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Jean is walking inside ARCAM medical center, making sure all the surveillance cameras are working probably. Not too long ago, Jean went on a very dangerous mission and ended up seriously wounded. When he returned to ARCAM, he spent almost 3 months in the ARCAM medical center's intensive care room before he could walk again. Being confined in a bed for 3 months made Jean very bored. Once he got better, Jean asked ACRAM to give him something to do. Not wanting to put Jean on a mission before he is fully recovered, ACRAM lets him work in the security department at the medical center. Jean really hates it. Nothing ever happens in the medical center; all Jean does is walking around the building and the doctors keep asking him to rest.

"Jean?" Ask someone behind Jean. The French Striker turns around and see a Ninja standing there. "Yu? Is that you under that Ninja outfit?" Jean asks. "Yes, it's me. What are you doing here, Jean?" Yu says as he takes off his Ninja mask. Jean sighs and says, "I can't go on a mission until I get well, so they let me do security work here. What about you, what are you doing here? And why are you dressing like that?" Yu answers, "my school puts me on work program training here for a couple of weeks. My class is having a Halloween party upstairs and everyone is wearing a costume. So, how do you like the security work?" Jean grunts and says, "Hate it. If I don't get out of here soon I'm going to be bored out of my mind." Yu asks, "do you want to come and have some fun?"

"I don't think so. I'm really tired, I'm going to go rest." Jean says. "Are you alright?" Yu asks. Jean nods, "Yes, I am. I just need some sleep. See you around." The Frenchman leaves and Yu heads toward his party. A vampire jumps out from a corner and shouts, "Boo!" Yu mutters, "nice, ver nice. I'm so scared I am shivering all over." The vampire is actually Yu's classmate who is wearing a costume. "Ohh…new victims! I'm gonna make them scream!" The vampire says as he sees a group of classmates heading toward him. "Have fun scaring people." Yu says to the vampire. The Japanese Spriggan heads toward the Halloween party while the vampire goes find a place to hide.

"Boo!" The Vampire jumps out and scares the classmates; making them jump and scream. "Got you!" cheers the Dracula. The classmate yells at the prankster, "You! We're gonna kill you!" The vampire runs and the others chase after him. The kids end up in a huge storage with numerous rows of shelves. "Hey! Come on! Let's get out here. We're not supposed to be here." The classmates call to the Vampire, but the Vampire does not come out. The dark and quiet storage room becomes very eerie. Suddenly, the vampire's screaming voice fill the whole room.

"It's not funny anymore! Come on out! Stop goofing around!" The classmates yell. They follow the scream to a corner of the room where the vampire lying there in blood pool. "Get up, We're not falling for your stupid pranks again!" The classmates say as they pull the vampire up. It is then when they realize that the Vampire is dead. The guy's face is caved in and all the features are distorted; it's as if someone use a sledgehammer and batted his face in. The kids scream in horror and drop the dead body on the floor. They all stand there in shock, not knowing what to do. As they stand there wondering what to do, one of the classmates senses something coming from behind them. Instintively, he turns around to look. When he sees what's coming toward him, he screams to the others on top of his lung. "RUN!"

Part One: Pain
by YYY

(This fic is written in Jean's POV)

I'm sleeping comfortably in my bed when the sound of someone locking the door of my room wakes me up. I sit up and shout, "Who is there?" Yu says from the outside of the room, "Jean, you're confined to your room until further notice." I'm furious. How can Yu just lock me up in my room and tell me I'm confined? I bang on the door and scream, "Open this door now or I will break it!" Yu shouts, "please, Jean. Don't let things get any worse than they already are. Just stay here until I come back, okay? I will talk to you after I take care of everything." When Yu talk to me, he always has this witty and rebellious tone. But right now, his voice is deep and serious. Yu never talk to me this way before. Something really bad must have happened. "Fine, I will stay here. But you better come talk to me soon." I shout through the door.

I sit down and wait for Yu to come tell me what happened. What can possibly makes Yu agree to lock me up? I didn't do anything. As time passes, my patient becomes thinner and thinner. Finally, Yu comes to my room. "It's about time! What took you so long?" I shout. The teenage boy says warily, "don't yell at me, I came as soon as possible." I yell in a harsher tone, "I waited and waited for you. How dare you make me waiting like that! You better have a very good reason of why I'm being locked up!" I don't really want to throw a tantrum at Yu, but I'm very upset. Yu should trust me well enough to know that I will never do any thing that will deserve to be locked up for. I'm very disappointed that Yu values me so lowly.

The truth is I really like Yu. I like the boy more than comrade or friend. Yu is the one I want to be with all the time. He is the one I want to protect, to cherish and to love forever. It always hurt the most when the one you love let you down. "Five of my classmate were assaulted last night. Four of them were dead, and the last one is in intensive care. The survivor is barely breathing. The only thing he told us was that a wolf monster assaulted them; a very strong, very fast wolf monster. The dead bodies have wolf teeth marks and claw marks on them too." Yu says to me. "You don't think I am the one who killed them, do you?" I ask Yu. The boy says at once, "Of course not! I told Yamamoto that I don't think it's you."

"NACAM wants me to lock you up and take over your security post just to be sure. I asked the doctor to check the bodies again to see if they can find anything strange. I will go and look around the center. If someone is trying to frame you, I will find out. I promise I will get you out of here. Take good care of yourself, okay? And don't forget to take you medicine. I need to go and talk to the family of my dead classmates. I'll be back to check on you as soon as I have time." Yu says. He puts down some food and some drinks before he leaves my room. I sit on my bed in silence, looking at the food and drinks he left me. Suddenly a gigantic wave of guilt swamps over me. Yu must be really sad and confused right now. His classmates just got killed, and all the evidences show that I'm the killer. Yu had to deal with the pain of losing his classmate while convince himself that the killer of his classmates is not me.

I can tell Yu really likes me; and that's not wishful thinking. Granted, Yu never looks me in the eyes and shouts 'I think you're amazing'; Still, there are hints that he has feelings for me. Every time when I'm sick or wounded, he will be my bedside. When I need help, he will always show up to give me a hand. When he has times off from school and work, he always spends those times with me and nobody else. That doesn't necessary means Yu is in love with me; but that shows I do have a special place in the boy's heart. He really cares and worries abut me. He must be torn inside wanting to believe in me while looking at all the facts that says I'm the killer. I hate to cause him this kind of pain.