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"I can't believe it's only going to be one week and my baby boy is going to be married!" Piper was having problems with the idea that Chris was soon going to be a husband. "I mean, it seems like only weeks since the other Chris died, and this Chris was born. It's all gone by so fast."

"Honey, Chris is a grown man now. He's 21 years old, a successful chef and partner in the hottest restaurant in San Francisco. He also happens to be a powerful witch that has an amazing grasp of his powers. Maya makes him happy, and completes him. Just like another dark haired witch completes me." Leo smiled intimately at Piper, hugging her to him. Hugging his wife was one thing he would never get tired of. He just hoped that it would be the same for both of his sons.

"Oh, Leo…" Piper sighed kissing his chin. "I know he's all grown up. And I know that he's ready to be a husband. I just don't know if I'm ready to let him be one. I don't want to lose him again, Leo." Her eyes teared up.

Leo immediately knew what she was talking about. "Piper, we're not losing him again. He's not dying this time. He's healthy and happy. We did a good job this time around. Nothing that happened in Chris' original future has happened in this one. There's no reason to think that he'll die young like he did in the other life. He's just getting married. And he's not even moving that far away! He's going to be right across the street. He and Wyatt both are. You have to let them go and live their lives. They still love you. Both of them do. They just need to have a life apart from us now. It's natural, Piper. It's normal. That's what you wanted, isn't it; a normal life for your kids?"

"You know it is. It's just hard to let them go, that's all. It makes me feel old, Leo!" Piper cried out, embarrassed.

"Ha! You feel old? You oughta try becoming a grandma!" Phoebe grumbled, walking into the living room and flopping down on the sofa beside Piper.

"How's Paisley doing, anyway?" Leo asked, somewhat relieved to see Phoebe. Piper was making him slightly crazy with her neurosis about Chris getting married.

"She's okay. Complaining a lot because she can't see her feet, though." Phoebe laughed. "Last night when I went in to check on her, she was making Ryan paint her toenails for her. She said that since he got her pregnant, then he could keep her a pretty as possible when she was fat."

Piper shook her head. "Paisley isn't fat. Actually, she's still really slim except for the baby bulge. I hope Ryan told her that."

Phoebe winced visibly. "He wasn't quite that smart. I think his words were 'well you haven't blown up like I thought you would.'"

"Ouch." Leo grimaced, knowing what it was like to piss off a pregnant witch.

"Yeah. It wasn't pretty. She TK'd him right off the bed."

"TK? She doesn't have telekinesis. How did she do that?" Piper asked, interested.

"The only thing I can come up with is that the baby is telekinetic. Remember when you pregnant with Wyatt, his shield would come up to protect you? I guess for now Paisley has the telekinetic powers of her baby."

"OW! Jesus, Paisley! Stop it!" Ryan's voice echoed through the manor.

"Get out! Just get the hell out! I can't believe you! I'm almost 9 months pregnant with your baby, and you can't understand why I'm not in the mood? Are you crazy? Just get out! I hope your dick falls off, you ass!" Paisley screamed, pissed off and in a full rage. She waved her hand in frustration, and one of the banister slats exploded.

Silence echoed through the manor. "Um… sorry, Aunt Piper!" Paisley called out sheepishly.

"No problem, Pais." Piper hesitated. "Ryan?"

"Yes, Piper?" he asked quietly.

"You might want to work on your pregnancy etiquette, you know. If that baby has molecular acceleration and telekinesis, and you keep unintentionally insulting Paisley, it's going to be a really painful few weeks for you." Piper hid her smile, remembering how bad she'd treated Leo during her two pregnancies. "A pregnant witch is not a thing to mess with."

Ryan laughed a little, "I think I'm starting to figure that out."


"Wyatt!" Chris' voice echoed through Yummies, their restaurant.

"What's up? Mom harassing you again about moving out?" Wyatt's voice teased from the back room where he was taking inventory.

"God, don't remind me. I swear if I hear the words, 'my baby boy is all grown up' one more time I think I'll puke." Chris' face showed his disgust.

"Give her a break, Chris. She's had a hard enough time adjusting to me moving across the street, now you're moving in with Abby and I. It's gotta be tough for her to have both of us leave at basically the same time."

