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'I Never ...' Part One

It was well past midnight and the Digidestined were all gathered at Sora's house for their annual sleepover. They got together every year to celebrate the anniversary of Myotismon's defeat. This year was Sora's turn to host the event, which was the ninth of its kind. They drew straws to see whose house it would be held at. This year was Sora's turn.

The parents, understanding that their kids had a lifelong bond with one another, didn't object to a boy/girl sleepover when it came to matters concerning the Chosen children. It had become so important and exciting that the parents even got into the hype, and were often arguing with each other, calling 'dibs' on hosting next year's festivities. It was all very competitive, yet in good spirits. Mimi's parents even planned a yearly trip to Japan during the summer, just so Mimi could see her friends again and celebrate with them. Sora's mother, like several of the mothers (and fathers) before her, vacated the house to give everyone personal time and privacy.

It was nearing one in the morning now, but nobody noticed. They weren't feeling the least bit tired, and if they were, they were hiding it and forcing themselves awake. Digidestined sleepovers were once a year and something that you did not want to miss even a moment of.

They were all in one big circle, having rearranged the Takenouchi living room to accommodate everyone. Matt, Sora and Tai were all squished on one couch (specifically designed for two people) with Sora in the middle. She tried to protest but when Tai brought up the very good point that she was the smallest, she sat down, defeated.

Across from them, on another two-seater couch, were Mimi, Kari and T.K. Everyone had expected Davis to weasel his way into Mimi's seat, beside Kari, but Mimi could be quite scary when she wanted to be, and Davis conceded to sitting on the floor beside the couch, where he was still close to Kari, but was a lot ... safer.

Yolei was currently sitting in an armchair, Joe and Izzy sitting on the arms. Across from them, on the other side of the circle, Ken and Cody had pulled up chairs. They formed more of a rectangle than a circle, actually, but they still referred to it as 'The Circle'.

"Okay, what should we do now?" Kari asked.

"We could always play a nice round of truth or dare!" Yolei's eyes were sparkling with delight and she looked around at everyone, as if daring them to shoot down her suggestion. The other Digidestined, having had much experience with this game in the past, all gave each other significant looks and shouted "NO!"

"Since that's out," Joe said before Yolei had the chance to argue, "what does everyone propose we do?" Yolei opened her mouth again and Joe sighed. "What about anyone other than Yolei?"

"How about we each write down three games on a piece of paper, put it in a hat and someone can pull it out? Then, we can vote on one of the three games on the paper," Izzy said brightly. Everyone, once again, exchanged a significant look and a few shook their heads meekly. Izzy wasn't as easy to deny as Yolei was, since his feelings actually stood a chance of being hurt.

"That doesn't sound too ... fun, Izzy," T.K. explained with a laugh. Izzy grinned sheepishly and looked around, waiting for someone else to come up with an idea. He had grown up a lot since the time spent at "summer camp" and even started to take his nose out of his laptop for more than five minutes at a time. But, every now and then, parts of the old Izzy shined through, giving everyone a good laugh.

Mimi clapped her hands together and shrieked, causing everyone to look her way. "We should play 'I never ...' That game is always interesting!"

"That's a great idea, Meems," Sora squealed excitedly. "I'll get the drinks." After rising from her place on the couch and winking, she ran to the kitchen with a mischievous smile on her face. Yolei and Cody followed, saying that Sora would need help with all the glasses.

"We need drinks?" T.K. asked.

Mimi stared at him incredulously. "Haven't you ever played this before?"

"He better not have played this before," Matt commented, though it sounded much more like he was threatening T.K. than being a protective older brother.

"Oh, relax, would you? He's seventeen, he can take care of himself," Tai argued.

"What about Kari? She can take care of herself, too, then?" Matt challenged. Tai retreated a bit, clearly having dug himself quite a hole.

"No, she can't. Kari is the same age, but she's a girl," Tai explained. "It's different. She can't protect herself against horny teenage boys." Kari's very heavy sigh was heard over their bickering.

