Summary: The FBI is interviewing Kate and the team relives it with her.

Disclaimer: Main characters are not mine. I'm just borrowing them.

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Thursday – Mid-Afternoon – Local FBI Building

Special Agent Timothy McGee stood in the Observation Room located in the local FBI building fuming at the treatment that he, Gibbs, Tony and Kate were being treated to.

It was a rare experience for McGee to be this upset. McGee shuttered just thinking of Gibbs' anger. And when Tony gets this upset, he tends to be unpredictable.

It was nearly two hours ago when Kate was taken into the Debriefing Room to be 'interviewed'. They were lucky enough to be in the Observation Room as it was – actually luck had nothing to do with it. Gibbs had threatened to shoot anyone who tried to stop him being there. McGee was still slightly shaken from having faced off, with guns drawn, eight FBI agents against the three NCIS agents.

Aside from two FBI agents that stood blocking the door, there were a couple of technicians in the back of the room that monitored the recording of the interview. McGee and Tony stood off to side while their boss, Gibbs, stood - arms folded, shoulder to shoulder - with FBI Agent Tobias Fornell. The interviewer asked Kate once again to repeat the incidents that occurred over the past three days.

"I've already explained to you what happened. Must I repeat myself again?" asked an agitated Kate to the interviewer. As Kate ran a hand through her hair, she winced as she accidentally touched the cut above her right eyebrow. That cut was among a few other injuries, including a cut on her left check, bruised left wrist and some other small cuts and bruises on various parts of her body.

"Special Agent Todd, I understand that you have been through a difficult time recently but I have to insist you give me more specific details." The interviewer - a short, skinny balding man, wearing the standard FBI uniform of dark grey suite and a non-descriptive tie, tapped his fingers against the table, displaying his impatience.

Fornell had leaned over to press a button to relay a message into the interviewer's earpiece, upset with the man's arrogant behavior towards Agent Todd as she is being interviewed as a 'victim' and not interrogated as a 'suspect'. Before he could voice out his reprimand, Gibbs growled warningly, "Fornell, if he uses that tone of voice at Agent Todd again, I will rip his throat out."

McGee flinched at Gibbs' threatening tone and noticed Tony's pleased smirk aimed at the two FBI agents standing near the door - stationed there to either protect Agent Fornell from Gibbs' wrath or to stop the NCIS agents from causing another scene.

Straightening in his chair, the interviewer's tapping fingers ceased as he heard Gibbs' threat on his hidden earpiece. "Please, Agent Todd," the interviewer added on politely.

Having noticed the interviewer's change of tone, Kate looked briefly at the one way mirror, then back interviewer, and gave him an amused smirk of her own.

Kate paused a moment, then repeated the details that occurred over the past three days. As she does, her NCIS co-workers in the Observation Room recalled the details along with her.