"Yeah, I know, but, damn Wy. She's acting like I'm moving to the North Pole! And she's even making Maya feel guilty. How do I get her off my back?" Chris asked frustrated.

"I don't know, Chris."

"I mean, really, is it all that much to ask to want a normal life with my wife? I mean, c'mon, we compromised as it is. We were going to get a small house on the outskirts of the city. But instead, we decided that to make every thing easier, we'd take the other half of your duplex across the street from the manor. And Mom's still not happy!"

"Chris, I know. I get what you're saying. But, short of just plain telling mom to back off, I don't know what you can do." Wyatt got a devilish sparkle in his eye. "Unless, of course, you want to go hunting to relieve some tension."

Chris laughed. "Wy, we haven't gone demon hunting to relieve frustration since we were in high school."

"So? It worked then, it should work now. We can get Jake to watch the restaurant."

Chris grinned. "I guess we're going hunting then."


Chris and Wyatt orbed together into the Underworld. "Here, demon, demon. Here, demon, demon." Wyatt whistled through his front teeth playfully.

Chris laughed at his older brother's teenage antics, and elbowed him sharply.

"Come on, doofus. Let's find some demons and spoil their day."

They walked together noting the lack of noise in the Underworld. Normally, the sounds of suffering echoed below the ground. Screams of pain, moans and sounds of general unrest played in an ending loop normally, providing an appropriate background for the evil that lurked there.

"Chris, have you noticed how quiet it is down here today?" Wyatt asked slowly, being careful to keep a close eye on the shadows of the walls. Shadows had a way of suddenly taking shape, and he wasn't taking any chances.

"Something big must be going on. Look, even the bats are silent. Think we should orb to the Coliseum, and see if anything is going on there?"

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Maybe we can stop whatever they're planning before it happens." They disappeared in a shower of orbs.

Their orbs ended at the Coliseum. It was empty and silent like the rest of the Underworld. Wyatt looked uneasily at Chris. "I don't like this, Chris. I think we should go and have Dad check with the elders. This is too quiet."

"Perhaps you would enjoy more screams of pain, like this one?" A tall thin demon shimmered in behind Chris, and hit him with a fireball. Chris yelled in pain, and turned to defend himself. The demon held out his hand and both Wyatt and Chris were unable to move. He started chanting in a language neither of the brothers understood, and they instinctively tried to orb away. Their orbs were dropped back in place magically suffocated by the dense evil that suddenly surrounded them. Black bars rose around them, encasing them in separate cages.

Chris tried to orb again, but couldn't. Wyatt brought up an energy ball, but it extinguished itself as soon as it formed. The demon laughed eerily. "You witches think you are so smart. You aren't the only ones who know how to make a magic proof cage. Sit tight, witches. The game has only just begun, and not all the players are here yet."

"Wait! Wait… what do you mean? Not all the players? What are you planning?" Chris yelled as the demon started to shimmer out.

"I am planning what all self-respecting demons are planning. I am planning the end of the Halliwell line. When I kill you all, then I will secure my rightful place as The Source of All Evil." The demon got a blissful look on his face and grinned at the thought.

"And just how do you plan to do that when every other demon before you has failed?" Wyatt demanded angrily. He couldn't believe that he and Chris had walked right into such a simple trap.

"Oh dear… have I angered the Twice-Blessed witch? Too bad you can't do jack to stop me." The demon yelled into his face. "It's very simple, you see. Since the two of you were so stupid as to walk into my trap, now I have something that the Charmed Ones and their progeny want back. I have both of you. And since in recent years, it is the two of you who have done most of the demon fighting, your family has gotten lazy. That laziness will prove their downfall. I already have the two most powerful Halliwell witches. The rest will fall into line, just as I have planned."

He's crazy, Wy. There's no way that he could beat all of them. We'll get out of this. It's not like it's the first time we've gotten into messes down here. Chris sent the thought telepathically to his brother.

Any idea what this is Chris? What are we dealing with here? Wyatt answered his brother's thoughts.

"What, no answer for me witches?" The demon reached into Chris' cage and ripped his shirt off. "This is will serve as proof for your parents. Then they'll have no choice but to rescue you." The demon shimmered out.

DEMON! DEMON IN THE MANOR! LOOK OUT! Chris and Wyatt both sent the thought to their family simultaneously, hoping that they would be heard from below the earth.


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