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"Chris, stop fidgeting or I'm never going to be able to do this!" Wyatt yelled at his younger brother.

"Sorry. It's just…this is so stupid, Wy. I mean, why am I nervous? I know I love her. I wouldn't have asked her to marry me if I didn't." Chris fidgeted again, making Wyatt lose his grip on the bowtie he was trying to tie for Chris.

Wyatt sighed and dropped the tie, pushing Chris to a sitting position on the bed. "Look, you're human, Chris. It's natural to be nervous. I mean, you're about to take on a huge responsibility. But you're going to be okay. You love her, she loves you. Plus, let's face it, when you can find someone that this zoo of a family doesn't scare away, you know she's worth all the nerves and the pain of being in love." He sat down beside his brother. "You are good at everything you do, Chris. You're a great chef and an amazing businessman. Without you, Yummies would crumble to the ground. You are also a good, loyal son and the best brother ever. You love and protect your entire family every day. On top of all that, you are the most feared witch on the planet, Chris. You're powerful, strong, honest…why in the world would you think you won't be as good at being a husband?"

Chris sighed. "I don't know… maybe because all of the stuff you just mentioned takes up so much of my time as it is. I don't want to be an absent husband and father, Wyatt. I want to be there for my entire family. That includes you and Mom and Dad, the Aunts and the cousins, plus now Maya. It's just scary I guess."

Wyatt laughed softly. "Chris, do you realize that's the first time you've ever said you were scared to me? After all the demons, warlocks and dark lighters we've hunted over the years, one little pint sized beauty is scaring you? Look, Chris, Maya loves you. Somehow, she even loves your family. So just stop worrying. It will work out somehow. As long as you love her. You do love her, right?"

"More than I ever thought possible. In my other life, Bianca…she was my first love, and the only one I ever wanted. But now, in this life, I had a chance to date and see the world first, before I fell in love. I thought Bianca was my destiny, but after meeting Maya, I know that what I felt for Bianca was need, based in desperation. My destiny is with Maya, I feel that, deep inside."

Wyatt smiled at the poetic tone in Chris' voice. "Did it help, just to say it out loud?" he asked, knowing his brother's mind.

Chris grinned, and nodded. "Yeah. Thanks, bro."

"Anytime. Now, let me see this tie again, maybe I can get it right." Wyatt stood with Chris and grabbed the bow tie again, tying it in quick motions.

Leo and Piper smiled at each other, watching their sons in their childhood bedroom. This time they'd done it, both of their boys were happy, and would soon both be married. Hand in hand they slipped silently away, not letting on that they had heard the brotherly exchange, or that they had been moved by it.


Chris smiled at Maya as they walked together through the living room, decorated for their hand fast Wiccan wedding. It was barely sunset, as was the custom for the hand fasting. He smiled and winked at Grams, who had just finished chewing out Wyatt for not inviting her to his rushed Las Vegas wedding. In the end, she had given Wyatt and Abby her blessing, and had even officiated a hand fast ceremony for them on the spot.

"Are you ready, Chris?" she asked her grandson with a grin. Anyone with a shred of empathic ability could tell that he was more than ready to be joined with his future wife permanently. His mind was shouting it for all the world to hear.

He smiled tenderly at Maya. "Grams, I've never been more ready for anything."

"Very well. Join hands." She wrapped a long length of blue velvet ribbon around their joined hands and wrists, effectively tying them together. "Repeat after me;

"Heart to thee,
body to thee,
always and forever,
so mote it be."

Chris and Maya repeated the words in unison, sealing the hand fast. Grams wiped a tear away from her cheek as they kissed tenderly. Finally, Chris' tortured soul could be soothed by love. It was about time.


Chris and Maya again walked up the aisle, this time in the park in their neighborhood. They had gotten special permission from the city for the wedding, and it was aglow in soft white Christmas lights and hurricane lamps on each of the white washed tables. Off to the side, a string quartet played softly in the background. The early evening ceremony fit perfectly with their plans, as the hours just after sunset were their favorite to spend together. The city was calming down from the bustle of the day, and the moon cast its hypnotic gaze on the city.

"We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of two souls. Christopher Perry Halliwell and Maya Elizabeth Jefferson stand here before us separate souls who wish to merge into one spiritual being. Chris and Maya have prepared their own vows." The minister stepped back, allowing Chris and Maya to have the focus of attention.

Chris stepped forward and took Maya's hand. "God, you look beautiful." He blurted out. The gathered family and friends broke out into gentle laughter. His cheeks flushed a bit, and he cleared his throat. "Um… anyway. Maya, I love you. You are the soul that mine has been searching for. Your acceptance of my many quirks and issues is the balm that soothes my soul. No matter how long or hard or dirty my day has been, your presence reaches into the deepest recesses of my heart, mind and soul. Thank you for loving me. I promise you, I will be the best husband that I can be. I will love, honor and cherish you until death and beyond."

