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Everything I've done I've done for you!

I move the Stars for no one.

Your eyes can be so cruel,

Just as I can be so cruel.

Oh I do believe in you...

Sarah awoke suddenly, the melody still streaming through her head.

'I must get over this,' she thought, taking a drink of the water that sat next to her bead. 'It was just a dream, all of it. There was never any Labyrinth. Or Ludo, or Hoggle, or Sir Didymus, or... Him.'

She laid back down, but knew she would sleep no more. She had convinced herself fully that her experience seven months ago had never happened, and she now truly believed it was all a dream. But she still missed her friends, even if they weren't real.

She had lived for three months, happy and content. Well, not really. As much as she hated to admit it, her step mother Karen was right, to a point.

She had no friends. She had gone out on a couple dates, but none of them had worked out. It wasn't until four months ago, three months after she had had her 'dream', that a voice had entered her head. His voice. At first she had thought she was going crazy, but then the feeling that it wasn't just a dream began to enter her head.

Soon, thankfully, her alarm struck six a.m., and she got up to get ready for school. She sat down at her vanity to comb her hair.

There's such a sad love,

Deep in your eyes

Sarah whipped around, expecting to see the Goblin King himself in her room. His voice had been so clear, it sounded like he was right behind her. Seeing nothing, she turned back around and gazed into the mirror.

A kind of pail jewel,

Opened and closed within your eyes.

I'll face the sky within your eyes.

That's when she noticed it. The crystal, floating in midair above her bed. Slowly, trembling, she stood up and turned to stair at. She moved closer and gazed into its depths. Deep inside, she saw herself, at the dance, looking around, scared.

There's such a fooled heart,

Beating so fast

In search of new dreams,

Of love that will last

Within your heart.

I'll place the moon within your heart.

She reached out a trembling hand, and gently plucked the crystal out of the air. As she did, cradling it in her hands, the voice became louder, and filled her room.

As the pain sweeps through,

Makes no sense for you

Every thrill is gone,

Suddenly, flash backs and memories of everything that had happened flooded her memory, and she was now certain that ithad been nodream.

Wasn't too much fun but oh...

But I'll be there for you...

Suddenly the voice disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, and the crystal went blank. Sarah continued to stare at it in a daze, remembering that dance. Remembering the Goblin King, as he took her hand in his, the electric jolt she had felt as their hands had made contact, as he spun he around the dance floor. The look in his eyes, that couldn't of been fake, could it?

'No', she thought, shaking her head. 'He never loved me. He just wanted to keep Toby and turn him into a goblin.'

"Oh NO!" She cried, looking at her clock. "I'm gonna be late! That's not fair!"

She quickly grabbed her bags and ran out the door. She made it about a block when it began to rain. She grabbed her math folder and used it as an umbrella until she finally reached her school just as the bell rang signaling first hour.

"Thank you for showing up, Ms. Williams," her teacher said as she ran into the class, out of breath. "Could you please hand in last nights math homework?"

She suddenly remembered the soaked folder she held, and opened it to reveal all her papers, including her homework, ruined.

"That'll be another 30 points off your grade, Ms. Williams. I don't where your head hasbeen these pastfour months, but you are not on the right track."

"That's not fair," she mumbled as she sat down in her seat next to the window. She gazed at the football field as the rain caused a mist to rise, soothing her.

She knew where her head had been, although she would never admit it. She had been thinking of Him. The one she turned down. But why? Why had she turned him down? When she stopped to think about it, she ralized he had been everything she had ever wanted in a man. But he wasn't real, or so she had thought until this morning.

But I'll be there for you...

She slowly dozed off as his voice rang through her head...


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