Summary: Doomed to walk the earth until he can unmake his maker, he sheds crimson tears. Waking up as a vampire with no memory of his former life, Ryou must go on a journey into the very heart of darkness whilst confronting his inner demon, the Great Vampire Bakura.

A Halloween angsty fic by yours truly, Sakina the Fallen Angel.

Crimson Sorrow

Chapter I: Prelude to Darkness

It isn't every night that one wakes up with no memory of their former life. But for the white haired boy, blinking blearily, he knows something is wrong instantly. Why can't he remember anything? Who is he? Where is he?

Why is he clutching a wilted rose?

The dim orange streetlights bathe the alleyway in which he lies, creating a soft setting that disguises the filth, making it almost romantic. The pastel light throws shadows across his pale face, as he struggles to sit up. Clothes a mess, rings under his eyes, he could almost be mistaken for one of the junkies that so commonly litter these streets.

People walk past briskly, hands tucked into coat pockets, paying no attention to the poor confused boy a few yards away. They don't want to know. It isn't uncommon for these people to ignore everything apart from themselves; what is a small happy world could be taken away in an instant by the gleam of a knife, the sneer of your drunken ex-partner. Yes, these people know how to hold onto their comfort and security, for this is a very dangerous world they live in. Most often than not, deaths are unaccounted for; assumptions are made when the boy next door is ill or the uncle has flown out to another state.

His name comes first, a thread of hope in a labyrinth of darkness.

"My name is Ryou." A whisper. There is a shattered mirror in the bin opposite him; he reaches for it and peers at himself, at his pale, drawn face, so haggard. He is drawn to his soft brown eyes; they still seem to possess the innocence that was so rudely taken away from him, though it could be argued now that his clean slate memory is an innocence in itself.

The next thing he feels is a burning thirst. So sudden, like a damn bursting, it flows through his very veins, threatening to consume him. Biting his lip, he tries to get a grip on himself.

He recites everything he knows about himself, like they are a mantra to him as he twirls his rose, liking the feel of the thorns against his fingers. "My name is Ryou and I woke up in an alleyway. Apart from that, I have no idea of where I am or who I am or how I got here at all."

He can't ignore the thirst. It's driving him crazy. Repeating the mantra over and over again, he almost misses the catch.

His ears prickup. There is a clatter of footsteps at the opening of the alley. Straightening out his shirt, he stands up to investigate. A wave of dizziness hits him, and before he can stop himself, he has crashed back down. The dustbins clatter to the ground and the noise is enough to scare anyone off. In fact, it gives him a headache.

The dizziness is pounding in his head now, like the dull thud of his own heart. The thirst is becoming unbearable; waves of gold rise in front of him like the gates of Heaven.

"Are you OK honey?"

It is the person who was walking past. The golden colour he saw is her blonde hair and a light fragrance wafts from the glamorous clothes she is wearing. She is gazing at him with the utmost concern.

"Thirsty," he rasps gutturally, reaching out for her.

She rummages in her tiny bag and fishes out a small bottle of mineral water, giving it to him. He takes it and gulps the precious liquid in one go, handing the bottle back as he wipes his mouth.

He is feeling slightly better; his vision is less blurry, but his thirst still hasn't been satisfied. In fact, it has become a need now, a compulsion.

"Better?" The girl stands up to go, but the boy lays his hand on her arm.

"Please don't," he says. "I must thank you for your generosity." He stands up too, and presents her with the wilted rose. Though it is drooping, the colour of the petals is still crimson deep. She accepts it; it is the gesture that counts. It seems as if she is drawn into his soft brown eyes.

"I b-better go, my boyfriend is expecting me." But she doesn't turn to leave.

He holds her hands, and pulls her closer. She is running her hands over his back now, digging her fingers in. He arches his back, for the pain is giving him a strange sense of pleasure. He buries his face in her hair.

The fragrance is inflaming his passion, driving him beyond the point of despair. Eyes closed, he can feel what is left of his sanity slipping away, but who could say that he was sane in the first place? A boy with no memories could hardly be called sane. An explosion of fire dances before his eyes. Tilting his head slightly, her neck is suddenly bare.

A flash of impulse, and on instinct, he sinks his teeth into her vein, only they aren't teeth anymore…they're fangs…

The rose falls to the ground, the red petals blossom as blood.

"So long, my sweet…"

How was that for a start? I wasn't too happy with it to be honest; I wanted it to be more romantic, but meh, what can you do? The tense changes into past tense in the next chapter too.

Happy Halloween, and a vampire Ryou plushie to all that review!