and what an absolutely ridiculous name for a chocolate shop! Though with the quality of their sweets they can be forgiven just this once.

"Chase usually man your supposed to buy the gifts…" Foreman taunted as Chase pulled open the box.

"I don't even know who there from!" Chase frowned.

"Oh well then you definitely shouldn't eat them… Ya know with all the crazy's out there. Just send'em over this way!" Foreman smoothed, Chase rolled his eyes and then offered them around.

"Mmmm peppermint." Cameron murmured.

House breathed a sigh of relief, he'd seen Chase with chocolate on a number of occasions but knowing his luck…

Chase tried to stifle the smile, tried to dull the blush that was creeping up into his cheeks. He was flattered… and at the same time feeling a little guilty… Over House though and it was probably just stupid. Because he was in the room now and he didn't seem to care at all… Maybe Chase was taking something that had lasted a whole of five seconds a little too seriously.

"Chase you eat too many of those and you won't be able to fit into those lovely little jeans." House wanted to kick himself the moment it left his mouth… Wanted Wilson in the room so the other could slap him upside the head. He'd finally gotten something right and then when and said that! Chase though just smiled. Pulling out a candy, dark chocolate drizzled in white, like Cameron's. He popped it in his mouth and bit down, expecting soft fondant. It was peanut brittle and the cracking was audible.

"Chase are you okay?" Cameron gasped and the blonde sat forward in pain.

"I think I broke my tooth!" Chase mumbled spitting a bloody mass into his hand. House could only blink in shock…

"Are you trying to kill him?" Wilson asked much later when all the ducklings had headed home for the day.

"Of course not!" House frowned.

"Wait maybe… It would make a lot more sense…" Wilson didn't look impressed or amused.

"Maybe I'm just going about this the wrong way…" House said rumpling his nose…


If, you love someone you love their faults too. Or you love them not at all.


The day settled in with Chase sharing various gruesome facts about his late afternoon trip to a dentist that Cuddy had recommended. That being interrupted by the delivery of yet another package for Chase.

The immunologist fingered the brown packaging tentatively.

"Third times the charm Chase." Cameron offered and Chase pulled open the end. A grin pulled at the corners of his mouth as he fished out a DVD and CD.

"What is it?" Foreman said trying to look over Cameron's head.

"Phantom of Opera." Chase smiled. Holding up the movie and soundtrack.

"If that was my gift I'd return it. Which considering your track record it might not be such a bad idea." Cameron kicked him and House was relieved because if she hadn't he might've and that would be entirely too telling.

"I like opera." Chase frowned and then went back to smiling.

"It's actually one of my favourites… though I haven't seen the movie yet!" House couldn't help but feel a little proud of himself.

"Okay so how did you come up with that?" Wilson snorted picking at a rather questionable cafeteria salad.

"I was brilliantly deductive and just went with everything I know about Chase!" House smirked.

"So ya broke into his house." Wilson scoffed.

"Of course not!" House breathed.

"Chase has an apartment…" He frowned looking away from the other. James shook his head.

"And I thought you were nuts when Stacey was around!"


Love is our best moments and our bitterest regrets.

Taylor Ann


"Pretty!" Cameron stated as She Foreman and Chase filed into the breakroom. A huge bunch of Sunflowers sat dead in the middle of the table. Babies breath fringing the edges. A white card sitting in the middle.

"Chase I'm gonna follow my gut and say those are for you." Cameron smiled. The blonde fought a blush and went to retrieve the card.

"What sappy poem does it have now?" Foreman snapped.

"Actually it's a dinner invitation." Chase said half biting back a laugh.

"Oh, where?" Foreman pressed.

"None of your business?" Chase scowled lightly, slipping the card into his pocket.

"Chase!" The blonde jumped another with everyone else in the room, as House shouted at him.

"What have I told you about chatting up the nurses!" House teased, voice dropping several decimals.

"Oh, bite me House…" Chase said feathers ruffled.

"Been there done that!" House smirked, feeling in a particularly tormenting mood. Chase coloured quite tellingly pink. Foreman completely obvious, though Cameron looked as though she might be catching on.

"Hey hit on all the nurses you want." House poked.

"But if they start sending you little black lacy numbers I think Cuddy will get a bit foul." House offered, not caring what Cameron may or may not be working out.

"Dinner wow… you realise of course when you show up for that he's gonna… you know… know who you are!" James teased.

"Oh, thanks for pointing that out sparky." House grumbled.

"Doctor House…"

"Yep," House stopped and turned to the guy standing over his left shoulder…

"What happened?" House moaned waking with the stale taste of blood in the back of his mouth.

"Greg Wilks punched you." Disorientation cleared and House realised he was on a hospital bed, Wilson reclined beside.

"Greg Wilks?"

"Yeah tiffany Wilks abusive line-backer husband…" James informed.

"No good deed goes unpunished." House moaned trying to sit up.

"I think you should lie back down House he really clocked you."

"I have a dinner to get to." House said swatting away hands.

"House its almost ten…"



"I kind of got stood up!" Chase breathed Foreman snorting and getting kicked once more off of Cameron.

"Chase nobody wants to hear about your ruined dinner plans at Seline's." house snapped, in a tone so foul that no one dared give a reply.

"It was you, wasn't it?" Chase smirked. Having cornered House while eating his lunch.

"It was me what." House growled genuinely oblivious.

"Sending the gifts." Chase frowned.

"Don't flatter yourself Chase." House said, so willing just to throw in the towel.

"Come on House you can't wriggle out of this like clinic duty. The flower and chocolate shops are like right around the corner from you… and the DVD and CD…" Chase smiled, smirked, half-laughed.

"My books were moved when I got home the other night… and you're the only person I know who does B and E's… Then you get knockout and my… date doesn't show… It's simple deductive reasoning really."

"Now if only you could think like that at work we wouldn't loose half as many patients." House dug and didn't know why.

"See usually I would take offence to that but it's just the way you are…" Chase frowned.

"I mean I don't really get it and I don't think that you're ever gonna tell… But would love to try'en work it out." Not what House expected at all.

"So dinner at my place, next Thursday… If you're interested…" Chase gushed, backing away as he said it as though he was weary of a reprisal.

"Chase…" He stopped.

"I'm very surprised you didn't run the other way."

"Trust me any sane, normal, rational, person would… Obviously I had to come see you…" Chase smiled faintly and then disappeared back inside.