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Let's start off with some basic info about ME!

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Let's get to the story!ISHAMOI!

Chapter One

One night,Danny Phanyom was roaming the streets hunting ghosts with his friends, Sam and Tucker,as always,but thi time was different.Danny just had this eary feeling that someting wasn't right.He walked the streets and found nothing.No ghosts,no people,NOTHING.It got even weirder when a voice came from behind them, calling Danny's name.appairently Danny was the only one who heard the voice because he turned around to look for it,his friends walked into him,knocking him to the ground.

"Get off me,guys!"Danny said pushing them off.Tucker got off,walked off about five feet,ran back towards Danny and body slammed him.

"OWWW!GET OFF!"He pushed them off again,but Sam wouldn't get off.

"I like my new seat,"Sam said,giggling slightly."It's firm yet comfortable!"What she obviously didn't notice was that her hand was on his butt!

"Uh...Sam ...your hand,"Danny pointed out.Sam quickly jumped up off him and backed away a few steps.At that second Danny looked up to Sam's face and just for a second ,like a phantasmagric image,of something on her face.Her face was red with bloodand scarred and she had burns up and down her arms and legs and her clothes were tathered and torn.The image reached out for him repeating his name over and over.The only other sound was the sound of a heart beat getting faster and faster until ... it stopped. The image disappeared and Danny Fenton woke up in his bed.

ISHAMOI!That was the SHORTESS chapter in this story!Well, it's the first chapter.It's soposed to be an introduction to the story!Trust me.It gets way scarier and,rumor has it,that there is going to be a major Danny-x-Sam moment in this story!(I'll do almost anything to keep you reading)

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