Needs Met

Gotham needs Batman.

Batman needs a Robin.

Robin needs to a get a fucking grip on himself before he uses his staff to trip Kid Flash and cause him to fall into Superboy, who, because he's using his TTK to tickle Wonder Girl from a distance, would most probably misbalance and fall over backwards onto the couch, on top of Changeling (currently in cat form, curled up in Cyborg's lap for a catnap) and cause him to wake up, who, in his surprise, would jump and end up somewhere near Starfire, and…

Well, the idea of the Domino Effect was invented simply for the mere possibility of situations just such as that.

It's times like these – when Titans Tower seems ten times smaller than it actually because everyone is gathered in the rec room after a 'team morale meeting' (Kory's idea, of course) – that Robin completely understands why Batman doesn't 'hang out' with the other members of the Justice League in his off hours. (Not that Batman is ever really off-duty, but that is neither here nor there.) Batman doesn't want to put himself through the insanity of dealing with his teammates on a personal level. (Even though he has the iron will and self-control to stand it for a longer period of time than any other sane person on this or any other alternate-dimension Earth.)

Tim, however, couldn't see not putting up with the craziness that is the combined former Young Justice and new Teen Titans. Because, yes, they're fucking nuts sometimes – nearly all the time, when it comes to Kid Flash – but they're his teammates. More than that, they're his friends.

Just because Batman never saw the need for emotional attachments doesn't mean Tim is that self-destructive.

Gotham needs Batman.

Batman needs to get a life outside the cowl.

Robin…needs an aspirin to ward off the headache he's going to get from playing a dozen more rounds of Pac-Man with Kid Flash. Because Kid Flash is going to talk him into it (not that it will be that hard) and Superboy won't rescue him until he's finished flirting with Wonder Girl (even if he gets somewhere, Tim's rescue will still be imminent upon finishing the tenth game) and when Raven eventually realizes that someone by the name of Garfield Logan has stolen all of her underwear and run them up the flagpole like a kite's tail, she's going to erupt like that volcano on Apokalips, and cause even more chaos than said lava-filled mountain had.

Tim…wouldn't have it any other way.