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Ah. The mall. A place for teenagers to hang out, gossip, as well as shop in dozens of different stores and outlets. Sakura, Temari, and Tenten were doing that at the moment, or at least two were trying to persuade one to do so.

Sakura let out deep sigh as her friend stood stubbornly outside a store, not about to go inside. "Oh come on Tenten. You really need some new outfits."

"I already told you that I don't like shopping. I shall go to either Best Buy, Rolling Stones(1), the bookstore, or the food court. Nowhere else." Tenten flatly stated. She loathed shopping for clothes, make up and such. She would much prefer to spend money on new CDs than new clothes.

"But Ambercrombie and Fitch is an awesome store. Look, we'll even go to hot topic." The pink-haired girl stated hoping that would get her to come along with them.

"I hate Ambercrombie and Hot Topic is run by Ambercrombie so no." Replied Tenten as she stood her ground as she was more stubborn than a mule.

Sakura blinked. "Really?"

"Yes. So, if there are no other arguments, I'll meet up with you both at the food court in 2 hours." With that said, the tomboyish girl began walking off in the direction of Best Buy.

"Just let her go, Saku." Temari said as she glanced around, searching for something and grinning madly upon spotting her servant boy walking towards them. Oh how much fun she was going to have tormenting him today, "Oi! Pineapple head! Victoria's Secret! Now!" She then turned her gaze onto Sakura and smirked. "We'll meet up at the food court in an hour since I got to break in my slave. Later."

"Troublesome woman." Muttered Shikamaru as he slowly walked past Sakura and followed his mistress who had begun walking towards a certain store that the lazy boy truly did not want to go to.

'I am so glad that I am on Temari's good side.' Thought Sakura as she glanced around deciding to which store she wanted to go to. There were so many choices in the mall and she had a good deal of money to spend so that meant she could buy many different things.

"Sakura-chan." Said a cool, deep voice as its owner approached the emerald-eyed teen.

Sakura spun around on her heel only to find herself staring into dark onyx orbs belonging to the older Uchiha boy who stood a foot or so away from her. "Itachi-kun! What are you doing here?"

"I required several supplies for art." Responded Itachi before an idea struck him, "Actually, I was hoping you might help me with something right now."

Soft pink lips twitched upward into a smile as their owner said. "Sure. What is it?"

Itachi placed his hand at the back of his fiancée's head, titling her head upwards as he slowly leaned in closer to her, stopping when their faces were mere centimeters away before whispering. "Help me lose those annoying women that are always following me around."

Emerald orbs widened as their owner turned a brilliant shade of red at the closeness of their faces, "What?"

"I have fan girls. Hundreds of brainless bimbos. I was hoping you might assist me in ridding myself of these pests." Stated Itachi as he glanced out of the corner of his coal eyes to see several girls gasping at the sight of their beloved Itachi practically kissing another girl.

"Uhh.. Sure."

"Good." With that said, the older boy slipped an arm around Sakura's slim waist and began walking towards a random store.


"Are you always so slow?" Asked Temari as she impatiently waited for Shikamaru to hurry up. She hated waiting more than anything else and pineapple head was really making her cranky.

"Are you always so bitchy?" Retorted Shikamaru as he walked towards the blond carrying several bags of random things that his slave driver had bought. 2 hours of nonstop shopping at random clothing stores had practically driven the poor boy insane. He couldn't take it much longer. She was so much worse than his mother.

Temari narrowed her eyes into a glare that was directed at the lazy boy, "I'm only bitchy because you're so slow so if you hurry up, I'll be nicer. I'll even kick your ass in another game of chess if you want."

Shikamaru snorted, "You just got lucky that one time."

"Oh really now? Fine. Tomorrow at your house we'll have a rematch."


"Good now come on. We're going to a candle store." Temari said with a big smirk as she began walking, knowing all too well how badly she was tormenting her slave.

Shikamaru let out a loud groan as he reluctantly followed the blond. Truly, what the hell had he ever done to deserve this?


Tenten was browsing through the horror movie section at Best Buy, fully intent on widening her already large collection of movies. Being so preoccupied with looking through the DVDs, she failed to notice the shadow that had appeared beside her own.

"Hello, Tenten."

