The Crying Angel

Author: ten

Disclaimer: I DON'T own either neji or tenten… they are masashi kishimoto sensei's…

Summary: Neji is dying. How will he passed his last minutes of his life together with Tenten, his angel? Will it be a love confession? Or is it a nothing? One-shot fic.

Warning: Character's death and a lil bit of OOC hehehhe... Please RnR

This is an ordinary morning. The birds were chirping happily and the grasses were wetted by the morning dew. A very beautiful sight of the world; one blessed morning.

Tenten then pictured an image lying down by the tree, stained with blood. Just in a minute, everything changed into an exact nightmare.

Suddenly drips of water fell down. The sky changed its color; refuse for being blue. Ten-ten remember her grandmother's sentence, "When the sky is dark and rain falls, it means an angel is crying at that time."

The sky was now crying for an angel, and she knows that her grandma was telling a truth.

Hurry, she ran forward the figure, trying not to make any sound.

It's him; it's Hyuuga Neji.

Her eyes were widened, but then they were closed, filled with tears. Tenten says nothing; but her eyes explain everything. Full of pain, hatred, and desperateness. A sobbed come, but no one can heard it, because the rain getting harder. Another tear formed in the edge of her eye, fell trough her cheek, stopped a little while on her chin, and dropped to the watery ground.

The boy opened his eyes, sensing an unexplainable warmth beside him. Neji can't see clearly who is that holding him, but he was sure that it was his angel- Tenten. He wished later on, he can see the face of his guardian angel clearer, but he knew he can't.

A drop of warm water falls to Neji's cheek. He was sure it's tenten's tear.

"Don't cry…" Neji whimpered, as pain attacked his body worse.

"Neji… You... Won't leave me…? Don't you…?" the girl replied, as she sobbed harder.

"I wish… I won't…"

"Don't leave me…" Tenten begged. The Hyuuga says nothing; he just smirked and caressed the girl's cheek as his eyes stared blurry at the figure whose now crying.

"Tenten…" he called her name.

"Yes, Neji…?"

"Stop crying… S… Smile… for me…"

The girl stunned. She shrugged, wanting to cry more instead.

"Please…" this time the boy begged.

Fighting with her feeling, she then decided to smile. Her lips curved a smile. One last smile for her loved one.

Neji knows his time almost end. A smile had brightened the last day of his live and now he's ready to leave.

"Tenten… I love you…" Neji muttered, as he started to loose his consciousness.

But before he lost a hundred percent of it, he can feel tenten's lips calmly brushed onto his lips.

"Neji… I love you too…"

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