4 weeks later…


"Oh that's cold" Sam winced as Caroline applied the gel to her stomach.

"Sorry, so Jack said he'd be here?" Caroline asked

"Yea, he was over the moon" Sam sighed.


"Would you all stop arguing?" Jack shouted at the men around the table. They fell silent, "Thank you" Jack sighed checking his watch again, he was late.

"I just feel that it is necessary for the scientists to go" Daniel pushed.

"You just want them there so you have an excuse to go" Jack stated, "Look how much longer am I going to have to listen to this?" Jack sighed, she was going to kill him.

"Um…I'm not sure, why Jack?" Daniel looked at him. Everyone had fallen silent.

"Well as of five minutes ago I was late to Sam's appointment, I promised her I'd be there guys, come on, is it really too big of a risk at this point for the scientist team to go?" Jack continued

"Well, not really sir, our problem is that we haven't got all the intelligence back…" Daniel cut the Major off.

"I'm sorry did you say Sam's appointment? As in the one you've been going on about for days?"

"Yes, the one where I finally get to see the baby" Jack sighed, "She's going to kill me"

"I'm sorry sir, but when you said Colonel Carter's appointment, we had no idea you meant 'the' Colonel Carter appointment. We can come back later if you'd prefer sir" the Major stepped in.

"Thank you so much" Jack jumped up, racing through the door.


"Where the hell have you been?" Sam shouted from her bed.

"I'm sorry they wouldn't stop arguing, then they let me go" Jack apologised, "I honestly wanted to be here on time…did I miss anything?"

"No, I wanted to wait, were they really that bad?"

"Scientists wanting to go off world? Yea just a little" Jack smiled, "DOC!"

"I'm coming" Caroline called, "Nice of you to join us" she smirked

"Hey, I'm a busy man, but I'm here now so let's take a look" Sam could see his joy spilling from his eyes as she looked up at him, his eyes flicked to hers for a brief second before back to the screen, waiting.

"And here is the first look at your baby" Caroline grinned, "All is looking well…hang on…what's this?"

"What's what?" Sam asked, worry beginning to fill her.

"It's nothing bad I promise" Caroline laughed, "It looks as though you two are going to be the proud parents of twins!"

Sam watched in horror as Jack fainted.


2 years later…


Jack sat at his desk, looking around it he smiled, there was the photo of their wedding, his two beautiful girls, Teresa and Janet and the gang, Teal'c, Daniel, Caroline, Sam and him. Everyone that matter to him was perched upon that desk, even Hammond and his Grandma were on there. He smiled when he remembered the day his two girls took their first steps, Hammond nearly had a heart attack when Teresa tugged on his pants. He was brought from his memories when the now unfamiliar beeping of his email came to him. Sam and he hardly needed to use the emails anymore; they spent a lot of time on the phone when they weren't working, or in the base's crèche.


TO: O'Neill, Jack
FROM: Carter, Samantha
SUBJECT: Um…Something important!


Just thought I'd drop a line. I've just come from Caroline, turns out I'm sick again, I'll be up there by the time you've finished reading this email.

Love always,


"Hey Jack" Sam smiled at him

"How far along?" he smiled knowingly

"Three months"

"And here I thought you were just getting bigger"

"You already knew?"

"You're a workout freak Sam, if you're not in your lab, or with the girls, you're working out. Besides I love the new look" he grinned, "Boy or Girl?"

"Too soon to tell, next check up" Sam's smile faded.

"What's wrong?"

"Do you want another child?" Sam's voice wavered

"Come here" Jack pulled Sam onto his lap, "I see it this way, I already have everything I love, want and need. What's one more?" Jack kissed her lips.

"It's triplets" Sam whispered.

Don't hate me, I thought it would be sweet to leave them with having more kids…and please no bashing about her being too old to have twins and triplets…it may be rare but in my little world I created for them it's not. So please just enjoy and hopefully it has made you laugh.

I want to thank everyone who has stayed with me throughout this fanfic; through the times where I haven't been able to post and the times where I was posting every few hours. You are the reason I didn't just drop this…I do hope that this is a nice enough ending for you, I know it may be a little clichéd but what good story doesn't have one?