Part One

A vertically challenged boy was traveling along a dimly lit street. The ground was damp from the rain that had yet to let up since an earlier event that occurred with the boy. He was wearing a black cloak that concealed any weapon from plain site, along with his body. You could only see his black boots, his face, and his gravity defying black hair. It was odd though, his head contrasted greatly from his attire. In the center of his hair was a white starburst of spiky, unruly, hair. His pale face drew attention to his crimson red eyes that stood apart from everything else. His features were calm and collected, but if you looked hard into those eyes, you would be swept into a void of pain and heartbreak.

The lone warrior subtlety turned into a dank alley and stopped in front of a door. He entered through the door quickly, so as not to be seen. The place was a bar, but no one was inside, except a woman who stood behind the counter. He walked over to a stool and sat down, ungracefully.

"The usual I assume," she asked sweetly. The boy grunted in response. A thought struck her as she handed him his drink. "You know Hiei, I've not seen you with that cute little red head for a while now. For a ningen he seemed pretty nice."

Hiei hit the counter hard with his fist. "I'm never talking to that bastard ever again! Don't bring him up again Kanei, that is if you value your life." His Jagan glowed under his bandanna in an eerie shade of purple.

"I've lived through worse and you know it," she smiled.


"What happened to you two? You looked happy, it was almost as if you were… lovers."

"We were lovers," he chocked, fighting back unshed tears.

"Then what happened?" No response came from the stoic youkai. "Talk to me Hiei." Kanei was truly worried about him and he knew it. Hiei was like the brother she used to have. "You know I won't tell a soul."

"That bastard," he muttered. "He left me. He left me! He left me for a god damned ningen girl!"

Kanei gasped at his outburst, it was clear that he was truly upset. Most youkai would just kill their lover if they betrayed them, but apparently Hiei couldn't do that. He loved Kurama that much. You could see the betrayal he felt written in his blood red orbs. After realizing what he just said, Hiei averted Kanei's gaze.

"Ar-are you sure?" she questioned heartbroken. How dare that ningen red head! I'll kill him if he comes near my bar again!

"She was fucking giving him head when I looked through his window."

"I'll kill that baka ningen!" Kanei fisted her hands as her youki grew in anger.

"Don't bother, you'll only die trying." Hiei took a big gulp of his beverage.

"What do you mean, don't bother!" Her youki returned to normal as her anger slowly subsided. "Don't you want revenge?"

"Save your energy. He's youko Kurama, at least the reincarnate."

"B-bu-but I thought he was killed by a bounty hunter? How could he survive?" You could hear the shaking in her voice at the mere thought of the powerful youko.

"No, he was wounded badly and fled to ningenkai to heal his wounds. He may not have as much youki in his ningen form, but he's still just as deadly."

"And here I thought he was just a cute little ningen. Humph, guess you can't judge a book by it's cover."

"It doesn't matter anymore, he still threw me away like everyone else."

"I'm sure he didn't just throw you away. Were there any signs that he was going to leave you?" Kanei needed to cheer Hiei up. If she didn't, she'd lose him just like she lost her brother.

Hiei was silent for a few minutes before he whispered, "No."

"Uh well maybe, er, um…" Think, think! There has got to be something! Anything, I don't want to lose him too!

"Face it, he used me for sex and when he got bored, he threw me away."

"You didn't even sleep with him so how could he use you like that?"

"How did you-"

"You remind me of my older brother." Hiei knew who her brother was. Kanei spoke highly of him even though he killed himself. There was a misunderstanding between him and his lover that threw him over the edge. "And just like him, I can read you like the back of my hand."


"Hiei, I don't want you to kill yourself over this."

"I'm not going to-"

"Are you sure! My onii-san said the same thing and then look what happened! I don't want to see that horrible tragedy take place again! You're going to find your lover, talk to him, and find out if it's really over between you two!" Though he protested, Kanei picked up the light jaganshi and proceeded to "throw him out" of her bar. When he landed on the wet pavement she shouted, "Don't come back until you do!" and then slammed the door.

It was still raining as Hiei picked himself up and began walking in search of the red headed kitsune. Suddenly he picked up the ki signature. Sensing that he was near, he began running in the direction that it was getting stronger. When he turned the corner onto the street, he ran smack into someone and they both fell.

"Hiei?" a familiar alto voice called.

Opening his eyes Hiei saw the last person he expected to run into.


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