Ohmygod! Is it? Yes it is! A new chapter! After six years I'm back folks! Yes I know, this chapter is short but this story is going to be taking a lot of twists and turns, and when the end comes up, none of you are going to be expecting it! So I am writing everything in the best way I can.

Chapter 32: Around the Mulberry Bush We Fall


"You know, this wasn't my idea of getting the cyber planet key!" I told Jetfire as I dodge cement punches from Menasor.

"Nothing is ever easy love!" Jetfire called back as he went after the new and improved Megatron, aka Galvatron.

"Megalo Convoy, can you take care of Menasor, while we deal with Galvaie?" I asked him, flying around Gigalona's Leader.

"Sure thing, lass." He answered as he took off towards Menasor.

"HEY GALVATRON! This is for scrambling with my memory circuits!" I yelled at him as I gave him a flying dropkick to the head.

"Ouch!" Wingsaber winced when he saw that. "Kid, remind me not to piss her off in the future."

Lori nodded in agreement.

"You're no match for me wench!" Galvatron snapped at me, firing his machine gun at me.

I flew around in circles trying to get away from the shots; I threw my sword at him and was able to notice that Thundercracker and Thunderblast weren't helping out much in the battle.

'What are they waiting for….?' I thought as I flew back towards Galvatron, kicking him in the chest and grabbing my sword that had missed him.

"So my little bitch, I assume this is personal?" Galvatron asked me, smirking.

"Oh you bet, you toyed with my memory, and then tried to turn me against Starscream and the Autobots." I told him angrily, holding my sword in one hand and the gun in the other.

"So that's a no to being my Queen then?" Galvatron asked, laughing.

"Grrrrrr… DIE!" I screamed, coming at him, shooting all out, I swung my sword for his head.

"Moonstar!" Optimus called out to her. She shouldn't be fighting Galvatron, not by herself, he had to protect her, protect them all.

Galvatron just threw his hand out and caught a hold of me by the throat. I struggled to get free but couldn't.

"You may be able to change your size, but you only can do it when not constricted right, little Moonstar?" He asked me, smirking as he squeezed my throat, slowly crushing it.

Transformers didn't need to breathe but if you crush what is considering their throat to where their head is attached, it becomes a problem.

'Shit! Shit!' I kept trying to pull out of his grasp, but it wasn't working, and I had shrunk myself to the size of First Gunner, instead keeping the size of Starscream, but I couldn't change back when I couldn't concentrate and wasn't being held in a death grip.

"You think you've got the power of Primus that you can take me on? You're nothing but a weakling, just like Starscream, just like the Autobots, and the humans." He taunted me, he bring me close to his face. "Compassion stands for nothing when power is involved Moonstar, it's why I always win."

"Galvatron! Let her go!" Optimus ordered him, coming into the fray with Vector Prime and the others.

Galvatron looked over at Optimus, grinning he threw Moonstar aside, who rolled a couple of times before doing a face plant into the dirt.

I lifted my head up from the ground and spat out a mouthful of dirt and grass. Optimus came running over to me and helped me back to my feet.

"You know, when I woke-up this morning, getting face planted by Galvatron wasn't on my to-do list." I told Optimus as I wiped the dirt from my face.

"Moonstar! Are you ok?" Optimus asked me.

"The only thing that hurts is my pride, and my looks, other than that, ok." I assured him as I looked back over at Galvatron.

"You're quite smart in sending your lackeys to fight me Optimus." Galvatron said to him, smirking. "If I didn't know better, I say you were thinking like a Decepticon."

Wingsaber and Override flew right at him for that.

I took a step forward only to be stopped by Optimus, I turned my head and looked at him. "Optimus…?"

"No Moonstar, I can't let you fight my battles, I'll deal with him." Optimus said to me, standing in front of me.

I stared at him in shock and looked over at Vector Prime with said shocked expression.

"Optimus….what do you mean? We're not fighting your battles; we're fighting with you, to stop Galvatron and everything he represents." I explained to him as I reached my right hand out and placed it on his arm.

"I understand that, but it is my duty to protect all of you; I can't be putting my team in danger." Optimus explained to me.

"We're the ones putting ourselves in danger, Optimus. We're fighting to protect our friends and family." I told him, stepping back a little.

"Exactly Optimus, we are all putting ourselves at risk, but what makes that risk easier is the trust in our leader." Vector Prime stated.

"But do I deserve that trust? That faith?" Optimus asked the two of us.

"What are you talking about?" Vector Prime asked worriedly.

"Remember back on Earth? When the Vanguard team was fighting Megatron ? They almost lost their sparks because I couldn't protect them." Optimus explained, bowing his head. "What if….what if it happens again and I…and I…"

"Alright that does it!" Vector Prime suddenly said. He grabbed a hold of Optimus, lifting him right off his feet and punched him right in the face.

