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Chapter 15: Donning of the Fire Deity Rayearth

I blinked dumbfound at who was sitting right in front of me. I mean I knew she was going to join us sooner or later but not while I was sleeping; I'm mean when the heck this happen? Yuffie looked up at me as I exited the tent. I could feel her eyes examine me for a second, as if to size me up, then with a nod she bounced up grabbed my hand and began to shake it furiously, almost as much as a child, always trying to get the arm out of the socket.

"Hi, I'm Yuffie! Nice to meet you ummm… …"

"Luna Star," I filled in.


"Same," I replied still a little caught off guard.

I looked at Cloud for an explanation, but her merely shook his and jabbed his thumb at O'rane who was busily stuffing canned food in his mouth.

"She followed O'rane here and insisted on joining us."

"Oh," I answered simply.

"Needless to say I filled her and O'rane in on what we're doing, and what's going on," said Cloud.

"You should eat something while the others are waking up," said O'rane handing me a can of food.

I sat around the fire and opened the can and began to eat, when the others came out their surprise was much like mine, and each time Yuffie bounced up and greeted them with a hardy hello. Barret gathered up the tent and we were on our way. Yuffie often bounced between us asking questions though she did avoid O'rane as much as possible. I don't think Tolea, and Red XIII like her very much because she kept trying to pet them. Much to their relief and mine, considering I was next; we reach Junon. There were two levels one that held the mako cannon was on top with the city buildings, the bottom level was a town much like the slums of Midgar it's buildings in serious need of repair.

"We need to gather as much information as we can get to see if Sephiroth came this way," said Cloud as he turned to us, "If you need any supplies make sure you get it before we board the boat tomorrow and whatever business you need to get done."

We all nodded our heads and went our separate ways. The town wasn't very big, and it was in a state much like the slums of Midgar. I shook my head a little, as if in pity. Midgar was a city and naturally harder to take care of which is why I could understand why the slums where the way they were, especial with Shinra taking care of it, but 'this' was a village no bigger than five houses, an inn, and what looked like a market. All the houses were in horrible condition, the earth itself looked so polluted that I was surprised that it wasn't leaking ooze, there in the back was the elevator that lead to the upper level, and to the sides there was a cliff and the ocean. The inn was at the entrance of the town, I walked into it.

"Hello welcome," greeted a falsely cheery voice.

I looked up to see the innkeeper standing behind a desk a smile plastered on his face. The place looked well-taken care, which was nice to see; the outside kind of depressed me. But this place seemed a lot cheerier.

"Hi," I greeted, "I'd like rooms for nine."

The man looked behind me as if confused then backs at me.

"My friends aren't with me right now, but we will be here later tonight," I clarified a bit.

"I see, will you be pairing up in the rooms?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Will that be four rooms for you and your friends miss?"

"Yes that's fine."

"And will you only be staying the one night?"


"That will be 200 gil for the three double bed rooms, and the one room with three beds."

I dug out my gil bag and gave him the money, and he put it in the register he passed me the four keys. I tucked them in my pocket.

"Oh Luna!"

I turned around to see Areis and Cloud walk in the inn. They seemed surprised to see me; I dug once again in my pockets and tossed Cloud and Areis. I smiled up at them.

"I already paid for our rooms," I told them.

"You didn't have to Luna," replied Aeris.

"That's okay, but I'm merely assuming that you wanted the rooms."

"That's okay, we needed the rooms anyway," answered Cloud as he put his key away and we all walked out of the inn, "So how many rooms did you get?"

"There were only four rooms left, so will have to share. Three of them has two beds and the last has three," I answered as I continued walking with them.

"So who should be in what room?" asked Aeris as she looked at me as we kept walking.

"It really doesn't matter to me," I answered back.

"Oh mister Dolphin! Be careful! Don't swim too deep."

