Oct 30/05

Chapter 1- The day I met them

I was walking into my driveway for I just got of the bus from school, I saw my dog Cody and called to her to come to me, I cared about my dog despite at times she can be annoying. My mom was gone away to work and my brother wouldn't be home till 4:30-5 o'clock so I had the computer and house to myself till then. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! I went inside our trailer, closing the door and kicking my shoes off I went to my room and dropped my book bag on my bed and hung my coat up on the door, then I went to the computer room (aka Tommy's Room) turning on the computer I went and made myself a cup of coffee. I talked to the bird while I waited. Going over to the TV I turned it on and put it on the channel that Transformers would be on later at 5:30pm. There was no info so I didn't know if it was a rerun or a new season, plz be a new season plz! plz! plz!

"Oh by the gods of almightily I wish they could be in our world for real, it would be so cool though don't you think DJ?" I asked my bird DJ.

"Tweak! Tweak!" he called in his cage, he was having a bath and making a mess also.

"Good god…." I said shaking my head, the microwave beeped sounding that the water was made for my coffee.

Making my coffee, I went back to the computer room and got the computer ready, sitting down I begun to go onto the internet and start downloading my shows and play my game Icewind Dale 2.

It was only after a few minutes Cody started barking and she didn't stop, thinking Tommy got home earlier I got up and went outside, Cody wasn't anywhere to be seen but I could still hear her. I went around the back of the trailer and followed her barking, through the woods pass the well and further. Man Cody was far, what in gods name was she barking at? Hopefully it wasn't some poor animal caught by her and was trying to get away.

"CODY! CODY! COME HERE GIRL!" I called out to her, my pants were getting ruined by all the thorns and tree branches and I needed them to be cleaned for tomorrow.

I finally found Cody and she was barking at something far into the woods where it seems she couldn't get to whatever she was yapping at. Kneeling down in front of her I patted her head and told her to calm down and be quiet, after that I walked her back to the building and put her on her leash.

"Now you be good, no more making a bunch of noise." I said before going back inside and onto the computer.

Tommy came home a half and hour later and I told him about what Cody did and where she went.

"I have no idea what she had been barking at but whatever it was it sure made her wind up though." I told my older brother who was smoking a cig and reading the paper. We were out in the building; he and mom weren't aloud to smoke in the house because of me.

"Maybe it was an animal of some sort or she probably heard a gunshot or something." Tommy said putting out his cig and patting Cody on the head.

"Yeah maybe that was it." I said before following him inside the trailer.

I went back to the computer while he watched his show Dragon Booster then watched something else till 5:30 when Transformers came on, I came out to watch it with him.

After that he went onto the computer and I watched TV till mom came home around 8 o'clock, and then I went to my room to read till one of my shows came on at 10. I didn't tell her about Cody.

Around 12:35am, I went into my room again and turned my Christmas lights on and crawled into bed ready to go to sleep, but when my eyes went to my window I saw something bright outside, at first I just thought it was me but it started flashing and I realized that it wasn't coming from inside my room. Sitting up, I pulled back the curtain and looked out the window, something was glowing high above the naked trees into the woods far where I had found Cody, and then something bright like a light blub, it was gone. Thinking that it was just someone out in the woods looking for traps I didn't think twice about it and decide to go to bed. I fall asleep a half and hour later.

I awoke at 7:16 Saturday morning to the sounds of mom and Tommy getting ready to go to work, getting up also, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and headed towards the bathroom to brush my teeth.

"Don't shut the computer off, I'm getting on." I told Tommy through a mouthful of toothpaste.

"I don't plan on." he too took his toothbrush and begun to brush his teeth too. "Oh Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!"

I smiled and laughed at him, that song was our saying every morning and night, after work and before work. Though for me work was school, can I say Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Again?

I washed my mouth out and went onto the computer, disconnecting from the net and clicking onto Icewind Dale icon, I was going to play that for a while till mom and Tommy left for work then I would go back on and continue my dl.

Mom and Tommy left 15 minutes later and I waited till I was sure that they were gone before going back online and playing my music as loud as I could handle it, time for some reading and writing.

Around 10 o'clock I went out to the kitchen to get some coffee, I brung in some wood for the fire while I waited for the water to warm up, after I brung in 6 pieces of wood I went to closed the door when I finally notice that Cody wasn't anywhere to be seen, usually she is by my side the moment I go outside, calling her name I waited for her to come but she didn't, thinking she was gone off hunting I didn't worry about it. The microwave beeped my water was ready.

I went back into the computer room and continued to read a story on AFF.

BANG! BOOM! CRUSH! THUD! KABOOM! BANG! Was the sounds I all heard at around noontime, getting up I ran to the door and opened it to look outside thinking it was just my neighbors with their working equipment across the road but when I opened the door I didn't see them at all over there, what was going on?

Putting my shoes on and my jacket, I went outside and looked about the yard, seeing nothing I went behind the trailer, notice nothing either but I did smell brunt wood, and that wasn't good. I ran to the smell which was in the woods and I prayed that someone hadn't started a fire for it would be very hard for a fire truck to get back here and put it out.

After running for a few minutes I stopped to have a breath but could still smell the burning of wood and it was getting stronger, dear god I hope that nothing was wrong.

I ran on after my break, I could finally see the smoke rising above the trees and I knew that it was a fire and by the looks of the smoke a big one. Tommy, where are you when I need you?

I stopped suddenly, I heard voices coming from the woods, they were loud but muffled but they were voices, hopefully they were the voices of friendly people.

"Put of the fire quickly, we don't want to be spotted by anyone from above." said a male's voice who sounded like he was in his late thirty's.

"I am going as quickly as I can. Damn them for doing this." said another male voice who sounded really young.

I finally came to the place where the fire was, but what I saw shocked me so much I ended up screaming at the top of my lungs.


"Red Alert, about what you said about being notice, I think you better over look that." Hotshot told him as he picked up the young girl who had startled them.

"Optimus we have a bit of a problem here." Red Alert said through the com window that appeared in the air.

"What is the Red Alert?" Optimus asked his fellow Autobot.

"We've been spotted it." Red Alert said and Hotshot held up the young girl in his hand to him.

Optimus was now worried about the safety of his men, only a few humans knew that they were living on Earth but to have another and maybe even more, worried him. He ordered his troops back to base.

"Oh this is going to be lovely." Hotshot said when they left.