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Summary: Ryou wakes up as a human vampire with Bakura's soul inside of him. He falls in love with Serenity whilst Bakura has eyes for Anzu, a painter which causes many complications. They get attacked by Kaiba, a Duellist who kills vampires to avenge his brother, and so are forced to flee with Anzu to England. There, Ryou receives a letter from a childhood friend, Artemis, and they meet. It's a set-up, and Ryou gets kidnapped; Anzu deposited in a motel in America. Ryou wakes up in a white room where Pegasus tries to experiment on him- he manages to break free and escape.

Chapter XIX: Searching for a Secret

The light pierced him like a thousand daggers, but still he ran. There was no rational thought in his mind; each action was that of a fight or flight response. Confused, scared and in pain he cowered in the shade of the forest, the last few moments all a blur. Falling from the window, the wind knocked out of him, shards of glass ripping his skin, and the blood…the blood lust…a bird was whipped out of the air and it's head snapped off in an instant. The white haired monster snarled as it squeezed every single drop of the precious elixir into it's mouth, pink tongue lapping it up as if it's life depended on it. Which it did.

Once the blood lust had settled, Bakura slumped against the rough bark of a tree, sighing. He was quite a sight with his torn clothes, dirt streaked hair and multiple burn wounds from the sun. What has the white-haired Pegasus said about energy drain…and personality separation?

"Human vampire?" He called uncertainly into his mind. No reply.

"Damn!" The yell was painfully loud to his overly sensitive ears, but he cared not. In a rage, Bakura spent the next ten minutes carefully dismembering a line of trees, causing a path of destruction worthy of a tornado. Eventually he came to a cliff, signifying that he was in fact trapped on an island. The blue, blue sea stretched out as far as he could see, sparkling and twinkling in the late afternoon sun which continued to blind and burn him. He was past the pain threshold now. Ryou would've called him a masochist but…he wasn't here.

"Damn!" Bakura yelled again. He glanced at the castle from whence he'd came, and without another thought took off, fast as a blur as he rode the wind like white lightning. The world would pay. Starting with his blood thirst.


Ben wondered why he was working so late. He hated his job; rotten dead end work that got him nowhere. Editing newspaper articles was hardly the most aspiring of jobs.

"Kenji, I'm gonna go get a coffee," he murmured to the figure hunched over the computer.

"Righty," Kenji replied, eyes not leaving the screen. "Ben, could you get me one too?"

"Sure thing."

Ben stood up and waded through all the paperwork, muttering bitterly. This whole story was getting him nowhere. Who would've thought that a story with a mad murderer who drained his victims of blood, leaving two trademark puncture tints on their necks could turn out to be the most boring thing ever? Ben had thought of vampires, of dark legends long past, but his chief editor had said it was a load of nonsense. And whoever heard of vampires disposing the bodies in rubbish bags?

The news crew had picked up the story for a while, and then there had been the buzz but the whole thing had died down, thanks to people like his chief editor. Now there was almost a death a day, a remarkable figure for any mad murderer, but no one seemed to listen to him.

There was a scratching noise. Jumping, Ben spun around, eyes scanning the corridor wildly.

"K-Kenji?" Ben called nervously. "Who's there?"

He wrung his hands. It was a habit of his.

He swore he saw a shadow suddenly dart in the corner. Stifling a yell, he turned to run back, but a dirty transparent hand clamped over his mouth; another one pinned him face down to the floor. His eyes were wide with fear; sweat broke out over his forehead as the mysterious person turned him over so they were face to face. He choked back a sob.

"Heh, how does it feel to stare into the eyes of death?" Bakura breathed softly.

Ben's eyes pleaded desperately, and he struggled hopelessly with all his might. As Bakura sank his fangs into his neck and he entered the dying swoon, his last thought was how he had always been right, vampires did exist, and how the rest of the world owed him for that.

"Shame you'll never get your story published now," Bakura added, licking the blood off of his fingers.

And those two men in the office had been ever so easy. Of course the other one would come running out screaming for the death of his poor friend, it could not be helped. And of course I would be there to comfort him, to draw him in, before taking back what is rightfully mine…The blood is always sweeter when you know it is yours.


Kill, kill, kill.

Somewhere in all this Ryou surfaced blearily. Images swam in his mind, yet he felt suppressed, locked up in a box with no key. He banged repeatedly, eyes scared, but there was no reply.

"Bakura! Wh-where are you?" It was so dark in here. "I'm so…cold." If he could see, he would see his breath as a misted cloud. It was so cold…and lonely in here. Images and sound came as distorted surreal waves, and he deduced that they must be the emotions Bakura was experiencing. The emotions were as powerful as an earthquake, drumming into Ryou's mindspace in a rhythmic chanting that sounded oddly like…

Kill, kill, kill.

"Bakura!" There was fear too. Bakura would have to figure it out himself.


To the passionate beaches of Spain, where the air was heavy with culture and romance, she followed him. To the mountainous regions of France, where the air was as cold as her lover was she went, always pursuing him.

Anzu was still chasing her dream of being a painter. Wherever she went, she left behind two or three paintings, unique works of art that exchanged hands almost as fast as her name was being whispered. She had no idea where he was, or even if he was still alive, but in her heart she knew.

Half a year later, she'd matured so much more. Her hair was now a shoulder length brown curtain, and heads turned wherever she walked. In the underground clubs and circles she frequented, she'd caught whispers of the angel she'd been painting. That he'd been seen. That was enough. Anzu strolled down the road, head held up high, on top of the world. One would just assume that she was another tourist who'd chosen to come to the marvellous city of Venice, to admire the beautiful waterways and breathe in the magnificent centuries of history. But now she had a purpose. She was going home.


Domino City. The home of here and now. Bakura passed a golden haired girl that he'd seen once before…half a year ago now was it? He'd been barely aware of his actions, slipping in and out of madness over the weeks. Something caused him to stop.


Ryou's heart sped up as the flowery fragrance permeated his senses. Serenity…using all his strength, he yelled out to Bakura, who, in that moment of clear lucidity responded…both tore apart the walls that separated light from darkness…and then…they were reunited.

"Bakura!" Laughing through tears, Ryou hugged his counterpart, who prevented himself from smiling too much. "I missed you so much."

Ryou flooded into his body, and stretched, face beaming as he drank up the rays of the sun. Most of Bakura's burns had faded; even in madness he'd only chosen to come out at night. His pale hands felt so familiar…running fingers through his hair, he felt tears well up.

"I'm back."

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