Maya stepped forward next, wiping the tears from her eyes that Chris' words had brought. "You look pretty good yourself, studly." She gave a watery laugh, and started her own vows. "I've never believed in fairy tales. I'm a realist, and I knew that believing in happily ever after was a waste of time and energy. Thank you, Chris, for proving me wrong. Fairy tales do exist. I'm living proof of it. Where else would an orphan with no family and no friends, suddenly find herself in love with the most amazing man in any universe. You have shared every aspect of your life with me. You have given me support, love, friendship, kindness and most of all, a family. When the day is over, I will have gained more than just a husband. I also will have gained a brother, a mom and a dad, aunts, uncles and cousins. But Chris, I want to you know that even if you came with no trappings whatsoever, if it was only you, that would be enough. You bring light and happiness into my life. When the demon inside me threatens to emerge, you calm it with a touch of your hand, with a calming word, or with a soothing kiss. I will love you forever and onto eternity. You are my moon, my sun and my stars. Tonight is only the first night of forever."

They each turned, and took the matching silver bands off the pillow that was sitting on a pillar swathed in rose garlands. Together they spoke in unison. "Every time I look at this ring, I will be reminded of these vows. One unending circle, a symbol of our love. This I swear to you." They slid the bands onto each others fingers.

"With the words of love and commitment, these two souls are one. What God hath brought together, let no man tear asunder. Chris, you may kiss your bride." The minister spoke calmly as Chris stepped forward, kissing Maya after tenderly wiping away the tears that had spilled over her cheeks.

Maya stiffened under Chris' mouth, her body jerking. Chris pulled away slightly. "Maya?" he questioned softly as he ran his hand tenderly down her back in a soothing gesture. He jerked his hand away as a jagged pain suddenly ripped down his arm. He turned her slightly, seeing his worst fears met. A dark lighter's arrow stuck out from her back, leaving her beautiful white satin gown torn and bloody.

"WYATT! DAD!" Chris bellowed, knowing they couldn't see the arrow from where they stood. He attempted to heal her, but the poison in his own system from touching the arrow prevented it. He fell to the ground, still holding Maya.

Wyatt ran to his brother, literally jumping over the witnesses to get to his brother and new sister. His face paled as he saw the damage to Maya's back, and the bleached white look on Chris' face. He immediately laid his hands on Chris' arm, trying to heal the poison in Chris' body. He felt the circle of his family close in, circling the couple, protecting them from the prying eyes of the rest of the witnesses. Leo crouched next to Maya as did Paige, both hurriedly attempting to heal her. The familiar golden glow broke through the air, but nothing happened to save either Chris or Maya.

"We've got to get them to a hospital." Piper announced loudly. Knowing what she meant, Wyatt picked up Chris, and carried him hurriedly to his car, driving just down the street to the Manor and running in with him to the living room. The rest of the family quickly followed suit, leaving Paisley, Ryan and Jax behind to settle the guests and cover their tracks.

"The arrow, it has to be covered in a heal-resistant poison. Piper, do you think you can mix up something to figure out what it is, and make an antidote? We'll keep healing as much as we can." Paige reasoned, staring down at the wound left in Maya's back.

Piper grabbed the arrow, and ran with it into the kitchen. Phyra was right behind her, grabbing herbs and potion ingredients from the cabinets. As she tossed a few things together, Piper hurriedly added others, creating the only potion that she knew of to determine a poison. As they dipped the poisoned arrow in the potion, it hissed and steamed, showing the ingredients that had made the poison.

"They used elderberry, marjoram, and asbestos fibers. It's a nasty mix that protects itself from a white lighter's healing powers." Phyra announced, running back into the living room. "We'll work on a reversal, but it takes a while. Just…do whatever you can, okay? The poison is particularly fast moving."

Wyatt and Leo shared a grim expression, and continued to try healing the newlyweds.


"MOM! We need that potion, NOW!" Wyatt screamed out. It had been almost an hour since Phyra had made her announcement, and Maya's chest was barely moving. An eery rattle came from her chest.

"Oh, No. No. Come on, Maya. Don't do this to him. Fight the poison, Maya. Fight it!" Leo yelled at her, still holding his hands over her body, futilely attempting to heal her.

Piper and Phyra ran in, each holding a potion vial. "Got it! Hurry, we have to hurry."

Wyatt grabbed one of the potion bottles and raised into Chris' lips, forcing him to drink it. A gold light covered Chris' entire body, as the potion bleached the poison from his body. He woke instantly, having remembered everything that was said when he was unconscious. "MAYA!" He screamed, rolling over to get to her.

Leo was trying to pour the second potion down her throat. "Chris…"

Chris grabbed the potion away. "Maya, come on, sweetheart. Drink it. You'll feel better, I promise. Maya, drink it. MAYA!" He slapped lightly at her cheeks, trying to make her respond enough to swallow.

Paige swallowed around the lump in her throat. "Chris, she can't drink it. She…she's gone."

"No! No, damn it! She just has to drink it, and then she'll wake up. You'll see. You'll see!" Chris insisted harshly.

"Chris…" Leo sadly said his son's name as tears ran down his face. For the first time Leo looked as though he was as old as he truly was.

"No." Chris' voice broke on a sob. "No, Dad. She's okay. She'll be… okay."

Wyatt touched his shoulder lightly. "Chris, she's not getting better. The poison…it was too much. We almost lost you too."

Chris' voice was bitter with regret and loss. "Maybe you should have just let me go too." He touched Maya's forehead gently with his lips. He sat back on his heels and cradled her body in his arms, as tears and sobs of anguish filled the room.


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