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Diary of a Student's Desire


Sora Kraft. That's how my project started. I was asked by my psychologist to write myself a journal of all of the things that I could possibly think of that have gone through my day. She said that she wouldn't even read it if I didn't want her to, I was just supposed to create some kind of log about my thoughts and whatever could be troubling me.

First, I'll start with the reason why I'm actually seeing her in the first place. Since my parents split when I was about eight years old, my mom started having me go to sessions with her so that we could somehow "cope" with what was going on. I really didn't care that my parents stopped loving each other, it was their decision and it wasn't like I was really that attached to Dad anyway.

My mother's shrink was pretty much a quack but she said that he was a genius. All he would do was make me sit there and ask me weird questions like if I ever thought about killing my parents and stuff like that. Hell, I really didn't care, I was only ten years old at that time. Even though I really hated him, my mom insisted that I stayed with this doctor at least until I started my senior year.

Basically, my senior year was the time that I really needed a shrink. With the college applications and all of the end of the year drama that I went through, finding a good psychologist was heaven sent.

So I switched over to a woman called Amber Sweete. She was pretty nice and actually wanted to talk about normal things with me like what movies I might want to go see or what came on TV. It was as if I was going to go visit a friend, a cool aunt I'd really say. But she helped me figure out myself and things that I really didn't know about.

Now I know what you're thinking, "shut up and get to the god stuff" right? Okay I will. I'll start off with the biggest thing that I'm going through right now.

His name is Riku Ackhart.

My infatuation of him started not long after my first few classes at the university. It was during my drawing class and I had finally dragged my big as hell pad of paper into the classroom without killing myself or spilling out my backpack that I stupidly left open. Storming over to a spot in the circular arrangement of tables, I dropped everything onto the counter and sighed, turning off my mp3 player. It was going to be a long day.

I looked up at the time, realizing that I was still a good twenty minutes early so I had plenty of time to take a quick ten minute nap. As I rested my head against my arms, I heard the door opening again next to me, blowing a good gust of chilly air on my already frozen skin. Yeah, I wasn't really all that happy at that point so I looked up to see what kind of person would ruin my perfect nap time.

He was the most gorgeous person that I had ever seen. I watched him as he walked over to the professor who was sitting at a far table, sipping his coffee while looking at a magazine.

"Professor Burnam?" he asked with the soothing voice of an angel. My professor looked up at him and then grinned, setting down the magazine.

"Oh, if it isn't you Riku. What can I help you with?"

The angel that I know knew as Riku grinned back, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"I kind of have this project that I need to work on and my professor doesn't have studio hours on the days that I'm off. Is there a way that I could possibly work in here? I mean, it might be during your actual class times but I'll stay in the corner and I won't be messy. It's only chalk pastel," he explained sincerely.

My professor just shrugged as he took a drink of his coffee.

"Sure. I really don't think there'll be any problem of you working in here. If you want, you can even store it in the back room if you want," said my professor, earning a thankful nod from Riku.

After that, I began to see him every time during my classes, every Tuesday and Thursday. Every time it was the same thing, he would walk in with a large sketchpad carrier on his shoulder and he would silently walk into the back room to set up his things. After that, he would occasionally walk out to get something to eat or to smoke outside or even just to sit in a chair and watch us all draw the still life quietly. But every time was pretty much the same thing.

Sometimes, he would walk around the room and look at our drawings, nodding in approval or raising an eyebrow at some of the more "unsuccessful ones." Every time he would slowly approach me, I felt myself heating up in the rather chilly studio, gluing my eyes to the still life while watching him out of the corner of my eye or hurriedly trying to pretend as if I had been working diligently instead of watching him over my drawing board.

However, whenever he looked at my work, he would simply glance over my page and then walk on to the next person, not really giving me any type of real criticism. It always left me feeling frustrated and at times I would change my techniques in hopes of sparking some kind of interest from him. But each time he would just glance over and continue on to the next person.

There was a person though that he seemed to be interested in, well actually their artwork. It was the girl across the room from me, a strawberry blonde with big brown eyes and her hair always pulled up into a bun with chopsticks or two messy pigtails at the neck. She would always look so uninterestedly at the still life from her thick and rectangular black glasses perched on her well shaped nose, seeming as if she really didn't care for art at all whatsoever. But when Riku came by, he took one look at her work and breathed the words "that's really good" from his beautiful lips.

I froze when I saw him talk to her. It seemed as if she was the only one in the whole classroom that moved him to even speak in any way. She simply looked up and smiled bashfully, saying something probably along the lines of "I really didn't try too hard." After he left, then she would start sketching with some kind of new desire to do so.

At first I just let it go, thinking that maybe he only said something cause she made that one good work. If I work harder, maybe he might actually say something to me too. But as hard as I tried to subtly impress him, he never took notice and whenever he walked past her, he would give her an approving pat on the shoulder or some kind of encouragement.

I hated it.

Even more so, I began to hate her. With each time that Riku would complement her on her work, she would slowly start to try harder and made even more phenomenal drawings that I couldn't possibly muster after years of practice. It was as if Riku had helped stir up her natural talent to capture whatever was laid upon the table with an almost surreal realism.

"Another great job Jocelyn. I see a lot of people improving. Good job to all of you," said my professor after about a month into the class. By that time I was furious. I hated seeing her smile as someone would compliment her or when I had to walk past her drawing as our professor wanted us to critique our peers. As I walked past her masterpiece on cheap paper, I wanted to spit on it or take a pencil and make a large dark dash across it to show my appreciation. She made me sick more than anything else.

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