"She's also in the room," Kari reminded them. When neither of them turned to face her or even made the smallest acknowledgement that she was, in fact, there, she cleared her throat and then sunk back into the couch. "It's like I'm not even here."

"Well," T.K. whispered, leaning in extremely close to her, "I see you." She turned her head to the left, to look at him, their faces inches apart. She let out a small, appreciative laugh, which he didn't return. When a few seconds had passed and they were both still staring at each other, Kari hastily dropped her gaze and turned back to the rest of the group, who hadn't noticed the exchange.

Sora emerged with a few bottles of alcohol, Yolei and Cody coming up behind her with six glasses teetering precariously in each of their grips. They sat them down on the small coffee table, which was in the centre of the group, and took their seats.

"Okay, for those of you who don't have an experience with this game," Mimi explained as she stood up and opened the first bottle, "it's called 'I never ...' and it's a drinking game. It's a good way to find out really personal stuff about other people. We all get a glass and go around in a circle, each saying something wild that we've never done. And if someone has done it, they have to take a drink."

"And you have to be completely honest," Yolei added, trying to make it as much like truth or dare as she possible could. "You can't lie and say you haven't done something if you have ... it defeats the purpose. And you can't say you have done something if you haven't, either, just for the alcohol," she winked.

Mimi filled all twelve glasses and passed them around to everyone. T.K. and Kari both shot worried glances to their brothers, knowing that they were underage and probably shouldn't be drinking. Matt shrugged indifferently, and Tai chewed his lip worriedly before nodding his consent.

The legal drinking age for Japan was usually twenty, but in some areas, Odaiba being one of them, it was lowered to nineteen. In other words, Kari, T.K., Davis, Ken and Cody were still underage. Yolei was a few weeks shy of her nineteenth birthday, but they all just pretended she was legal, so at least the majority of guests at the party weren't breaking the law.

"Okay," Tai began when they all settled in and quieted down, "I'll go first, then?"

"Wouldn't expect it any other way, Leader Tai," Matt snickered under his breath. Tai reached behind Sora, who was between them, and gave him a shove.

"I never ... got so drunk that I made a pass at a coat rack and then threw up in my guitar case." Everyone has a bemused expression on their face, glancing around to see Matt shoot Tai an angry glare and take a drink from his glass. T.K. burst out laughing.

"Why haven't I ever heard this story?" he demanded. Instead of answering him, Matt shifted uncomfortably in his seat and suggested that the order go in a clockwise motion, making it Sora's turn next. After Sora it would be his turn, then Joe's, after that would be Yolei's, Izzy's, T.K.'s, then Kari's, Mimi's, Davis's, followed by Cody's and Ken's.

"Alright, so that means it's my turn. I never ..." she stopped, giggled, and continued, "kiss the mirror before going to bed every night." Everyone immediately snapped their heads over to Mimi's direction, just in time to see her flush and take a drink. Kari and Yolei, much to everyone's surprise, also drank to this. After the laughter and poor explanations as to why, exactly, they would kiss their mirrors, ceased, Sora nudged Matt to tell him it was his turn.

Throwing another glance at Tai, this one much smugger than the previous ones, Matt said: "I never ... almost missed graduation because I was having sex in the bathroom while everyone else was lining up."

It was dead silent throughout Sora's living room as everyone looked around the room, waiting for someone to drink.

"That's awfully specific, Matt. Maybe you should –"

Yolei stopped abruptly as Tai brought his glass to his lips, followed closely by Sora. Kari's eyebrows shot up and Joe's jaw dropped as Sora put her drink down and buried her head in her hands, her flushed face rivaling the colour of her hair. Matt threw a glimpse at Tai, hoping for a look of sheer mortification, but found a silly grin in its place. Sora, on the other hand, looked truly humiliated.

Sora growled in disgust and slapped Tai. "Why did you tell him?"