I looked up to see a little girl play in the shallow water a dolphin to swimming around her. I suddenly began to take in my surroundings. We were at the beach right in front of town. There was a huge electric tower wires falling into the bottom of the ocean electricity slightly leaking into the ocean, the tower leading into the upper level. Without evening knowing about it I walked right into the next event. I could smack myself in the head for not noticing where I was going! This was when that creepy fish thing attacks the little girl. The girl that was playing with the dolphin looked up at us after we all stopped in our step. Her childlike eyes narrowed at the sight of us in suspiousion with a snort she upturned her nose and ran deeper into the ocean.

"Hey wait!" I began to cry but was cut off by a loud sharp cutting noise that rang through the air.

The noise was piercingly loud. It felt like it was penetrating my skull even though I was quickly covering my ears. I cried out in pain and both Cloud and Aeris looked at me in panic. Couldn't they hear that horrible noise!?

"Luna what's wrong!" cried Cloud as he grabbed my shoulder.

My ear drums where going to bleed by the sound.

"The water… something's in the water," I choked out, "You mustn't let her enter!"

Cloud looked out at me in confusion but soon looked out at the girls as the same screeching noise became louder as the creature that was making it came out of the ocean. With a loud splash the girl that was playing earlier was drawn in. Cloud, Aeris and me instantly reached for our swords though I was a bit slow, my ears are still ringing. As quickly as I could I struck at the huge fish. Cloud and Aeris each fighting with as much intensity as I was. I watched as the fish withered beneath our blows, retaliating with our blows. I back up slightly to see the girl fall more out to sea. The dolphin she was playing with now go. I quickly turned to my side to see that the wriggling had turned to me, before I knew what was happening I was blasted back by gushing water. As soon as I no longer felt the pressure I ran forward to continue fight but ran into something. No, literally; I bonked my head and everything. When I decided to look around I saw I was trapped in a sphere of water. I could feel my strength already begin to diminish through my lack of oxygen. As fast as I could I grabbed up Tenseiga and jabbed it in my arm, but even I knew that wouldn't last long. Helplessly I looked out at the battle Cloud and Aeris were still too busy to fighting to notice the girl. I could feel my self-getting weaker by the second although I could feel Tenseiga shake with effort to keep me strong. I looked out at the girl again to see her sweep deeper out to sea. Weakly I place my fingers on my only summon materia and just as I did with my magic I reach out and focused on Rayearth.

'RAYEARTH! Please! You could reach her couldn't you? You don't have to get me out but please get her to safety,' I pleaded as I felt Rayearth gaze at me through the stone.

'Is this truly what your heart desires,' came Rayearths echoing reply.

'Yes,' I answered.

"Then so let it be written!"

I could feel heat swarm around me though it wasn't my own. It was someone else's someone far stronger than me. The water around me began to evaporate quickly into hot steam, and as hot as it was I wasn't burning. Finally when it was all gone Rayearth stood before me it's flaming fur still as bright as before.

"You have proven yourself worthy of donning me," he replied to my astonished look.

Comprehension hit me as I nodded my head and looked back up at the girl. Rayearth also looked back and went flying after her. I turned to Cloud and Aeris who were still fighting.

"Cloud, Aeris! Get out of the way," I yelled.

Cloud and Aeris looked back at me for a second then quickly retreated. Rayearth bounded quickly to me and handed the girl to me then began to viciously attack the fish in a flurry of flames, claws, and sharp fangs. That added to all the damage done to it by Cloud and Aeris the monster quickly died and turned to a pile of dust. Once the battle was over Cloud hung over the girl and began to administer CPR. The town seemed to be in an uproar as villagers appeared at the beach including our friends.

"What's going on!?"

"What happened?"

"Was there another monster attack!?"

I could hear some say but was soon drawn back to the girl as she sputtered back to life. Soon a villager came to Cloud saying a few things I missed as he replied back then picked up the girl. I assumed he was her relative. The crowd seemed to follow the girl though my friends stayed behind to find out what had happened.

"Luna Star."

I looked up to see Rayearth still there. The others looked up at him for a second then back to me.

"You have been found worthy," it said as it moved its way towards me and rubbed its head against my hand.

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