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Well, my first attempt at a Naruto fic sucked so I decided to write another one. An AU triangle fic staring Sasuke, Sakura, and Itachi! Enjoy!

Summary: Sakura has always had a crush on Sasuke like most of the girls at her school but when Ino and him start dating she gave up on him and then she finds out she's engaged to Itachi! And is Sasuke jealous?

Pairings: Itachi/Sakura/Sasuke, Ino/Shikamaru/Temari, Naruto/Hinata, Neji/Tenten

A deep sigh escaped Sakura's delicate lips as she stepped inside her house, tired from the events of the day that occurred in school. 'Dammit! Since when was high school this hard!'

Now, let's see what happened that caused her to get so upset.

Well, AkaiTsuki High School is your typical high school with your typical groups of people. Let's see..

You have your typical jocks who always act tough, flexing their muscles in front of an audience, and most have the intelligence of an ape. Then the preps. Pink, pink, and pink. That's all they wear and cute boys, make up, and gossip were all they spoke about, attempting to make them stop speaking was a futile attempt.

The nerds and geeks who are pushed around the halls by other students and love their science and computers. You had your punks with their spiked hair in different colors and skateboards.

The cool kids were the ones most talked about, one of which most of the female population in the school was in love with, well, more like obsessed with. Goths in the school were usually dark and uninterested in anything, yet they were respected because of one of their own who also was the object of affection of most girls at the school..

And those are the basic groups at this particular school.

Sakura was one of those preps. Yes, she had her make-up, her clothes and her boys but the only boy she wanted was the one every other girl in the school had a crush on. Uchiha Sasuke, one of the most hansom guys in school.

"I don't see what's so special about him. His brother is way hotter." Muttered one of Sakura's friends, Temari as she watched the boy walk towards them down the hallway. "Oh look. Here he comes now."

"Maybe he'll finally ask you out today." Said a fairly tomboy-ish girl with her hair tied up in two buns.

"As if." Said an annoying voice that belonged to Yamanaka Ino, the snobbiest girl in school and Sakura's rival in attempting to get Sasuke. "He would never go out which someone that has such a big forehead."

A vein popped on Sakura's head as she glared at Ino, "Well, he'd never like someone who's like a pig!"

Ino glared back at the pink-haired girl standing before her, "Oh yea? Well, we'll see today, won't we? Since I got invited to sit at his table today at lunch."

The three girls' eyes widened as she said that. It was nearly impossible to sit with them. The only thing even more impossible was to get a seat at the goth table where the great Uchiha Itachi sat. He was hot, he was powerful, and he was respected by all.

The blond preppy girl had a smug smirk plastered on her face as she stared at the shocked girls. "All I had to do was some sweet talking and I'm part of the cool table at lunch." As Sasuke walked by, Ino flicked her hair as she turned around, hitting Sakura in the face, before she began walking off, "Later losers."

Tenten hmphed as she crossed her arms across her chest, "She thinks she's so great. Well, she's not."

"Yea, Saku. Go get your man. Even if he is a wimp." Added Temari.

Sakura sighed mentally. Ino was right. She had no chance with him, especially now that Ino could talk with him as she pleased. Sides, he never noticed her before so why should he notice her now?

"Sakura-chan?" Tenten said as she stared worried at her friend who was no longer smiling.

Two emerald eyes looked at her before their owner smiled at her, "Oh! Gomen( sorry), I was just wondering how Ino-pig can hold her nose up so high without running into a wall."

Temari and Tenten laughed at their friend's comment before the three of them headed to lunch.

The lunch room was fully packed. There were hundreds of people in line, the older ones cut while the freshmen were to scared to do anything about it or to cut themselves.

"Damn, Sakura-chan is so cute, don't ya think so Shikamaru?" Stated a boy with spikey yellow hair and blue eyes as he got his lunch, his eyes focused on that pink-haired beauty.

Shikamaru snorted, "Crushes are troublesome."

