For Thee

Chapter 21

"I can't just leave." Connor said trying to push his way past John, "I have to get in to see her."

"You won't get anywhere near her. Davis has this place shut down like a nuclear missile silo." John said hoping he wouldn't make any kind of scene. He knew they didn't need any attention drawn to them. It would be devastating for both of them.

"Then how did I get in?"

"Bad security, plus we are still running other cases so they can't stop people from coming and going on this level." Greenley said still keeping a look out for anyone who might recognize Connor. Most may not know who he was; but showing up after having been away for so long might raise some questions.

"Look the best thing you can do right now is get out of here unseen. Don't worry about Andrea we'll find a way to keep her safe I promise you. She won't go down for this." John put in, meaning every word.

Connor nodded, "Just make sure those get into the right hands" He said pointing to the files.

"Don't worry I know someone who won't screw us." John said placing his hand on Connor's shoulder, trying to reassure him that everything would work out.

With that Connor regained his composure looking at Greenley who nodded that they wouldn't stop until they had exhausted every avenue open to them. With that little reassurance he left the building, nodding to the same guards who had been there when he entered. They nodded back and went back to scanning the area. If they ever knew how close they had been to the person they were looking for they'd never believe it.

When he was a few blocks away Connor ducked into an alley and sank down to the ground. Not caring that the alley smelled of rotten sushi and cat piss. He buried his hands into his hair trying to control his breathing. He could have gotten her out of there, instead of going for Reaper he could have gotten her safely away and she never would have been put through all of this. Never would have been locked up or interrogated.

Above everything he felt the hope he had been holding onto plummeting. She had amnesia, she wouldn't remember they knew each other, everything they had been through, she wouldn't know he loved her. The one thing he had always secretly wanted, longed for in life, someone to love, had slipped through his fingers. She had been right there and he had hesitated afraid for so long, and now she was gone forever. The fact she was still alive only served as a temporary bandage to him.

Slowly rising to his feet he made his way back to the hotel room, half expecting for the police to jump out as he turned the key. He called Murphy and Da to let them know he wasn't in jail or dead, also filling them in on Andrea. He told them to make contact when they managed to make it back to the states.

With that he sank down into the bed, knowing if anything happened Greenley would get in contact with him. Sleep overtook him quickly, troubled dreams still playing in front of him.


"Excuse me Sir I think you may want to take a look at this." John said standing before the cluttered desk.

"What is it?"

He said nothing, afraid someone might overhear. The Agent looked at him curiously but opened the file being held out to him and began skimming over the information. He sat down as he got further and further into it.

"Where did you get this?"

"I'm afraid I can't give you the source, but I assure you it is credible."

"Where is he now?"

Greenley checked his watch, "He's just starting his press conference."

"Well then we have a party to crash. Jacobs, Costigan, get your asses ready; we have an arrest to make." He hollered across to two stoic looking agents. They both holstered their guns before making their way over, glancing curiously over at Greenley.

"Who we going for, and why for a city detective."

"He brought it to us to supersede his precinct, especially since it is our jurisdiction."

"How's that."

"Our perp is Special Agent Paul Davis."

Their eyebrows rose in unison, but other than that you would think they had been expecting that exact name to come out.


The whole room was buzzing with noise as he stepped out; he spoke quickly with one of the cops to the side before making his way toward the small podium that had been set up. It quieted quickly as he took his position, signaling he had their complete attention.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. You've all heard reports about the shoot out last night, and I'm here to expand upon that as well as give an update on another important case." The more he said the more he could tell he had them where he wanted, hanging on his every word.

"The shootout was the tragic outcome of one of this precincts undercover operations. Despite the fall through of that case, it has possibly handed us the break we need. As you know there were two survivors. Myself and one Andrea Proctor, whom you may recall was wanted as a fugitive. Proctor has been connected to the Saints directly, as was her predecessor a Special Agent Paul Smecker, whom was killed recently. They appear to have aided the Saints both in providing possible targets and in alluding capture."

Davis's eyes landed on four men who entered the room. He grew concerned when he saw Greenley with them. He saw Darcy over to his side also looking at them. Deciding he was just paranoid he went to continue, when he felt someone come up to his side. The man placed his hand over the mic.

"If you come with me a scene can be avoided."

"What ever it is can wait, I'm in the middle of a press conference."

"I'll ask one more time for you to come now."

"I will not." He said back indignantly. While the TV mic's couldn't pick it up most people in the room could make out what was being said.