Tai looked around the room for help. "I didn't!" he cried.

"Right, I suppose he just decided to shoot that question out on the off chance that someone –"

"Sora," Mimi said slowly, "it was pretty obvious. You both went missing and when you reappeared, you were grinning like idiots and your hair was all messed up."

Izzy's brow furrowed. "I can see Tai doing that ... but Sora? Wow."

"It was a one-time thing," Sora reasoned, her face still dramatically coloured. "We went for a walk around Odaiba High, you know, one last time, and – and it just sort of happened."

"She wanted me. Still does," Tai laughed. Sora rolled her eyes and smacked him on the arm.

"You aren't dating secretly, or something, are you?" Kari asked, sounding insulted that Sora had never disclosed that particular piece of information to her. Sora shook her head furiously from side to side. "Were you back then? Have you ever been?" Sora shook her head again and grabbed her glass, chugging the rest of it. She winced as it all slid down her throat and left her mouth burning.

"Hey, you aren't allowed to do that! You can't drink without a reason," Yolei protested.

Sora gave her a dangerous look as she refilled her glass. "I need to forget that this night ever happened. That's a good enough reason for me," she said.

"But –"

"My house, my liquor," she stated. "Is that one good enough for you?" Yolei threw up her hands, clearly defeated.

"Oh, mom would just love this," Kari sighed. Tai rolled his eyes and gave her a dismissive wave. They all returned to the game moments later, occasionally throwing another suspicious glance at Tai and Sora, wondering if it was really a coincidence that they were seated beside each other on the couch.

Joe, who had an uncharacteristic glint in his eye, was next. "I never ... hacked into the school's computer system because I wasn't happy with my math mark."

Izzy cursed under his breath and took a long swig of his drink.

"The teacher hated me, it's not my fault. If I had had someone else, I would have done much better," he defended himself. "I wouldn't accept the grade that that horrible woman tried to stick me with!"

"Your mark was a ninety-four, for God's sake!" Joe exclaimed.

Ken stared, slack-jawed, at the boy who had always been his competition, academic-wise. Kari and Yolei stared in disbelief at Izzy, and Mimi looked rather insulted, recounting all the times he lectured her over e-mail about quitting cheerleading because she was neglecting her studies. Sora and Tai were laughing hysterically, Tai clutching his sides and Sora convulsing, both leaning into one another. Cody laughed, and much to everyone's surprise, insisted that Izzy help him out with his marks, too.

Tai and Sora, wiping the tears from their eyes, finally calmed down. Though neither could explain why they found the information so hilarious, they kept catching each other's eyes and sniggering quietly, under their breath.

"I never ... wet the bed," Yolei bragged. Joe, Ken, Cody, Izzy, Sora, Mimi, Tai, Davis, Kari, T.K. and Matt all took a long gulp of their respective drinks. "Wow. And to think, I feel like the outcast because I had dry sheets as a kid."

There was a ripple of laughter (though it sounded forced on some people's parts) and the confessions of 'I never ...' continued.

It went around the entire group, and more shocking discoveries were made.

Everyone learned that Mimi made out with a girl while in American ("I was at a party and someone spiked the punch, it's not like I did it intentionally!") and that Ken had slept with the most people out of everyone ("I'm Ken Ichijouji ... hell, Yolei hadn't even met me and she was ready to jump me," he laughed, causing Yolei to flush and call him a pig). Davis once stole a pair of his sister's underwear and wore them ("I was curious") and Cody cried during 'The Notebook' ("they were meant for each other!" he argued).

There had, by now, been quite a few sneaked drinks. People in the group were getting restless, especially the underage members, not being able to drink any of the alcohol sitting right in front of them.

Some of the information being revealed was far too juicy for the talking to just die down and the game to continue, so it had already been quite some time since the game actually started, and there were too many pauses in between turns.

