Disclaimer: Galaxy Express 999 is the property of Leiji Masumoto.

A/N: An old piece. Try painting a picture as you go along, you might just find that you knew this person all along, or maybe you didn't know yourself at all.

Thus Named Destiny

Stars go by, each a little Destiny.
What dreams have faded from that light?
What thoughts were unspoken and
What screams echoed in the night?

A little lost sympathy,
Hummed by the girl across the aisle,
Lured by the Train's tapping rhythm
I listen…listen, just for a while.

How many lights travel this space railway?
How many…how many lights
Long for something more and
How many take this glorious flight?

Shooting for that one Star…
The one named Destiny.
Carried by a wave in that ocean…
That ocean called the Star Sea.

The moon starts to fade
Oh how I wish to soar…to fly.
The dawn rises anew again
My dream fades of a boundless sky……