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Epilogue: Until We Meet Again

"I told you you overdid it yesterday," Elladan said triumphantly.

Estel and his brothers had been packing to leave that morning when a servant came to their suite with a message that Legolas was back in the healers' ward. Celebalqua had been most displeased when she heard about his participation, minor though it was, in the exhibition and the spells of lightheadedness.

"And I told you that she'd lock me in here for three days," Legolas retorted. He shifted his position and winced as he accidentally pulled at his shoulder.

"Are you all right?" Estel asked worriedly.

"I'm fine," Legolas said with a sigh. "She's overreacting."

"Are you sure? Are you sure you're not underreacting?" Elrohir asked.

The prince made a face. "My shoulder is just a bit sore."

"And it should be!" Celebalqua exclaimed, bustling over with a mug of tea, and Estel recognized the familiar smell of a common sleeping herb, wondering why she didn't disguise it like his father did. "I warned you not to use your arm, didn't I? Now it will take even longer to recover. Just be glad your friends are leaving today so you don't have to waste their visit lying in bed."

Legolas' face fell, and Estel could see the healer wince. "I didn't mean that," she said softly.

"We know," Elladan neatly took the mug away from her. "We'll make sure he drinks this, just give us a moment to say goodbye."

Celebalqua nodded, and turned away as one of her assistants called her.

Estel looked down, saddened. He didn't want to go...he and Legolas were quickly becoming good friends and he wanted to spend more time with the prince.

"So when will we see you again?" Elrohir asked, sitting on the edge of the bed and laughing as Legolas made a face a wriggled away from him.

"Let's not wait another six years this time," Elladan added.

Estel winced. Six years was nothing to his brothers and the prince...but in another six year's he'd be an adult and, if his brothers were serious about his training, he'd be joining the rangers.

"Yes, let's wait seven," Elrohir said lightly.

"'Ro!" Elladan complained, punching his brother on the arm.

Legolas chuckled, wryly rubbing his injured shoulder. "I think I might be able to visit you in a couple of months."

The young human slowly looked up, catching the prince's eye. He felt a smile growing, and couldn't quite hold it back. "Really?"

The blonde elf nodded. "If my father gives me permission...which he should see me before the leaves finish changing."

Estel wanted to hug Legolas in joy, but since the prince was injured he settled for throwing his arms around Elladan, chuckling when the elf protested that he was still holding the tea.

"Now drink this," Elrohir ordered, taking the mug from Elladan and handing it to the prince. "Drink it down and we'll say our farewells and leave you to sleep."

"Let's not say farewell," the prince protested, grimacing as he sipped the tea. "Let's say 'until we meet again'."

"All right," Elrohir nodded, patting Legolas on his good shoulder. "Until we meet again, Legolas."

Elladan and Estel added their greetings, and they waited until the herbs took effect and the prince slipped into sleep before leaving the ward.

Estel paused on the threshold and took one final look back. "Until we meet again," he repeated softly, and turned to follow his brothers.

The End

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AN:'s over. But there are other stories to come!

Here's a short preview for my next story: Fear No Darkness. In this part of the story Legolas is a young elfling, comparable in age to a five-year-old human.

Legolas curled up into as small a ball as possible against the wall, squeezing his eyes shut to block out the darkness. His whole body ached, but his head and arm were the worst.

He didn't think his arm was broken—at least, it wasn't bent at an odd angle like Ceretín's had been when he broke his last year. But it hurt...more than anything he'd ever felt.

Legolas started when he heard the hissing from the corner. In all his misery he had forgotten about the was only the size of a half-grown cat, but it was obviously angry.

He was worried it might be a baby spider, since it was nowhere near the size of the spiders in the stories his brother-in-law had told him. What would happen if the mother spider came back?

He curled up even tighter, his chest hitching in fear as he heard legs skittering his direction...

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