Part 3: Love
by YYY

I wake up in a room decorated with toy spiders and bats. There are fake cobwebs everywhere and a little Frankenstein doll is lying next to me. Yu is sitting next to my bed sleeping. He senses me waking up and slowly opens his eyes. "Hey, you have been sleeping for 3 days. How are you feeling?" Yu asks me. I feel like deep-fried fish just came out from a fryer. Every internal organ inside my body hurts like hell. "I feel fine." I say to Yu. As long as I can see him, all the pain in the world cannot bother me. "Where am I?" I ask. "In my room. I don't want anything to happen to you so I ask them to let me take you to my room." Yu answers. He looks so tired I can tell he didn't sleep for the last three days. "You don't have to watch over me like this. You're wounded yourself." I say to him. He rubs his shoulder and says, "It's only a gun wound and a bite mark. I got hurt a lot worse before. It's not like I got electrocuted. I'm sorry I got you hurt. I shouldn't go bother you."

I shake my head and say, "Don't be stupid. You should have come to me. I don't want you to try handling it yourself and get yourself killed. Where did you find that wolf anyway?" Yu answers, "ACARM is going to put you in the gas chamber, I asked them to give me a day to find evidence that you didn't do it and they agreed. I was just going to the medical lab to look for the reports of the dead bodies when I saw a hidden chamber. Your doctor was using the animals here to do secret brain control experiment. One of the wolves' brain got fried and it's brain chemistry goes haywire. The wolf started mutating and turned into this huge super wolf with abnormal speed and power. Yet, it also became very untamable and the scientist couldn't control it's violent nature anymore. Your doctor thinks the wolf is some sort of science miracle, he wants to let the wolf out to 'play' so he drugged you, took you away and let to wolf go amok. The doctor torn your clothes; put blood for you and broke your cell door. After the wolf finished the doctor put you back to the room so the people think you were the murderer and no one would go look for his wolf."

The boy continues, "The doctor caught me sneaking around his secret chamber and let the wolf out. I couldn't fight it by myself and if I took the wolf to the agents they'll be all dead. You were the only one I could go to. I didn't know how to stop it and I couldn't let it go around killing others." I smile and say to him, "I'm glad that you come to me for help. By the way, thanks for believing in me and go looks for evidences that can get me out. I thought for sure that you'll stop helping me when Oboro was attacked. Thanks for trusting me." Yu makes a face at me and says, "don't flatter yourself. I just don't think it's you because there is no way you can put that much damage on Oboro. You ain't that good." I laugh and ask, "oh ain't I?" It's nice to see the lively Yu returns; seeing Yu acting depressed is too much for me to handle.

I pick up the Frankenstein toy doll and say, "I like your Halloween decorations. I don't know you're into holiday cerebration." Yu punches the doll playfully and says, "I don't. My classmate did all these cause they want to cheer me up. I looked very depressed last couple of days and it scared them." I sigh, "with all the stuff that happened, I didn't even have a chance to tell you how sorry I am that your classmates were gone. It must hurt you really bad." Yu rubs his nose and says, "it hurts, but it doesn't hurt half as much as the moment I saw you getting electrocuted. I thought my heart stop beating. I was terrified!" I grin and say, "I thought nothing can scare the brave Yu Ominae."

Yu yells, "I'm serious! I was really scared! Don't you ever do that to me again! I don't want to lose you. I…" the boy lowers his head and says slowly, "…I love you, Jean. When I watched you lied in the cell, smoking and shaking, I suddenly realize how much I loved you. I was losing you and I couldn't do anything. I was panicking so bad I cried. Tears just come out of my eyes. I didn't know what to do if you died." His head is so low I can't even see his face anymore, but I can tell from his shivering voice that he is crying. I ruffle his hair and say, "I feel the same way too. When the wolf attacked you right in front of my eyes, I went insane. I love you very much and I couldn't bare to see you die." I reach behind his neck and pull him close to kiss him on his forehead.

"Hi!" Yell a group of teenagers as they rush in. Yu and I jump apart. My wounded body hurt so badly from the jump I almost scream. The intruders see the two of us and blink. "Opps, sorry…hmm…don't mean to interrupt you. We just think you might like some Halloween cookies. We got you some cream soda too. We were worried when you didn't show up today so we came to check on you." Yu whips away his tears and says, "thank you, hmm…Jean, these are my classmates. And people, this is Jean." The classmates say hi to me. They put down some spider-shaped cookies with some can cream soda. "We're gonna go, so you two go back to doing what you two were doing. It's nice meeting you, Jean, and nice costume." The classmates before they head out of the door.

(Costume?) I think to myself. It takes me 30 seconds to realize what they mean. I'm all wrapped up with bandages, and Yu classmates must think that I'm dressing up as some kind of zombie for Halloween. Yu sighs, "great, every single one of my classmate saw a man dressing up like a zombie kissing me on my bed while I'm crying. I can just imagine what they are thinking right now. Oh well…you like some Halloween cookies and cream soda?" I chuckle and nod, "that will be nice." We share the Halloween cookies and cream sodas. After that, Yu falls asleep next to me. He must be really tired from taking care of me last couple of days with his wounded body. I can't help but smile as I watch Yu sleeps. He looks so young and cute that I want to hug him. Too bad my chest and arms are burnt from hugging high voltage bars. I wish I can get well soon so I can hug the boy.

I want to hold onto him in my arms forever.

I love him.

-The end-

Thanks for reading again!