"Sakura-san is the perfect image of beauty." Stated another guy with very thick eyebrows as he eyes turned into hearts upon seeing the object of their discussion.

Naruto glared murderously at Lee. "Back off thick eyebrow! She hates you!"

"She likes me better then you, dumbass!" Retorted Lee before a glaring contest began between the two, lightening flying everywhere.

A sigh escaped Shikamaru's lips as he walked past them muttering, "Fighting is so troublesome." He noticed a girl with short black hair and violet eyes staring at Naruto. He sighed before adding, "Love is troublesome."

Hinata's gaze continued to be focused on Naruto, causing her not to notice someone come up behind her.

"So, are you going ask him out already?"

The girl jumped up, startled, before noticing two pairs of eyes staring at her, one human the other canine, "Kiba-kun!"


"Akamaru, nice to see you too." Hinata added with a light smile, calming down.

The dog nodded in approval before returning to sleep on his master's head.

Kiba stared at her before adding, "At least talk to him a little more."

A light blush crept up on Hinata's cheeks as she stared at the floor while smiling shyly, "I couldn't do that, Kiba-kun."

The boy sighed as he started walking towards his table, with Hinata behind him. He stopped and his eyes narrowed once he noticed who also was seated at the table today. Ino. Joy. 'At least it's Uchiha she's tormenting, not me.'

"Like oh my god! Sasuke-kun, you are so good at keeping your food inside your mouth!" Exclaimed Ino as she watched Sasuke eat, not noticing he was becoming very aggravated. "I wish I could eat like you."

Sasuke's expression remained unchanged though inside he was wishing Ino would choke on a chicken bone and die. 'Why do girls always fuss over me this much?' He glanced to the side, wondering if his other greatest fan was watching him and he was surprised lightly by the fact she was sitting with her back towards him today. 'Sakura's not gaping at me today. Oh well, it's not like I really care.'


Neji stopped and noticed Tenten waving and motioning for him to come over. He looked at his table. Lee and Naruto were arguing, Uchiha was getting molested by a prep and a dog was sitting on his seat. His eyebrow twitched and he decided to do the smart thing. He calmly walked towards Tenten and sat down beside her.

"Konnichiwa( Hello)Neji-san." Tenten said with a smile, while Temari continued eating her food casually, and Sakura smiled.

"Hello, Tenten-chan." Neji said coolly.

"Do you know how Ino got to sit with you guys?" Temari asked she looked up at the violet-eyed boy.

Neji snorted lightly, "Blackmail undoubtedly. I would have never allowed anyone like her to come near me."

"Aww, so that means you like us." The blond girl sarcastically muttered as she pushed around some peas with a fork, "We all shouldn't be so lucky."

Neji glared at her lightly while Tenten sent her the coldest, most evil glare she could. Everyone knew Tenten had a crush on Neji for the longest time.. well, except for maybe Neji.

Temari sweatdropped lightly while the 7 or 8 other people at the table (excluding Neji) gulped upon seeing Tenten's glare of death and backed away slowly.

"So.." Temari muttered after coughing lightly, "Why aren't you gaping at Uchiha today, Saku?"

The pink-haired girl blinked, startled lightly by the question before replying, "Well, I would be forced to stare at Ino-pig's hideous face if I looked at Sasuke-kun, now wouldn't I?"

Temeri chuckled at her friend's answer. "How true."

"You damn dobe! You did that on purpose didn't you?"

That caught everyone's attention and that all turned around to see Sasuke covered head to toe in Ramen and Naruto practically in tears, kneeling beside an empty container of ramen.

"M.. m... my poor ramen..." A quiet whimper escaped his lips before he glared up at Sasuke, "It was your fault you jackass! It's your fault my ramen is gone and all over you and now disgusting and inedible!"

"Don't blame me for your stupidity, baka (idiot)!" Exclaimed Sasuke angrily.

"You fucking son of a bitch!" Shouted an extremely angry Ino, who was also covered in ramen, "You ruined my hair and my clothes!"

