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Kagome: 18

Inuyasha: 18 (roughly in human appearance, youkai years, 203)

Miroku: 23

Sango: 21

Shippo: 6 (roughly in human appearance, youkai years, at lest 53)

Souta: 11

Mrs. Higurashi: 39 (guess on her age, but hey, she looks really young!)

Chapter 1: Confusion

"But mama, everyone is going to be there!" Kagome yells at her mother. She pounds her fists on the table and glares at her emphasis her anger.

"I'm sorry Kagome, but the answer is no!" She says angrily. "Kagome, you're grounded tomorrow. No leaving the house at all."

"WHAT!" Kagome screams. "For what!"

"For arguing and disrespecting me!" Her mother says.

"This is the worst day ever! I can't believe this!" She says as she feels her temper begin to break. She's about to scream 'I hate you!' to her, but she realizes she'd be grounded even longer if she does. So she settles for groaning loudly and stomping up the stairs to her room.

Mrs. Higurashi watches her daughter and sighs sadly. She turns to her cup of tea, only to notice that it had grown cold.

Kagome flops onto her bed and screams into her soft pink pillows. I can't believe it! Kagome thinks to herself as she flips onto her back. It's the biggest social event of all time and she won't let me go! AND she grounded me! She glares at the ceiling.

She had just asked if she could go to the New Year party at the high school and her mom said no! She couldn't understand it. She let her go to feudal Japan, battle countless youkai, wander a war stricken land, and be around an arrogant hanyou 24/7 when in his time! Why wouldn't she let her go to a New Year party?

Kagome flops back onto her stomach and buries her head into the pillow. It had been the one time where she was able to go home for a few days without sitting Inuyasha. Actually, she had said she was going to the hot springs and snuck off to the well. Sango had been told in advance. And now her mom was stopping her from spending the entire evening and early morning hours having fun with her friends in her time. She had barely spent an hour with her friends in a month!

She groans out of frustration into her pillow and catches the voices of her brother and mother talking in the kitchen.

"But mama it's not fair!" Souta wails.

"Souta, I said no. You can't go to the party!" Her mom's voice rises in frustration as Souta pleads numerous times to let him go.

"Souta! I will not tolerate this disrespect! You're grounded!" She says in a wavering voice.

"MAMA!" Souta wails.

"Souta! I said you can't go to Hitomi's New Year party and your ground, that's final! Now go to your room!"

Kagome can hear him race up the stairs before slamming his door and turning his radio on as loud as it can go.

Normally, she'd be suspicious about her mother's behavior, but all she can think about is her building rage.

Kagome glances at her clock. 4:52 P.M. She sighs and closes her eyes. Maybe a few hours of sleep will calm me down. I'll figure out what's up with mom and New Year later. Kagome says to herself as she drifts off to sleep.

Kagome opens her eyes and slowly sits up. A bar of light sits on her floor from the full moon shimmering through her window. She notices she's under her blankets, but still in her jeans and sweater. She leans up against the headboard and rubs her eyes.

Must be really late. Kagome thinks.

She looks over at her nightstand to see what time it is. Her clock reads just after two. But something catches her eye. A small note is laying next to her clock.

She picks it up and recognizes her mother's handwriting.


Yumi called earlier about the New Year Party. I answered and told her you had come down with the flu so you won't be attending.

Kagome seethes at the memory of being denied to go to the party. She quickly crumbles the note up and tosses it into the trashcan by her desk. After hearing the satisfyingly dull thud of the note hitting the bottom of the trashcan, Kagome folds her arms and pouts.

Her mother had let her go to the New Year party at the high school for the past few years, why not now? And why ground her on New Year's eve? New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in all of Japan, none of it makes sense!

Kagome sits up. That's right. Kagome thinks. Mama let me go last year, and the year before that. So why not this year? She even told Souta he couldn't go to Hitomi's New Year party. Hell, she even grounded us! Kagome thinks for a few minutes. She didn't even offer an explanation. Could she be hiding something?

That's when it hits her.

She has to be hiding something. Her mother had never acted like that. Nervous. Paranoid. Something has to be up.

But what?

Kagome sighs. She has no ideas, no clues, nothing.

She sighs again and whips her legs over the bed. She stands to head towards her door, but stops as a weird feeling rushes through her. What was that? Kagome thinks to her self. She takes a couple steps, and stops again as the feeling washes through her. It's a feeling like floating, as though every step is effortless and full of stealth, like a cat.

Kagome pays no more attention to it and enjoys the new feeling as she walks down the hallway to the bathroom. She passes Souta's room and can see it open a crack. She stops to poke her head in. She looks around, and sees Souta sound asleep under the covers of his bed. His left arm is hanging over the side and Kagome can see Souta's play clothes on.

Mama must have tucked him in before going to bed herself. Kagome says to herself. Kagome closes his door and continues down the hall.

After walking a ways, she passes her mother's room. She stops for a second and stares at the closed door.

"Mama. What are you hiding from us?" Kagome whispers into the darkness as she turns and continues down the hall.

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Chapter 2: Disbelief