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Zelda and Link are from OoT and MM (spoilers),

Year seven for Harry (HBP spoilers) , possible DH spoilers too if I keep anything the same

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Chapter 1: Offers

Rufus Scrimgeour sat nervously in his office hoping no Death Eaters are near by. He is waiting to talk to Professor McGonagall. He hopes if he can give her the position of Headmistress it could make up for at least some of his and Fudge's mistakes. He sees McGonagall and calls her in.

"You wanted so see me sir" McGonagall nervously questioned. She knew that Scrimgeour had been blaming many people for things they did not do to quell people's fears.

"I wish" Scrimgeour started, McGonagall waits with bated breath, "To put you in charge of Hogwarts, given every things that's happened its what Dumbledore would have wanted. Of course replacing the two teachers you need is up to you"

McGonagall was speechless, but not for long "Of course I'll do it sir, thank you"


McGonagall had some doubts about her choices, but she had a good feeling about them as well. So she called Tonks and Fleur into her office.

Tonks of course broke the silence. " You wanted to see us"

McGonagall nodded and continued, "Yes. Tonks I wish for you to teach Transfiguration and Fleur perhaps you could teach Defense against the dark arts."

Tonks was beaming " Sure, no problem."

Fleur was also pleased " Of course I will."

McGonagall thanked them both then continued, " Oh and Fleur, could Bill help you some days? I have talked to the parents; they would have no problem with it.

Fleur thought about it then agreed.


McGonagall is looking through Dumbledore's things and finds two letters.

Dear Minerva,

Yes dear, I assume that you will remain once I am gone. I also know I have little time left. I realize that Harry needs help. Those other letters will magically go to another world once you finish this one. The young ones who are meant to receive those will help Harry and all of us to no end. You should find them in the Leaky Cauldron tomorrow morning.



Suddenly the letters vanish. McGonagall begin to cry, " Oh Albus, I hope your right, I hope these people can help him.


Zelda and Link are in the castle garden making out. Two letters magically appear.

Link jumps back in shock. Zelda rolls her eyes and picks up the letters.

"These are addressed to us" Zelda realized.

"Really" asked Link

"Yes there are from another dimension, looks like some people there need help defeating a evil sorcerer."

"Then what are we waiting for" Link cried in determination "Lets go"

"And just how are we getting there" Zelda asked, " I don't see any directions."

"Well" Link started " when I travel through time/space it usually involves falling.

"Really," Zelda started "What kind pla…..what the.."

And with that they fall into a dark portal.

END Chapter 1

A/N: As said the first time Link is not stupid. He's a bit like Luna (doesn't take things for how they seem), but is also a little shell shocked and hardened from the battle against Ganondorf.