"Then you leave me no choice." With that he looked to the back and Greenley along with Jacobs and Costigan began to make their way forward. They couldn't trust anyone working with him, not until they were sure his people were clean.

"Paul Davis you are under arrest…"

"What!?" He asked shocked, you could have heard a pin drop in the room.

"Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney…" The rest of what was being said was drowned out by the reporters who were shouting out questions and the confused talking of the police officers present.

Special Agent Jones nodded to John, who immediately went to release Andrea.


"Boys I don't think we can do this anymore." Da said looking between Connor and Murphy. He knew in some ways they were still needed but he could ask no more of them. It was time for someone else to step up. If they continued down the path they were on he knew his sons' lives would be ruined. He had already seen the toll it had taken on Connor; and he couldn't bear to see either one get shot again, even if it was in the ass.

Da and Murphy had managed to get out much sooner than expected. They had made it back into town only a few days after the arrest. A little worse for wear in Connor's eyes but he was glad to see them back.

Connor and Murphy looked at each other and nodded their acquiescence. They had known it would only be a matter of time before they came to that point.

"What shall we do then?" Connor said his eyes falling to the floor.

"Start a real life I reckon." Murphy replied back. Connor didn't move; he still felt guilty about what happened to Andrea. Her memory had never completely returned, and despite everyone's urging he hadn't been able to get up the nerve to see her. The pain he held already was bad enough. He didn't want to make it worse.

"Lad, go see her. You owe it to both of ya." Da said, Connor didn't even flinch, John had told him the same thing a week before.

"She doesn't remember."

"Then give her a reason to."

"She's safer this way."

"How? No one is hunting for us. We've decided to quit, she'd be safer with you around."

"She doesn't…..didn't feel the same anyway."

"How do you know that?"

Connor didn't reply for a few moments as he stared out the window into the cold night. He turned and looked to Da, "Because I know."

With that he left Da and Murphy in the room to contemplate what to do next. Murphy shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "Your ass still bothering you?"

"I got shot of course it is." He said irritability as he lay down on the coach.

"I'm sleeping here tonight." Murphy said irritability. Connor's ill mood was getting under his skin. For the first time in his life he was irked about the whole twin thing. Though he figured even if they weren't he'd still feel the same.

"All right see you in the morning son." Da said tossing over one of the spare blankets.


"Are they going to let you come back to work?"

"Yeah, just have to have another 'vacation' first."

"They just don't learn do they?" John asked as he took another bite of his sandwich. Trying his best to keep everything on it. Andrea laughed as one of the mayonnaise covered tomatoes plopped onto his plate. It had been over a week since she had been 'arrested'. Since then she had been hailed in the media as a hero of sorts. They had managed to keep the Saints involvement to a minimum officially; even though everyone at the department knew they had been deeply involved. They had documented on paper that the Saints had fled the country.

"So what are you going to do now?" John said eyeing the tomato.

"Work I guess." She said staring out at the people milling by on the street. It had been rainy all week, and the dampness was begging to take its toll on her. It seemed like the whole world was gloomy.

"I mean about the Saints."

"Why would I be concerned with them?"

"Andrea…they are your friends."

"They're criminals, besides I can't remember anyway, and obviously they really have no interest in keeping in contact." She said her eyes not leaving the street, her voice sounded hollow and it made John cringe. Since the incident she had been devoid of emotion for the most part.

"What about if you get those memories back?"

"Then I don't know. Why is this so important to you?" She said turning her eyes to him.

"You're all my friends, and I don't want you to miss out on something that might be good for you."

"Good for me? What the hell are you going on about?"

"Never mind."


"Just never mind." He said forcibly, and she dropped it.

They finished their lunch in silence and John walked her back to the apartment, the entire time working out how to fix the situation. He knew some of the memories were coming back, not completely but some; and that she was lying about how much. He just hoped seeing them all again would jog her memory. With that he made a call, hoping Da would agree with him and con his sons, especially Connor, into meeting.


"Why are we going exactly?"

"John said he had some loose ends to tie up for us." Da said turning onto yet another street.

"Still doesn't explain why we need to be there."

"Because he asked us to meet him, and I reckon we owe him that much."

"Fine, then you want to tell us where we are going?"

"To the park."

"Fun." Murphy said looking over at Connor who hadn't said a word since they had gotten in the car.

The three pulled up beside the only other car in that particular area.

"I don't see him." Murphy said peering out the window.

"He's up the trail a bit. Now get your asses out and stop complaining."

Murphy went to say something but Connor cut him off with a quick glance and got out of the car.

"I just wish he would have told us what this is about."