That practically caused Tenten to jump out of her skin upon hearing Neji's voice as she was very easily startled. The brunette weakly smiled at Neji as she breathed heavily in and out. "Oh. Hi Neji-kun. What are you doing here?"

"Yuma dragged me to the mall. She and Ino are currently looking at some Paris Hilton crap." Explained Neji as he took in the girl's appearance. Her hair was tried up in its traditional double bun style while no make up was on her pale face. She wore a black t-shirt with the words AC/DC in blue across her chest as well as plain blue jeans and white sneakers. She looked so natural unlike Yuma who had on more make-up than the guys from Kiss.(2)

Tenten's mood instantly fell upon hearing that Yuma was here. "Oh. That must suck."

Neji nodded slightly. "Yea. That's why I'd told them I'd be by the horror movies."

"Why are you dating her anyway?" Asked the tomboyish girl as her eyes continued quickly skimming through different movie titles.

Neji raised an eyebrow, "Why shouldn't I date her?"

Tenten shrugged her shoulders lightly as she reached out and her long, slender fingers picked up a DVD, "She just doesn't seem like your type."

'Is she jealous?' That thought surprised the violet-eyed teen though for some reason it made him feel good knowing that Tenten might actually care for him. "And how would you know what my type is?"

"I just figured you'd go for some one who doesn't idolize Paris Hilton or is a clone of Hilary Duff." Stated Tenten as she put back the DVD in its original place.

"Who says I do like girls like that?"

Tenten looked straight into Neji's eyes, almost glaring at him for acting so dumb. "You're dating one."

Neji exhaled heavily as he shook his head. "Only because she would not leave me alone until I finally said yes. I plan on dumping her quite soon as she is really beginning to annoy me."

That brightened the girl's mood a bit. "That's why you tune her voice out or you just rip out your ear drums."

"I am not a masochist." Neji bluntly stated.

A small smirked formed on Tenten's delicate face with playfulness easily visible in her honey orbs. "Really now? I always thought having Paris Hilton as a girlfriend was considered masochism."


Naruto, Neji, and Sasuke were all now sitting in the food court. Neji had met up with Sasuke as Yumi wanted to hang out with Ino who was on a date with Sasuke and Naruto just happened to be in the mall so he tagged along with them. Now, the two women have been in the bathroom for what had seemed like hours and all the boys were bored, except for Naruto.

Naruto was happily eating some ramen, savoring each and every bite as he ate this godly food. A happy sigh left the teen when something pink and black caught his attention. "Oi, Sasuke, isn't that Sakura-chan over there with Itachi?"

That got Sasuke's attention. Two onyx orbs looked in the direction that Naruto was pointing in only to see Sakura eating lunch with Itachi seated across from her. He blinked a few times before narrowing his eyes, 'What the hell is she doing with him.' With that thought, the younger Uchiha stood and quickly walked over to the two, both of which were now laughing about something. "What are you doing here, Itachi?"

Itachi calmly glanced over at his younger brother with boredom visible in his eyes. "It is a public place and I have as much right to be here as you do."

The pink-haired girl across from him smiled weakly at her former crush. "Oh.. Hi Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke glanced over at her for a split second, muttering a soft 'hi', before returning his gaze onto his brother.

A small smirk appeared on the older Uchiha's face as he realized that Sasuke was not interested in the reason he was here but the reason he was here with Sakura. "Baby brother, meet my fiancée and your future sister-in-law."

"She's your what?" Exclaimed Ino, who had just come out of the bathroom and went over to Sasuke. How the hell could the big fore-headed girl be engaged to this sex god! It just wasn't possible!

Sasuke's eyes instantly widened while his jaw dropped as he looked over at Sakura who nodded slightly. 'She's.. his fiancée?' The boy felt a strange feeling boil up inside of him. He did not want Itachi to have a girl that used to like him, especially Sakura. He would not allow it! To put it simply, Sasuke was jealous of Itachi getting Sakura.


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1. An awesome CD store by my house. I have no idea whether or not they have more of these but there is atleast one by my house.

2. A rock band that started in the 70s. Their whole faces were covered with make-up and no one knew how they really looked. (until the 80s when they appeared without the make up)