Saturday, October 29, 2005

CassyG here..again.My authers profile is in my other story called The Phantasmagoric Images.It's preety cool,but it's a bit scary.If you're a Danny-x-Sam fan you'll love it!

Disclaimer:I do not own danny Phantom so quit bugging me.ISHAMOI!

Like I said in the other story that I wrote the first chapter for five minutes ago,there is going to be a DP christmas special called The Fright Before Christmas.I can't wait ,but the bad news is we're not getting a new episode until then!

So Anyway,Here Is The First Chapter Of This Adorible Story:

August 2,1996.

A young Danny Fenton heads off to his first day of school.Saying goodbye to your parents for the entire day is always the hardest part.

"bu mommy,"Danny began."What if I get hurt and you're no there!Who's gonna iss e booboo?"

"Danny,we've already talked about this,"Maddie(Danny's mom.I have to say this because you would not beleive how many people don't know that!)said to her sweet baby boy."you have to go to school.You'll make new friends and"

"But what if I don't wanna make new friends!"Danny whined,taking his bookbag from his mom."This is torture!I'm being punished for eating out of the cookie jar again,aren't I!"Maddie ignored his accusation,shoved a cookie in his mouth,and pushed him towards the school door.Danny watched his parents drive off in the fenton family assault vehicle, leaving him alone at the door.

At the same time, another small boy was being dropped off by his parents.The boy wore a red cap and had a PDA practically glued to his hand.(Tucker,DUH!)He walked straight into the door.

"Hi.My name is Danny Fenton,"Danny said to the boy.

"Name's Tucker,"He said without lifting his eyes from his PDA.

"Um ... you do know that the doowoor is pull,right?"Danny asked,watching him repeatedly walk into the door.Danny,rolling his eyes,opened the door and they both went inside.

"Thanks,"Tucker said."That door was being a MEANIE!"

Well,I think that that is the perfect way to end the first chapter,don't you!

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