Nobody, Yolei included, even bothered to say anything when people who hadn't had to drink very much began filling up their empty cups two, or even three times. By now, Sora had gotten up to hunt down more alcohol.

Most of the interesting topics had already been covered, it seemed. So, when the circle came to rest upon Kari for the second (or was it third?) time, she shrugged. "Um, I never ... shoplifted."

Mimi brought the glass to her lips and took a big drink. When she looked up, twenty-two eyes were resting on her.

"What? I had maxed out Daddy's credit card and I really wanted this new lipstick the store had. They had tons of them, I figured they wouldn't miss one tiny tube of it," she justified. Sora and Kari laughed while Yolei nodded, understandingly, but the boys looked uneasy. "Okay, now I go. Let's see ..."

Her eyes scanned the room, trying to pick out her victim. She suddenly got a great idea. Like she had said before, this game was a great way to learn personal things about others. There were no rules as to what you could and couldn't say. Everyone was using the game as an excuse to bring secrets – ones they had been entrusted to keep about one another – out into the open.

"Sorry, Kari, but it needs to be done. I'm just dying to know." Kari gulped, almost as if she knew what Mimi was about to ask her, and Davis gazed expectantly at Mimi, wondering what skeleton she'd drag from his love's closet. "I never ... kissed Kari."

Davis, looking utterly clueless, mumbled something that sounded like, "Of course you wouldn't have kissed Kari, what's the big deal?"

He finally caught on, but not before Mimi reached out and smacked him upside the head. Eight pairs of Digidestined eyes focused briefly on the exchange between Davis and Mimi before their gazes returned to Kari, who was busy giving T.K. the death glare.

"Gotta do it, it's a rule. I can't lie." With that, T.K. took a nice, big drink. Davis stood up from his spot on the floor, gasping in indignation.

"Him? You kiss T.B. but you won't kiss me?" Davis shrieked.

"Way to go, bro," Matt grinned.

"You better have a good reason for why you were kissing my sister, Takaishi," Tai snarled.

"I knew it!" Mimi exclaimed.

"When?" Cody asked. Everybody shut up and turned back to T.K. and Kari, anticipating the answer.

"I don't know," Kari stammered. "It was about a month ago?" She turned to T.K., who confirmed her answer with a small nod.

"So, are you guys a couple?" Ken inquired. Kari laughed loudly, earning her a curious glance from the boy to her left. When she met his eyes, she stopped.

"About as much as Sora and Tai are," T.K. offered.

Tai gripped his glass tightly. "You two better not have done that ..." he warned. T.K. recoiled, shaking his head violently, obviously very afraid of what Tai might do.

"They can do whatever they want, Tai. And for the record, intimidating T.K. is my job, so I suggest you back off," Matt advised.

"Yeah? What are you going to do about it?"

"Trust me; you don't want to find out ..."

"Oh, I think I do."

"Both of you stop it," Sora groaned, deliberately moving forward to block their views of each other.

"He has no right to threaten T.K.," Matt complained.

"The hell I do, if he's going around screwing my baby sister!"

"Hey, don't talk about her like that," T.K. said darkly.

"I can stick up for myself, thank you," Kari snapped. "Tai: shut it."

"Yeah, T.A., quit acting like you're her hero or something."

"Shut up, Davis. I'd rather it be him than you," Tai barked.

"Why don't we all just calm down," Cody began, looking worriedly around the room. Most of the Digidestined were feeling the effects of the alcohol now, as they were well on their way to knocking off their fifth bottle, and were rather out of it.

"Ugh, why? Are you going to cry?" Yolei teased, leaning forward and putting her head in her hands.

Mimi was grinding her teeth and shooting angry looks at the raven-haired girl. "That's low, Yolei. You aren't perfect either, incase you forgot."

"And neither are you, Ms. I-Steal-Lipstick-And-Shove-My-Tongue-Down-Other-Girls'-Throats. So maybe you should just butt out," Yolei shot back, her eyes glowing.

