The plagued island

By yugijo

The ferry had docked in Entrana. The four people got off the ferry. The place was packed with people running about. Fishing stalls were every were in the city. Any were you looked it was fish.

"So you are an elf." Elizabeth said turning to look at Joey.

"Quiet. No one is supposed to know." Joey said and pulled the scarf closer to his face.

"Why?" Elizabeth said. She knew he was an elf but why didn't he want anyone to know.

"Because humans kill guys like me. Humans invaded my village and killed everyone there. They left the village in ruins." He sighed.

"That's so sad. I'm sorry." Elizabeth said and put her hand on his shoulder. He shook her hand away.

"Well don't be!" he said. Shauna and Patrick had been silent this whole time. They turned a corner into an ally way.

"Good morning" A woman said smiling at the travelers. The travelers waved back to her.

"Good morning." Another town person said to them smiling at them as well. The travelers also waved to him to

"Good morning." Five more towns people said. This time the travelers didn't wave.

"Good morning." Ten more towns people said to them.

"What the heck is going on Yoshiguy." Shauna whispered to Patrick.

"I don't know but its creeping me out. No ones supposed to be this happy." Patrick said in a worried look. He turned to Elizabeth. "We need to leave this town and fast."

"Look I see an inn." Joey said. Down another ally way was an old rundown building. The rotted sign read Castle Wars.

"I don't trust inns." Patrick walked over to a shop. "We should stock up on supply and leave." The four travelers walked into the shop. A woman stood in the shop. She had curly red hair and gold looking eyes. She wore a blue dress and black gloves. She didn't look like the other villagers. She looked more depressed than the happy villagers.

"What do you want." She said in a sleepy voice.

"We need supplies." Patrick said in a harsh voice. The woman turned her head to him. She yawned and put a hand over her mouth.

"Its a depressing city isn't it." She said and yawned again.

"Well everyone looks happy." Shauna said and turned to look at Elizabeth. The woman laughed and turned to Shauna.

"You idiot. This town is cursed. Its a happy plagued. Everyone happy all the time. You want to know what I think it is. It's a bunch of bull shit! That's what it is!" The woman jumped over the counter. She now looked alert. "If I were you I'd get on a fucking boat and leave right now. But with the castle wars coming up more people will be coming to fight." She paused then turned to Patrick.

"What is castle wars?" Patrick said in curiosity. The woman sighed and turned away.

"Me and my big fucking mouth." She said and turned around. "Castle wars is a game were two teams battle it out. The team that captures the flag the most times wins. Its held by the dark wizards. They cast some sort of spell on you so you don't die. To me that's bull shit too. The grand prize is ten thousand coins." She paused and looked at Patrick, Shauna, and Elizabeth's excited faces.

"So did you want something." The woman said.

"Why aren't travelers effected?" Joey said he had the same look on his face ever since he went into the store.

"That's a complicated thing. Come to think of it I don't even know how I'm not so happy." The woman said putting a hand through her hair.

"Thank you for the help." Patrick said and rushed the others out the door.

"Don't go getting any ideas." Joey said starring Patrick strait in the eye.

"Come on its a good way to get money." Patrick spat back at him.

"No." Joey said holding his ground.

"Yes!" Patrick, Shauna, and Elizabeth said at once.

"Humans and their money it makes me sick." Joey turned around. "I'll help But if were on separate teams I'm not holding back."

It was the next day and the travelers had spent the night at an inn. They were pre pared for castle wars. The champion ship would start today. The participators were getting ready to be separated into teams of four. Thousands of people were ready to start the fight. The first game was get as many points as possible or until the last man is standing. A man stepped up onto the platform. He wore a black robe and a hood was over his eyes. He named off names for the first team. After twenty names were called Shauna and Elizabeth were called to be on team one. Team Three had Patrick and Joey. When everyone was ready to start they called teams one and two to the battle field. Elizabeth and Shauna still wore their dark wizards suits.

"Let the elimination round begin!" The leader of the dark wizards shouted. Men and woman charged to a skinny bridge. Elizabeth stood on the second story of the castle. Shauna was with her.

"Listen if any thing happens to me you do what ever it takes to protect that flag." Shauna yelled at a cannon ball whizzed by he head blasting a wall behind her.

"Ok." Elizabeth yelled back. The castle had a maze of walls in the front court. It was one way to get to the castle entrance. The bridge was the second way to get into the castle, but guards were on the bridge and patrolling the castles.

"Archers at the bridge!" Shouted one of the men next to Elizabeth.

"Get down!" Another man said as arrows flew through the air. One just missed Elizabeth as she jumped to the ground.

"Ahhh!" A man shouted from behind Elizabeth. He was hit in the chest with an arrow. Five more arrows hit him in the chest and he disappeared.

Now the war begins. Elizabeth thought.

Yes I do have some brilliant idea's. Now the question is can Elizabeth and Shauna survive this?