Title: As the Gods Depart

Author: GoldenRat


Methos knew it was coming. The signs had been increasing over the past century. The stars rarely sang of fallen heroes, the monsters hardly ever left their lairs, but most telling was the gods. They were withdrawing from the world of men. No longer did they appear on the mortal plane. They seemed deaf to the prayers of their worshipers, even the highest priests and disciples were answered less and less.

He knew it was coming and in his own way, he prepared. Visiting all the daimones he had befriended over the years, he said his good byes. Methos knew that when the divine withdrew, he would lose his hold on sanity.

Accordingly, he came up with a way to keep himself intact. Methos found a cavern, in which he cast the enchantments needed to keeping him dead until the seal of his sepulcher was broken. A seal that could only be broken after his mind had recovered from the mystic reverberations that were sure to shake the world both during and after the gods leaving. Thus, he waited in a small camp outside the cave for the gods to go.

Then the waiting was over, the departure of the gods caused the world to tremble. The sky rained fire, the seas rose, and the earth quaked. Methos didn't stay to watch the earth shift on its axis. Leaving the camp, he entered the cavern, bricked up the entrance and activated the seal. As Methos died safe in the tomb, he whispered, "Farewell."