Optimus went flying backwards, and stared up at Vector Prime in absolute shock.

"Vector Prime?" Optimus asked, stunned at the older Prime.

" Sheer arrogance! Do you honestly think the Autobots fight these battles for you?" Vector Prime clarified to him.

"No…." Optimus tried to say but Vector Prime cut him off.

"We are here to protect our homes and to put a end to Galvatron's evil." Vector Prime clarified for him.

"But because of me…."

"Because of you we fight together as a team." Vector Prime stated. "Every single leader throughout history worried about the welfare of their forces when they went into battle, Optimus."

He reached out and laid his hand upon Optimus's shoulder. "But you must trust them to do their duty."

"That's…true..." Optimus said, his faith in his team and himself rising.

"After all Optimus, you are a true leader." Vector Prime told him, his faith and trust in Optimus could be heard in his words. "You allow your troops to use their own judgment, everyone trusts you Optimus, because you trust everyone."

Optimus's faith and courage was renewed. "Thank you Vector Prime." He clapped him on the shoulder, the two Prime's smiled at one another.

I stood there smiling too; it felt like a Kodak moment! "Come on you two; let's go take care of Galvatron!"

"Right then!" Optimus agreed.

Galvatron had left the battle and was heading towards the ship where the cyber planet key was, Wingsaber and Override were hot on his tailpipe. The other Autobots were close behind, Ironhide and Coby were already inside the ship trying to locate where the key was inside.

I flew ahead of Optimus and the others, heading to where Starscream was for he was currently hovering over the ship, keeping an eye out for any trouble is what he told me through our comlink.

"Starscream!" I called out as I transformed and flew up beside him; he was currently watching Galvatron head towards the ship.

"How come you're not fighting? I figured slagging Galvatron would be the first thing on your list." I asked him, hovering beside him.

"When I defeat Galvatron it will be one-on-one. Not with the help of a bunch of annoying goody sidekicks." He explained, scowling down at the Autobots.

"Starscream dear, that's no way to talk about our allies." I scolded him, my hands on my hips. I was a little concern about his opinion towards the Autobots right there.

"Your allies Moonstar, not mine. The only reason I agreed to this alliance was because of my love for you." He clarified; he looked directly at me now. "My loyalties are for myself, and you, only."

I stared at him in shock and a little sadness. "Starscream, they are trying to save your home world, how could you not care about that?" I asked him, placing my hands on his right arm.

Starscream scoffed at that. "Primus maybe my creator, but that is all he is, I have no love for him. Just as I have no love for the Autobots, if they get in my way, I will kill them." Starscream officially stated, he raised his right hand and took a hold of my chin, his smokey-purple optics staring into mine.

"You of all Cons' should know how I am, Moonstar." He said ever so softly to me, the silent deadliness freezing me.

I raised my hand and clasped his. "Starscream…." I whispered worriedly.

"My fight is with Galvatron, my goal is to obtain the Omega Lock and its keys. That is all I care about…" He said with such soft deadliness. He leaned closer to me, still gripping my chin, his mouth just inches away from mine. "….Along with you, my innocent little Moonstar…"

He kissed me, my optics became silted, and the kiss felt like I was signing my own prison sentence. I quickly pulled away from him and flew back just a step. He straightened himself, lowering his hand, a smirk playing across his lips.

"Go join your allies Moonstar, protect Gigalona's cyber planet key from Galvatron. In the end it won't really matter." He told me, crossing his arms in front of his chest plates and turning away from me.

I stared at him, a chill radiating throughout my body, my thoughts conflicted. Starscream was my husband, my leader, and I wanted him to fight for the side of good, to destroy the Black Hole, save Cybertron and all the other worlds.

But he was right, I knew him better than most, his ambitions were power, his desire was to destroy Galvatron. Nothing else mattered; expect for one thing…

I mattered, to him. He had proved that by saving me, by loving me, by making me his wife by human standards. His love for me was what made him tolerate of the Autobots, of this alliance. If I wanted to save the universe from the Black Hole and from Galvatron, then I had to use Starscream's love for me to make it happen.

But even I would never do something so twisted, it was not my nature.

I flew away from Starscream, heading towards the ship where Galvatron and the Autobots had entered.


I stopped my course and turned around to face Starscream. "Yes?"

"Our two former comrades have decided to join up with Galvatron, it seems Thunderblast's love for stronger men got the better of her, and naturally Thundercracker followed, I assume also to be Galvatron's second-in-command." Starscream reported to me, seemingly not too worried about the whole betrayal thing. "If you meet up with them again, give them my greetings in the form of a well-deserved scraping."

I nodded. "Of course, Lord Starscream." And I continued on my course, flying down to save the cyber planet key.