"Leave her alone," Matt said, coming to Mimi's defense.

Yolei rolled her eyes. "I better do what you tell me, or else you'll get upset tonight and wake up to a wet sleeping bag, right?"

"That's not nice," Sora lectured. "Don't talk to him that way."

Tai scowled at her and poked her rip lightly. "Don't stick up for Matt. He's the one who ratted on us," he reminded her.

"I'll stick up for whoever I want. God, I'm not your girlfriend, so stop getting all jealous like you own me or something," Sora scolded, turning her head to his direction.

"As if you don't get jealous when the tables are turned? You gave me the silent treatment for two weeks because I was a half-hour late to your precious tennis match last month!"

"You knew how important that game was and you promised that you'd be there!"

"I know, but I was on a date and we lost track of time –"

Sora groaned. "That girl was a complete slut, Tai. There's no way I believe that you were at your house, all alone, watching TV. God only knows what you were really doing –"

"Hey, I resent that. How do you know that we were fooling around? I'm not Ken!" He cast a glance at Ken, who was sitting back and listening to all the drama unfolding.

"I'm going to take that as a compliment," he stated coolly.

"Um," Cody leaned over to him, "I don't think it was a good thing."

"I don't care," Ken shrugged. "It's true. Girls like me."

"Well, sorry that we can't all be Digital Emperors and use that power to be smart and good at sports," Izzy snapped from the armchair on the other side.

"Now, do you tell the girls that, or do you just stay quiet and assume that if they need to know, they'll figure it out for themselves?" Joe added. "Because I'm sure they'd love to know why you were so talented at everything."

"How dare you throw that in his face? He made a mistake, he regrets being the Digimon Emperor, why can't we all just forget about it?" Davis asked, coming to his friend's defense.

"I never thought I'd say it, but I'm with Davis on this one," Yolei agreed.

"You would be," Cody muttered. "Forget the fact that he tried to kill us and our Digimon. He's easy on the eyes, and he likes to flirt with you, so of course you'd pick him over us, right?"

Mimi sighed and threw her head back, rubbing her temples. "I cannot believe I begged my parents to bring me down here for this party."

"You can always leave, you know. In fact, if you all want to walk out that door right now, I sure as hell won't stop you," Sora grumbled.

Everyone exchanged nasty looks with each other. They all silently dared everyone else to walk out the door, to leave the party first, so they could all follow suit. Huffing and puffing, breathless and hotheaded, they sat there in silence, ears ringing from all the shouting.

"Guys, we're totally forgetting what this night is all about! We're supposed to celebrate defeating Myotismon, we shouldn't be fighting," Joe offered weakly.

"Why do we make such a big deal over this, anyway?" Izzy asked. "It's not like Myotismon's defeat solved all of our problems. It only got worse after he was gone. Or did you all forget about the Dark Masters?"

"You know what ... you're right," Kari said, sitting up straight.

"Why do we have this thing? I don't see a reason," T.K. commented from beside her.

"Yeah, it's not like we're having a good time, or anything," Matt added.

"I'm having a pretty shitty time, myself," Cody murmured.

"I hate these parties," Sora cried out, laughing. "If it wasn't for the fact that it was at my house, I wouldn't have even shown up to this one!"

"Hear, hear," Tai said, raising his glass, which held less than a sip's worth of alcohol.

"To getting rid of Myotismon," Davis slurred, holding his glass up like Tai did.

Yolei lifted her glass in the air. "To the Digidestined, and their partners, the Digimon," she said hoarsely.

"To never having another one of these parties again," Ken exclaimed, and they all cheered in agreement. Then, they put their drinks to their lips and drained their glasses of all liquid inside.

"What now?" Sora asked hesitantly, afraid to hear the answer.

"I think that we clearly hold some resentment toward each other," said Izzy, "for various reasons."

"Do you think we should try to work it out?" Yolei asked. Everyone nodded and murmured in agreement.


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Part Two will be up shortly.