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Written for 30(underscore)kisses on Livejournal. Theme #7

Once Again
by Halys

Halloween. It was a night of merriment and laughter. A night where mysteries came out and danced on the streets as children hid behind cloaks and masks. A night where a person could be something other than who he was born to be.

Today was Bakura Ryou's favorite time of the year. Dark was the street outside his fog-kissed bedroom window, with flickers of candles hidden inside round, orange gourds. Children darted to and fro between houses, gathering treats and playing tricks. Bakura knew the night was cool, despite having not yet left his bedroom.

From the floor below where laughter rang along with raucous shouts and cheerful chatter, a call came. "Bakura-kun! Are you ok? Are you almost done?"

"I'll be down in a moment, Yuugi-kun!" he replied, shouting through the door.

Bakura was standing in front of the full length mirror on his closet door regarding himself. He stood nearly naked, but for a pair of boxers. Behind him, on the bed, laid a familiar outfit. Turning to it, he ran his fingers along the dark linen, allowing his thoughts to briefly wander.

The teen picked up a long, sheer piece of fabric that sat nearby, and turned once again to the mirror, beginning to slowly wrap the fabric around his waist. He took care to wrap it in a fashion that he saw fit and finished with a dark fabric belt to hold it all in place. On the bed, near the dark linen, laid several pieces of glinting gold that Bakura reached for next, slipping the jewelry on his arms, wrists, and legs. Intricate designs were inlaid in the jewelry demonstrating that it once belonged to someone of great stature.

Once the cool gold rested on his skin, he turned back to the mirror and gazed at his features. He nodded to himself.

Bakura turned back to the bed again, and finally retrieved the dark cloak that laid there. He slipped it over his shoulders and admired the blood red color of the fabric.

"Almost ready…" he whispered to himself, reaching over to a cabinet and drawing out an ink pen. Carefully, he added a jagged line to his cheek below his eye, pausing to wipe away stray marks. Bakura then turned back to the cabinet, replaced the pen, and grabbed a dark makeup pencil, which he used to add dark lines around his eyes.

Setting the pencil aside, he walked briskly to the door and slipped on a pair of flat, golden shoes. Reaching for the door handle, Bakura paused, and turned once more to the mirror, gazing at the man in the glass. It wasn't him, but a man he had somehow come to miss. It was a man with short, pale hair; dark, brooding eyes; donned in a cloak the color of blood and shadows surrounding his soul.

"Tonight," Bakura whispered to himself, trying to keep a dark chuckle from rising in his chest. "The King of Thieves stalks within the shadows once again…."

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