Past and Present

By yugijo

"Legend has it that back then an evil demon controlled all of the runescape world, but there was one who made an alliance. An alliance so powerful they could over throw the demon. The alliance contained five very strong people. Two fine and strong warriors who's swords where true. A magician that could cast spells long before the earth was created. An archer who's arrows could pierce any thing. And a fighter who had the strength of two ox's. Together all of them could beat the demon. After twenty days of fierce and brutal battling they were all sadly killed except for the magician. As his companions died their spirits soared up into the heavens. magician cast a spell to have there reincarnations come back and finish what they had started..." The voice trailed off into a dark and old looking room.

A grandmother rocked in an old rocking chair with a little girl on her lap. The little girl was around the age of seven. She stared at the grandmother in wonder. Her hair was short and a light shade of green. She wore a silky white night gown and a sparkling gold necklace that glittered in the candle lit room. The little girl giggled as her grand mother made a goofy face.

"Is the legend really true grandma?" She squeaked in excitement. Bouncing softly up and down on her grandmothers lap.

"It's what my mother told me. This story has been pasted down in our family for hundreds of generations. Some day when you grow up Elizabeth..." The old woman fell silent.

She put the quiet girl on the floor and walked to one of the battered windows. She closed the ripped curtains and rushes to the candle. In an instant the candle was out and all was silent. Foot steps fade in to hearing range. Something walked past their house. Elizabeth gasped and grabbed her grandmother for comfort. Soon the foot steeps slowly die away.

"Damn those black guards." She says under her breath.

Then she felt the grip around her waist loosen. She looked down and saw the little girl sleeping in her lap. The woman slowly put the girl on the rocker and walked over to a corner of the room and grabbed a blanket. She walked over to the girl and put the blanket over her.

"Yes Elizabeth the story is true. It's as true as I speak it now." She said in a strange elvin tong and walked up a flight of stairs.

She walks to an old rusty door and pushes it open to reveal an old rusty chest in the middle of the room. She reaches over and takes a key out of her pocket. She slides the key in and opens the chest to stare at the continents in the chest.

"If only you knew the truth..." She whispers.

Ten years later.

A busy market place takes notice to a seventeen year old girl with green long messy hair. She dashes through a crowd of people. A loaf of bread hidden under her white garments. She is wearing a short white skirt what is flapping in the wind with a white laced shirt. A dull gold necklace dangles from her neck. Two guards in pure black shining armer chase after her.

"Come back here you thief!" One of them shouts in a rough voice.

"You'll have to catch me first!" Elizabeth shouts back to them.

I've done this a million times and I never get caught. She thinks to herself, but today was a different day. Today was the day when she met him. Elizabeth turned a corner and she rammed into a man running from some black guards as well. Money, bread, and other stuff went flying. They both fell to the ground with a tremendous thud. Peasants rushed to the coins picking them up franticly. The guards came closer swords raised high in their hands. The man jumped to his feet and acted quickly. He pulled out some small strange looking stones and shouted

"Bind!" Green light shot out of his hand. It zig zagged towards the guards and hit them. The green light twisted around the guards who stopped in their tracks. The guy paused for a second and then grabbed Elizabeth by the hand. He broke out into a run dragging Elizabeth with him. He ran down a dark and creepy alleyway. The ally way was totally deserted. All that could be heard was the sound of the black guards coming closer.

"Hey!" She shouted as he took out more of the stones. "I can take care of myself!"

"Be quiet..." He hissed to her. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned around.

"Take me to Varock." He whispered. Slowly purple and gold lights appeared around their feet and moved around their bodies. Elizabeth could feel her feet lift off the ground as they took flight. Then she saw she was flying through bright lights. Her stomach started to turn as they sped up. It got faster and faster and in a matter of seconds they were standing next to a huge fountain. A large crowed of people were around it. Some were begging for money others were rushing to get to places. Some wore armer and others wore robes.

"That was a close one." He said as he sat down on the water fountain.

Elizabeth took a good look at him. He had red wavy hair, a mustache, and lots of freckles on his face. He wore steal plated armor, and some blue baggy pants. He looked around the age of seventeen.

"Who are you?" Elizabeth asked the teenager.

"My name miss is sir William Patrick, but my friends call me Yoshiguy0. You can call me Yoshiguy or Patrick." He said in a very proper voice. He bent down and dusted off his blue pants.

"May I ask your name?" Yoshiguy said taking Elizabeth's hand and kissing it lightly.

"I... I..." Elizabeth stopped. She couldn't tell him her name. Even if he was the most wonderful guy in the world. " I'm Coolness."

"Pardon." He said with a puzzled look on his face.

"Coolness000 but if you want you may call me Coolness. If you want you can also call me Elizabeth" Elizabeth said and puffed out her chest.

Coolness what a lame name. She thought and made a gagging face.

"Hmmmmm. Coolness is it." Yoshiguy said. Drops of sweat were dropping of her chin.

What if he doesn't fall for it. What if he kills me! Coolness thought.

"Well that settles it." He said in a cheerful voice, smiling warmly.

"Now if you'll follow me. I have to go to the hair stylist. Stay close to me Elizabeth." He turned on his heal and started into a crowed of people.

Hello everyone its me. This story is based on real and fantasy facts. Coolness000 and Yoshiguy0 are real runescape people. Coolness000 is my character so if your in the mood just give me a message and I'll reply. Most the time I'm not online so it's very rare to see me now a days.