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Chapter one: The great swords, and a girl named Luna.


Luna screamed as she jolted up form her bed. She was dripping in sweat, even her bed was soaked with sweat. Her long light brown hair clung to her pale white skin like glue, as she panted heavily. Luna grasped her pendent on her chest as she tried to calm down.

"Just a dream… Just a dream," muttered Luna using her other hand to clutch her head, trying to remember the frightening dream.

Slipping her feet out of her bed, she made her way to the window and opened it. The cool air brushed against her flesh, drying her sweat from her.

"That dream again, and yet ever time I wake up I can't remember it," muttered Luna to her self, trying to recall the dream.

Images flashed before her eyes one of a glowing green substance, and the other was a strange plant being blow apart, trails of blood flowing into space. After a heavy sigh Luna close the window, stopping the morning air from entering her room any further. Slowly she walked to her bed, and grabbed the closest plushy to her, in this case her Vincent plushy. Luna held it tightly to her as she switched the light on and stared at her room. There wasn't a single bare spot on the wall, making the room appear smaller that it normally was. The walls where covered with posters both hand drawn and store bought, of anime and video games Luna had enjoyed, most of them hand drawn.

Luna walked over to her desk and looked at the Final Fantasy poster that was in progress. Lightly Luna traced her fingers delicately over the picture, so not to smear the lead. 'I have got to get my mind off this dream. It's been like this for two weeks now,' thought Luna grabbing hold of her other FFVII plushies. 'All right Luna think what can I do to take my mind off this,' thought Luna as she wrapped her chocobo blanket around her. 'think.' (Blood vessel pops up.)


Luna turned to see what had hit her in the back of the head it. It was the Kingdom Hearts version of Cloud the action figure. 'I know I should play a game! But which one…?' thought Luna carefully as she rubbed the back of her head. (Bigger blood vessel.)


"Owwwie!" muttered Luna as she rubbed the back of her head dropping all the plushies. Luna looked behind her to see who had hit her.

"Hey, deaf person. I kept calling ya, it's breakfast," said a man with dark, dark brown hair and bright green eyes the same as Luna, he wore an austere black shirt, with jeans tightly secured by his belt. His frame was super thin, and he was extremely tall, he also held the newspaper in his hand.

"TOYA you JERK! You didn't have to hit me with the paper," cried Luna.

"Are you kidding me you were completely zoned out. Now come on I've breakfast for us down stairs," said Toya not noticing Luna walk up to him.

Luna lifted her foot high into the air and slammed it down onto Toya bare foot. Toya let out a small squeak of pain, before Luna went rushing off.

Luna ran down the stairs right into the kitchen. Her younger brother was already in the kitchen making a mess if mashed potatoes. Aside form the potatoes the boy had amazing white hair with bright green eyes, wearing his favorite black jacket.

"Luna I make pretty picture," said the seven year old revealing a badly drawn person.

"Oh wow! Seth that looks great!" said Luna acting ecstatic. "Who is it?"

"It's, Cloud," Seth stuttered.

"That's a pretty good picture of him, Seth. You hunger?"

"Yeah!" cried Seth in excitement.

He quickly crawled into his chair and sat there eating as Toya came in, and Luna finishing cleaning up Seth mess.

"AW! Seth!" cried Toya seeing half the mess.

"It's okay Toya I've got it," said Luna as she finished up and put the rag in the dirty laundry basket.

Toya sighed and sat down in his chair, reading the paper as he ate, Luna sat down in her chair opposite him, right next to Seth. Quietly Luna ate at her pancakes, as Seth did the same only in a loud sloppy manner.

"Oh wow, that's fifteen this week," said Toya in astonishment.

"What wrong? Oh wait! Are you taking about those strange disappearances?" asked Luna taking a bite in her egg.

"Yeah, its weird people all over the world are just suddenly disappearing, and suddenly reappearing a completely different person."

"What about those that are missing now?"

"The haven't found Yuko Sasuna, Sakura Wolf, Kelly Kimoto, Kura, or those twins Ryu and Kamui Kami yet but there still searching and some new boys and girls disappeared as well today."

"Do you think they're all running away?"

"I don't think so you'd think someone would recognize them. I can understand Kura, and Kamui. Kura apparently was a close friend of Ryu and Kamui and disappeared while looking for them, and before Kamui was looking for his sister and never returned form the park."

"Do you think some one kidnapped them?"

