I know, I know. I'm insane for starting another fic right after finishing "Encyclopedia Ninja." But I simply couldn't get this storyline out of my head.

I decided to base this story off of the popular online game called Gunz: The Duel. As the name infers, this fic will involve guns, but I will also mix it with Naruto-esque things, like jutsus and whatnot. In my opinion, Gunz is a great game and you should all play it. You can get download it at gunzonline . com. If you ever want to find me in there, my screenname for the game is Donutholes.

This is just a prologue because of all the fics I've written, this is the only fic that really needs one.

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It was almost over. From the two hundred test subjects, only three remained. Uchiha Itachi was in the stands surrounding an arena protected by bulletproof glass. Though it was just melee weapons they were using, it always paid to be safe.

The testing process was very long and tedious. First, they had to make sure that each one was capable of basic hand-eye coordination, proper body function and chakra control, etc. All of them had passed the test, except for one. The scientists were unable to awaken him from suspended animation and he was 'disposed' of.

Itachi walked around until he found his seat. It was gold plated. He was the head scientist, so he deserved the spot, he concluded. He peered into through the glass into the arena.

The next test was for ambidextrousness. To all of the scientists' surprise, only one subject failed. She was left-handed. Even though it was often an advantage in this world, she was 'disposed' of.

Itachi watched as the remaining three subjects approached the center of the arena. The three subjects looked at each other. It was hard to tell what their expressions were.

The next several tests were the most rigorous. They had given them each a dagger. They were placed in front of a machine gun and told to either dodge or block the shots. Only half of the original 198 got by without getting hurt. The other ninety-nine were killed, most of them by the first few shots. The process was repeated again, this time with a katana, then dual kodachis. Only one was hurt, and it was a minor scratch across his cheek. He was still 'disposed' of.

Although more than half of the original subjects were now dead, the experiment so far was a great success. They were strong, fast, and smart.

They were also rebellious, another success. But most importantly, they were emotionless. They did not feel. Save one. Any other would have been 'disposed' of, but this test subject had received top marks on all of the tests. And so, he was kept alive. Itachi heard the test curator over the loudspeaker.

"In front of you lies a melee weapon. You are to use that to kill your opponent. The match will end when one has been killed."

After the melee test, each was given a pair of handguns and sent to a shooting range. The subjects were to shoot at the targets, aiming as best as they could at a tiny circle on the head. After that, they were handed a new set of weapons while the targets were replaced. And so the test continued, ranging from submachine guns to rifles to shotguns and eventually stopping at compact rocket launchers. Of all of the subjects, only ten passed. Though the other ninety-six did just as well, many they were unable to fire a rocket launcher properly, mistaking the powerful recoil and missing their targets, although only by a small margin.

They were still 'disposed' of.

Itachi thought back to how the compact rocket launchers weren't too compact. Although it functioned well and its design was revolutionary, it was still very heavy. However, the point was that the rocket launchers could be reloaded easily, removing the reel of empty rocket casing and replacing it with another one. Also, the gun was operable by one man. That in its self was a tremendous leap in weaponry. Itachi looked down into the arena.

It would appear that the blonde-haired one was given the short end of the stick. He was given a dagger to fight with while the red-haired male received a katana and the last, a brunette female, had the two kodachis.

"Begin," the curator said.

The next test was where the best would be separated from the others. Their names were randomly picked to form two teams of three and two teams of two. They were given a wide assortment of weapons and each team of two went against a team of three. It was a battle to the death. Some of them had frozen up when the match began, too afraid to defend themselves. A team of three and two passed and were pitted against each other. Only these three remained of the original two hundred subjects.

Still, it was considered a success. They had managed to implant the knowledge of weaponry as well as speech and social skills, something read about only in science fiction novels. Itachi leaned in, eager to see what would happen. It was expected for the blonde one to get the dagger, as he was the one who felt emotions. It was viewed as an impurity, a flaw, and he had to be 'disposed' of. Straining his ears, he could hear the blonde one talking.

"Kind of unfair, isn't it?"

The other two made no motion of pity. Instead, they began to circle him, their weapons ready to strike.

"Not going to talk huh?" the blond asked. He twirled the dagger in his hands before clutching it. "Well, come on. I'm waiting."

That had taken place several days ago. Everyone who had seen the battle was astonished when the blonde killed the brunette with one swift strike to her side. He pushed the entire side of his dagger through the side of her abdomen, cutting her intestines and kidney. They were also surprised when he gently whispered sorry into her ears before she collapsed lifelessly at his feet.

Uchiha Itachi walked quickly through the containment chambers of the two remaining subjects, carrying a rather important file with him. His higher up had told him that it was time to commence with the plan. They were resting, having been put through a few more tests (neither of them would have been 'disposed' of if they had failed). He unlocked the doors and placed a katana outside each before quickly retreating.

The fact that he was a shinobi helped him reach his destination faster. He warily made his way to the main control room, one hand ready to pull out his silenced pistol if he needed to. Luckily, he made it with no encounters. Opening the door, he stepped inside.

There was a scientist, most likely compiling a few papers together before leaving. He turned around to face Itachi. "Ah, Itachi-san, its nice to see you."

As ordered if such a scenario occurred, Itachi pulled out his silenced pistol and killed the scientist. Itachi then locked the door, making sure that no one could get in. He walked to the main control panel. It was a large computer built with state-of-the-art technology.

"Voice recognition required." It was a robotically feminine voice.

"Uchiha Itachi."

"Voice recognized." A control screen dropped from the ceiling, one that only he could use. He quickly tapped the screen a few times, bringing up a list of menus. He looked at the one on the very bottom.

It read "Activate Seal"

Looking down at the file he had in his hand, he opened it up and stared at the picture of the blonde.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Age at time of Creation: 19

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Seal: Spiral located on abdomen

Abnormalities: Feels emotions

Rather basic. He turned his view to the picture of the redhead on the right.

Name: Sabaku Gaara

Age at time of Creation: 19

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Seal: Kanji character representing 'love' on forehead

Abnormalities: None

He closed the folder. After this, he and his higher up would be the only people who knew of these two's existence, as well as this experiment. Looking at the touch panel again, he pressed the activate button. If all had gone well, then the power the two would receive upon the activation would drive them into temporary insanity until the seal died down. Hopefully they would kill whoever was in their way, mostly the scientists.

The scientists weren't a true concern. The power would reach a critical point most likely disrupting the energy source within the facility, causing it to explode and take everyone save the two of them with it. They would not remember anything that had happened. Not the testing, not the people who failed the test, and not the test curators. Preparations were done to make sure that it would happen this way. The only things they would remember is how to fight and kill.

Turning away from the panel, he strode to the door, unlocking it and using his shinobi training to escape the facility. He still held onto the file. Reaching an exit, he thrust the door open before leaping off of the top of the facility.

He would be fine. He was Uchiha Itachi, of course, a prodigy known throughout the world. Deep down inside though, he was only thinking about one thing.

His higher up was a cruel, cruel man.

He was a smart man.

But a cruel man.

My goodness, I love writing parts with Itachi in it. It's so fun making him into things that are far from the manga's view of him. In here, his character willnot be clearcut good or bad, at least for now. As for pairings... I really don't know if I should put them in here. Maybe a few hints, but I do not know if I should make it streamline in this fic. It wil depend on what I make this fic to be.