Da nodded and led them down the small footpath. Weeds were trying to reclaim what was rightfully theirs, but the few people who walked the path kept it clear. Connor smiled as a squirrel scampered across the path chasing after a butterfly. They had been walking for about five minutes when a clearing came into view. Connor saw John, and Da went over to great him; that was when he saw the figure at the other side of the clearing hanging back from everyone. It was like he had been split in half. Part of him wanted to turn and run back down the path, the other wanted nothing more than to walk over and take her into his arms.

"Andrea there are some people I want to reintroduce you to."

John said motioning for her to come over. She walked over hesitantly to stand beside John and shook Da's hand. Murphy nudged Connor forward and they both made their way over together. Murphy taking the lead.

Without hesitation Murphy stepped forward and embraced Andrea.

"It's nice to see you again."

"Uh thanks I guess."

He stepped back and smiled down at her, "Don't worry you'll get to know me again soon enough."

After a moment's hesitation she smiled causing Murphy to grin even more. He stepped away and ushered Da and John away, down the path to give Connor and Andrea some time alone.

"Hi," she said softly, "Where are they going?"

"Who knows?" Connor said back awkwardly. He didn't know how to react or what to say, his mind was a complete blank.

"So ya'll are the Saints."


With that they fell into silence neither sure of what to say, and Andrea took a seat on the small bench as she stared at the trees. Flashes and images of the past few weeks that she had remembered surfacing in her mind again.

"You're Connor right?" he nodded.

"I'm sorry I don't remember a lot of what happened. I've been trying but it just isn't coming back fast enough."

"You'll get it eventually." Connor said taking a seat next to her.

Silence reigned again as Andrea tried to remember anything at all.

"Maybe…..was there ever…?"

"Ever what?"

"It's nothing." She said shaking her head.

"Come on you can ask me anything."

"It's just a stupid…feeling I got."

Connor didn't say anything just waited for her to continue, his stomach tightening. Andrea got up and walked away contemplating how to ask. Finally she turned to him.

"Were we more than friends?"

Connor froze this was not exactly the question he had been expecting.

"We…" He had no clue how to put it into words, how do you explain to someone who barely remembers you that you are in love with them. "Uh…"

"Kiss me."

"What?!" he said getting up.

"Kiss me" she said again taking a step towards him.


"It'll answer my question and be quicker than waiting for you to answer."

Connor stepped up to her and tentatively leaned forward, raising his hand to touch her face. His eyes held hers looking for any sign of pushing him away but there was none. He dropped his gaze and it travelled over the face that had been haunting his dreams. Finally resting on her lips.

Glancing up one more time to meet her eyes he leaned forward and captured her lips in a sweet kiss. After a few moments he broke apart and looked down at her.

Her eyes were closed and her brow was furrowed in concentration.

"Andrea?" He asked but she didn't respond, and he could see her eyes moving rapidly behind her closed eye lids. Without any warning she collapsed and he barely caught her before she hit the ground.

"Help!" He shouted as he tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

The group dashed back up the trail when they heard him shout, and entered the clearing to see Connor holding Andrea in his arms.

"What happened?" John said rushing over.

"I don't know she got really spaced out and then she just collapsed." Connor said reluctant to let John in to get a better look at her.

John checked her pulse, "It's erratic, but it seems to be returning to normal."

"What the fuck does that mean?" Murphy asked.

"I'm not sure." John said his gaze drifting from answering Murphy to studying Connor closely. But Connor never noticed; he was too busy staring at Andrea, anxiety written clearly all over his face.

John returned his gaze back to his dear friend and prayed whatever had happened was a onetime deal and that nothing was seriously wrong.

Andrea moaned as she began to regain consciousness, it was so sudden Connor jumped. "Andrea can you hear me?"

"What happened?" She said groggily trying to sit up, neither Connor nor John letting her.

"You collapsed." John said, "Do you remember where you are?"


"Can you open your eyes?" John asked.

"I could."

"They why aren't you?"

"I don't want it to have just been a dream. I'm afraid if I open them I'll lose it all."

"What to have been a dream."


John looked over to Connor who was just as confused as he was.

"Andrea…what are you talking about?" Connor finally asked.

"I remember…I remember everything." She said her eyes finally opening, as she squinted in the sun that had peaked out from a cloud. Smiling as she looked at him and everyone around her.

Connor broke into a wide smile as he quickly embraced her, "Welcome back."

"Thanks." She managed to mumble, overwhelmed by everything that was happening. The cascade of memories was still a little too much for her to handle. But she was glad to be back.



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