"That is a possibility, but a kidnapper would have left some evidence behind, the police say there was no clue where the person last seen," answered Toya.

"Maybe they were kidnapped by Aliens," piped in Seth, Toya and Luna stared at him as he continued showing how vast his imagination was. "And took them to their home plant to suck their brains out, but they fought back! Conquering Alien after Alien until they became the powerful warriors and -…"

"Okay Seth you've had enough candy for the day," said Luna as she covering his mouth. Seth took one look at Luna's hand then gave it one big wet slobbery lick. "Seth!"

"I'm a puppy! Woof! Woof!" cried Seth cheerfully.

Toya and Luna instantly began laughing as Seth began shaking his butt trying to make it like a tail.

"If Seth here doesn't become human and Luna get out of her P.J.'s then we might not be able to see the zoo," enticed Toya in a smirk.

"THE ZOO! I'M HUMAN NOW!" cried Seth in sheer joy.

Luna merrily giggled as she got up to go to her room and change. 'I forgot we where going to the zoo today,' thought Luna as she slipped on her favorite clothes. 'That dream must have wiped it clean from my memory.'

Luna looked back at her image in the mirror she was wear Black baggy pants with many pockets, a thick leather belt, knee length baggy steel toed boots, a comfortable red sleeveless shirt, that was tucked into the black pants, and finally the maroon ribbon which held Luna's waist length hair into a low ponytail. Luna looked over to her favorite coat, especially given to her by father it was as he described, ever special. No matter what Luna did the coat never got stained, or torn, and no matter what it was always comfortable and fit just her size. The trench coat was different than most, for one thing the sleeves where loose and baggy and it stopped at her elbow, it also came in two pieces, the top was like Sora's coat from Kingdom Hearts1 only it was red and black with intricate designs and silver loops on the shoulder instead of the hood, the bottom was like a cape, trailing behind and hooking on the inside of the top half, it too was black and red. Satisfied Luna put her pendent on top of the coat revealing the blood red gem and the vine-like gold encircling the gem.

"Luna come on its time to go!" called Toya form down stairs.

"Coming!" called Luna as she quickly snatched a photo of her family she never left behind, and her money.

Luna was running down the stairs when an undeniable fear grasped held of her every frame. 'What's this?' thought Luna.

"Luna what's wrong, come on," said Seth a little bit agitated.

"Um, right," said Luna cautiously smiling back.

Her brothers were wearing their special outfits too. Toya's jacket was dark blue and silver the family crest on the back; a sapphire ring encircled his middle finger. Seth's was the same as Seth's only pure black, the family crest was on his back too in white thread, a diamond ring on his middle finger as well. Their jackets were like any other, but Luna's was different, hers was more like a trench coat and it had engraved wings on the back.

"Come on Luna lets go," said Seth in his big puppy eyes, as he grasped Luna's hand.

"Right… Let's go," said Luna cheerfully.


Luna walked through the zoo trailing behind Toya and Seth. Seth was running around ohhing and ahhing at all of the exhibits.

"Toya I'm going to go get us some drinks, okay?" said Luna as she was about to walk away.

"Alright just don't be too long," said Toya as he held Seth's hand to calm him down.

Luna walked away to find a stand that sold some drinks, when that strong sense of fear grabbed her again. Luna watched as the sky went completely black and the people around her began to disappear.

"Toya!" called Luna in fear she began to take a few steps back.

"Toya! Ani! Ani! ANI!" called Luna in absolute fear as she began to run to where her brothers were. "ANI-KUN! OTOOTO-CHAN! WHERE ARE YOU?"

Luna ran around the whole zoo looking for her two brothers, but no one was there not even the animals were there. Luna finally stopped in the center of the zoo, tears running down her cheeks.

"Ani, otooto. Don't leave me alone," whimpered Luna, as she fell to her knee's.

Luna watched as all of her surroundings began to melt and as strange snake like lights snaked there way around her as she sunk further and further into the ground.

"ANI! HELP! ANI! ANI! AARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" screamed Luna as the floor covered her face as she made one last attempt to have someone pull her out of the ground.


Toya quick turned around looking back at the crowd behind him, sweat and fear dripped down his face. Luna was in some sort of danger, he could feel it.

"Toya what is it?" asked Seth uneasy by his brothers fear.

"It's Luna I can't feel her presence… Seth we have to find Luna now!" cried Toya as he picked up his brother and ran around looking for his younger sister.