Naruto's eyes widened and he gulped nervously. "Ano... (ummm..)"

"I'll kill you!" And with that Ino lunged at the poor, helpless boy on the ground. Naruto's shrieks and screams of pure terror echoed throughout the school.

Hinata watched this, afraid whether or not Naruto would survive, 'Naruto-kun.'

"Hmph. It's just hair and clothes. Both troublesome." Mumbled an annoyed Shikamaru.

Ino quit beating up a hurt and terrified Naruto as she glared murderously at the boy, angered by what he had just said, "What did you just say?"

A sigh escaped his lips as he stood up, "Talking is troublesome." With that he started walking towards the library to play some chess.

"Hey! I was talking you!" Shouted the crazed girl as she ran after him.

Hinata kneeled beside Naruto, who was bruised and bloody. "Naruto-kun, daijoubu ka?(are you alright?)"

Naruto smiled weakly at her, "Yea. Just fine though I never knew you had 5 twin sisters, Hinata..."

The shy girl sweatdropped.

And this, kids, is why you do not piss off Ino.

The final bell rang and people ran out of their last class as fast as possible. "Remember, do your homework!" Shouted Iruka as his class rushed out of the room as fast as humanly possible.

"Damn, I got so much homework." Muttered Temari as she and Tenten stood beside Sakura who was getting her books from her locker.

The tomboyish girl next to her nodded, "Yea. Mitarashi-sensei gave so much homework today. You're lucky you don't have her, Sakura."

"I know." Sakura stated smuggly without realized someone was walking towards her, someone she really didn't want to see.

"Hi losers. Oh and I think you all know my boyfriend." Ino said with a smirk as she pulled someone over closer to her, "Uchiha Sasuke."

Sakura stopped what she was doing, holding her book in mid air. Temari and Tenten stared wide-eyed at the two.

"Yea. Me and Sasuke-kun are going on a double date with my friend Yuma and her new boyfriend, Neji." Added the snobby girl.

Tenten's eyes widened. "With... Neji-kun?"

"Yea." Ino started with a smirk. She knew all too well about the girl's crush on the Hyuuga boy and she loved making their lives miserable, "They started going out this afternoon."

Sasuke sighed mentally. 'Why did I agree to this? Oh yea.. It was either this or her pathetic whining.' He noticed that Tenten's eyes started shimmering lightly but he shook it off. She doesn't cry. He glanced down at Sakura and noticed she was just staring down at her lap. 'She seems.. upset.. it's not like I care though.'

Ino smirked down at her rival. "Anything you want to say, Sakura-chan?"

The emerald eyed girl stood up, picking up her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder and closing her locker before looking at the girl and her new boyfriend and smiled, "I'm happy for you Ino but I have to get home so I can't really insult your deformed face right now. Ja ne.( See ya)"

And with that she walked down the hall leaving a stunned Ino, Sasuke, and Tenten while Temari just smirked and said, "I taught her well."

And that was Sakura's miserable day. Ino and Sasuke were going out, Tenten's crush was going out with Ino's best friend, a druggie was checking her out second period and she felt like crap. 'Could this day get any worse?' Sakura asked herself as she began unpacking her backpack, placing her books on her desk.

"Oh, Sakura, you're home." Sakura's mom said as she walked inside her daughter's room, "Well, now would be the perfect time to tell you that you're engaged."

Sakura froze. "What!"

"Yes. Your fiancée should be here any minute now!" Exclaimed Miss Haruno just as the doorbell rang, "They're here!" She quickly ran out of the room to get the door.

Sakura stared at where her mother had been with disbelief visible in her eyes. This was the worst day of her life! She was now engaged to some guy whom she had undoubtedly never met before.

"Sakura! Come here and meet your fiancée!" Ordered her mother, who was completely overjoyed.

A sigh escaped Sakura delicate lips as she walked out of her room and into the hall. She looked up and her eyes widened as she saw the man who was to be her future husband.

"Sakura, this is your fiancée, Uchiha Itachi."

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