"LUNA WHERE ARE YOU?" yelled Toya in a panic.

"Ah… Ah," gasped Luna she had passed out the moment her hand was covered.

"Wake up human!"

Luna opened her eyes to see she was no longer at the zoo. It looked like she was in some strange grand hall; chains encircled her arms, legs, torso, and neck. A tall grim man stood before Luna wearing a black robe his face covered by his hood. Luna nervously looked at the man. He was extremely frightening.

"So you're the sniveling human," said the hood figure as he roughly grabbed Luna's chin and twisting her face to get a good look at her face.

"Who are you and what's going on?" asked Luna frighten to death.

"My name is none of your concern, now get up the master desires to see you," said the man as he unlocked the chains around Luna. 'I've got to get back to Toya, and Seth,' was Luna's only thought and she rammed into the robed figure and ran for all she was worth.

"GUARDS STOP HER!" yelled the figure on the ground.

Luna was slowly running out of breath as she continued to round corner after corner. Avoiding people as much as she could. The halls were teething with strange men in black cloaks, claws protruding form their knuckles. 'I can't keep this up! I got to hide somewhere,' thought Luna as she panted heavily.

"Quick I think I hear her over here!" called one of the soldiers.

Luna quickly looked around but the only way out was the door right across form her. Luna lunged for the door and quickly shut it tight. Luna let out a sigh of relieve as she heard the guards go by. The room was completely silent.

"You can't escape alone trust I've tried a million times."

Luna instantly went ridged with fear; some one was in the room with her. Slowly she turned to see the man that was right behind her. The Man looked like he was in his late 20's, wore a black suit, his hair was blue and was held in the back in a high braid, his eyes were gold, he also had black gloves on that was holding a stack of papers.

"And judging by your panting I'd say your not strong either," said the man not really paying attention to Luna.

"Not really," admitted Luna, a little insulted. "Aren't you going to capture me?"

"Why should I waste my strength on a weak little girl, besides I don't work here," sneered the man looking up at Luna for the first time.

"Who are you and where am I?" demanded Luna starting to get ticked off.

"My name is Kai, and you are in the realm of Demons," answered the man a smirk gracing his lips.

"What do you mean?" asked Luna in confusion.

"I mean exactly what I say. Look in the mirror if you don't believe me. Over there," said Kai as he pointed to a full-length mirror.

Luna nervously walk up to the mirror, keeping a close eye on Kai at the same time, finally she looked back at her reflection and gasped. Silver hoop earrings occupied her ears, but the ears themselves were much longer and slightly bigger than they really were (elf ears). Also her eyes began to glow slightly around the pupils.

"Don't be too surprised Demon world has that affect on humans, they make the senses sharper and give you magical powers for the rest of your short life," answered Kai to Luna's unspoken question.

Luna remained silent for a short time, rubbing her finger against the point. Final she snapped out of her trance.

"Why I am I here?" question Luna.

"Probably to get eaten by the master of this castle," answered Kai nonchantly.

"Eaten! Why!"

"Human flesh is a rare delicacy in Demon world, not to mention expensive, and you Ms. Human are probably what's for dinner to the demons."

"So they're the one's kidnapping all those boys and girls in my world, like Ryu and Kamui Kami."

"I did mention Rare Delicacy, Wait did you say Ryu Kami?"


"Oh I see your form the world of chroniclers? Now that is rare."


"Oh yeah that's right the chronicler world doesn't know. Okay I'll explain, there is one world that chronicles the adventure of other people in other worlds, once they do that, that world becomes open to world drifters like myself and others, the problem is those that chronicle these wonderful adventure think they're works of fiction when in truth they're real just in another dimension. But lately a lot of those chroniclers have been world drifting so to speak, which has advantages and disadvantages."


"Ah, humans. Never mind it's not really important. All you need to know is that these human are doing fine and chances are they'll head home soon. I hear this Sakura Wolf is a real tough cookie, I certainly don't want to be around if I called her short… HEY I'M TALKING HERE!"

Luna wasn't really paying attention; she was off in her own little world trying to find out what to do next.

"I can't go home looking like this, plus I'll have a horrid of demons on my tail, I'll led them to my world and it will like they entered an all you can eat buffet. I don't want to hurt my brothers because of me," muttered Luna under her breath.

"You don't want to hurt your brothers?" said Kai in surprise.

"Of course not! I love them way too much for that!" cried Luna in determination.

"Your loyal, a very good rare quality," whispered Kai surprise.

"What'd you say?" asked Luna innocently.

"Nothing, I think I like you kid. Tell me what's your overall favorite video game?"

"That's a really hard question, I've played a lot of games, but none have I like more than Final Fantasy VII. Why?

"Just curious. You know anime?"

"Yeah I love it."

"What in your opinion is the strongest weapon or weapons?"

"Geez… Um… I'd say when Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's swords the Tetsusaiga and Tensaiga are the strongest, especial when they work together. Why?" said Luna a bit more forcefully than intended.

"Tell me you want to keep these demons off your butt right?"


"Then get stronger."

"How am I supposed to do that!"

"With my help of course," smirked Kai in an all-knowing look.

Luna could literally see the wheels in Kai head turn as the smirk widened the more he stared at Luna.

"What on earth are you planning?" said Luna nervously.

Kai instantly began to glow wind swirled around the two of them. Two small holes appeared above them as two objects emerged from them, and rush right into Luna's thick belt on her left side.

"What the heck!" cried Luna as she saw the objects clearly for the first time; it was Tetsusaiga and Tensaiga. Kai walked over and took Tetsusaiga out of its sheath and honed the blade to sharpness, then placed it back in the sheath on the left hand side of Luna's hip. Luna was too stunned that she had no idea how to react or want to do. She didn't even notice that the wind picked up again.

"You've two weeks before the first bombing. Oh and no dieing. And good luck in FFVII world," said Kai as he pushed Luna in the hole right behind her.

"YYYYOOOOUUUU JJJJEEEERRRRKKKK!" screamed Luna as fell down the hole, to heaven knows where.

Luna opened her eyes once the dizzy motion was gone to see she floating down to the ground in the train graveyard. Luckily no one was there to witness Luna's spectacular entrance and report back to Shinra.

Once her feet were securely on the ground, a wave of sound ten times louder than it really should have been, reached Luna's ears. She quickly covered them, allowing them to slowly adjust. 'That JERK! Doing this without my permission!' thought Luna angrily but she then return to what was now her present situation. She was stuck in FFVII with only training to do for two weeks.

"Two weeks with nothing to do but train," Luna muttered to herself, and then she turned to her swords, remembering that they could respond to their master. "What do you two think, can we take it?"

The swords began to shake as if to say yes. Luna couldn't help but smile a little to herself.

"Hopefully I won't slow you two down, I'll work hard."

A wave of reassurance filled Luna as she looked at her surroundings. Apparently she was in the middle of the train graveyard.


A sharp pain seared through Luna shoulder. In confusion she quickly turned to see what had caused it. A ghost sneered in her direction as it attacked again. Luna tried her best to dodge and luckily she got far enough to for it to only leave a scratch on her arm. She quickly drew out her Tensaiga and held it to block the next attack, the blade looked cunningly sharp, even if it couldn't cut through anything. 'Right Tensaiga kills the dead, Tetsusiaga protects the living,' thought Luna in a panic, block another attack. Ghost was slowly bearing down on her putting Luna up against a derailed train. The ghost attacked again, hitting the train as she rolled out of the way. Claw marks were cut through the metal as the ghost turned to face his prey again. 'Okay I'm scared now! Help!'

Luna's hand slowly began to glow a brilliant orange, as the adrenalin ran through her. Outstretch her hand, she rushed forward.

"Iron Rever, Soul Stealer!" yelled Luna as her nails sharpened at her fingertips to claws.

Luna ripped her way through the ghost, having the pieces scatter about her. She was panting heavily as she stood up, putting Tensaiga away.

"Oh wow. That took a lot of energy…how the heck did I do that," said Luna wiping away the sweat form her brow, and grasping her pendent at the same time. 'The battles here are way different in the game, but I guess that's okay,' thought Luna as she prodded one of the cuts on her arms, which had begun bleeding. Luna could feel her body cringe at the mere brush, it really hurt, she began looking through all of her pockets and found: some gil, two phoenixes downs, five potions, and one ether. Undoubtedly Kai had placed it there for her.

'Jerk,' thought Luna angrily as she took one of her potions and poured it on the open cut, watching it seal itself up leaving nothing but a thin unnoticeable scar, that would disappear in few days. 'I don't want to put that in my mouth,' thought Luna not really wanting to put something in her mouth she knows nothing about.

"This is going to be a long two weeks," muttered Luna as she made her way to the exit.

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